Slidecast: How to Use Social Media for Event Promotion


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Social media tools provide some powerful and inexpensive ways to generate attendance at conferences, webinars, professional association meetings and even Twitter chats. Events are an ideal opportunity to combine various social platforms and reach audiences that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Event marketing is all about content. As tracks, sessions, speakers and special events are added throughout the planning cycle for a meeting, webinar or conference, organizers can use social channels to provide a stream of updates that excite and engage potential attendees. Event organizers also have another powerful tool available to them: the speakers and attendees themselves. Speakers can help generate content and also promote the event through website badges, shares and retweets. Attendees can also be engaged to spread the word to their friends networks and to participate in affiliate discount programs.

In short, event marketing brings all the tools of social media together. This presentation will teach you:

How blogs, podcasts and video can be applied to generate audience enthusiasm.
How to deputize and incent speakers to market your event.
How content from previous events can help you market new initiatives.
How to build aggregated "buzz" pages that build anticipation.
Live streaming and live blogging to build virtual audiences.

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