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Blogging Essentials

Blogging Essentials



This is a crash course intended to quickly bring bloggers up to speed on today’s best practices for achieving the greatest mileage from your blog posts. Topics include: ...

This is a crash course intended to quickly bring bloggers up to speed on today’s best practices for achieving the greatest mileage from your blog posts. Topics include:

*How influence works in the blogosphere
*Major applications of corporate blogs
*Developing a content model
*Generating ideas and unique angles
*Writing compelling headlines and entries
*Positioning and voice
*Why top business blogs are successful
*Unique characteristics of b-to-b markets
*Tricks for generating buzz and recognition
*Working with multiple media

This slide deck is the basis for a three-hour course that can be delivered live or remotely via webcast.



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    Blogging Essentials Blogging Essentials Presentation Transcript

    • Blogging Essentials
      Paul Gillin
      April 2, 2010
    • Agenda
      Definitions and concepts
      The new media world
      Blog structure and elements
      Culture of the blogosphere - dos and don’ts
      Finding a voice
      Generating ideas
      Building awareness and traffic
      Search engine optimization
      Using other channels
      General discussion
    • Media in collapse
      US Magazine Circulations
      Circulation decline of top 100 newspapers in 2009: 10.6%
      Average age of US daily newspaper reader: 57
      Reduction in US newsroom staffs since 2001: 45%
      Growth in NBC prime time audience, 2008: -14.3%
      Age of average network evening news viewer: 63
    • The Numbers
      Active blogs on the Internet: 25-40 million
      Social networks: 2,900
      Social network service providers: >100
      Active Facebook members: 200 million
      Corporations with social media campaigns: >300
      Photos on Flickr: 3 billion
      Twitter membership growth, ’08-’09: 1,438%
      Pres. Obama’s Facebook friends: 5.9 million
    • What are blogs good for?
      Timely, frequently updated information
      Multiple media types
      Single voice
      Fixed display
      Flexible organization
      Search engine performance
    • Why so popular?
      Cheap and easy to create and update
      Have distinct personal voice
      Can quickly build traffic through reciprocal links
      Excellent search engine performance
      Modest revenue opportunity
      Simple way to keep notes
    • Uses in Business
    • Uses in Business
      Thought Leadership
    • Uses in Business
      End Run Media
    • Uses in Business
      Define Culture
    • Uses in Business
      Educate Prospects
    • Uses in Business
      Build Trust
    • Blog structure
      Title & Description
      Individual Entry or “Post”
    • √d
      Fixed pages
      RSS feed
    • Blogging success factors
      Have a clear focus
      Update frequently
      Speak distinctively
      Have a point of view
      Surprise and delight
      Link to get links
      Use all the media you can
      Educate and assist
      Ask for feedback
    • Ready to Write
    • What’s Your Topic?
      People have abundant choice; pick your spots
      It’s fine to stray from your core topic, but keep 2/3 of entries relevant
      Dedicate yourself to becoming THE expert in your chosen area
      Tell people where you specialize
      Health Care
      Customer Care
    • Who’s Your Reader?
      It may help to post a picture of that person on your office wall!
      You can’t communicate effectively with an audience you don’t know. When you write, visualize your reader.
    • Find Your Voice
      Read mainstream media and other bloggers and comment upon them
      Frame issues in a context that reflects your expertise
      Be offbeat and occasionally outrageous
      Write in a voice that feels right to you
      Think conversation, not lecture
      Use multiple media
      Mix it up: Top 10 lists, predictions, best & worst, link lists
    • What’s Your Persona?
      Think of people whose writing you admire, then write like they do, but only if it’s natural for you
    • Generating Ideas
    • Ideas: rss feeds
      Subscribe to sites you like
      Look for “trending” topics
      Aggregate or add your own commentary
      Share & comment
      Create topical feeds
    • Ideas: Trending Topics
      Tag clouds and discovery sites show what’s new and topical
      Bookmarking sites have element of surprise
    • Other Idea Foundries
      Get angry
      Aggregate other opinions
      Tell a story
      Conduct a poll
      Make a list
      Predict something, then defend
      Recommend what you love
      Discover and share
      Imagine having written a great article
      Use keyword searches
      Interview someone
      Visit a quote site
      Talk to children
      Consult a notebook
      Write case studies
      Write about your week
      Create a top 10 list
    • Making Your Point
    • Focus, Focus, Focus
      Ask yourself, “What’s the post about?”
      Say what you’re going to say, say it, then say what you just said.
      Make your point at the outset
      Limit the number of points you make in each entry
      Invite feedback
      Rule of Thumb: If you have more than two key points, create a new entry
    • Secrets of Clear Writing
      Use everyday words
      Write as you speak
      Write it like a letter
      Keep sentences short
      Use voice recognition or dictate into a recorder
      Use Word readability stats
      Ask a friend/spouse/ child to review your work
      “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
      --Blaise Pascal
    • I just can’t get started
      Start in the middle
      Write freeform, then edit
      Imagine a different scene
      Start listing bullet points
      Model someone else’s work
      Take a walk
      Tell story to a friend or colleague
    • Many Approaches
    • Quiz: Test Your Engagement IQ
      Skeptic: Why Marketers Fail at Engagement
      Case Study: How One Company Does it Right
      Contrarian: Think You’re Engaged? Think Again
      How To: Five Steps to Improving Customer Engagement
      First Person: How I Learned to Engage
      Comparison: How Two Companies Approach Customer Engagement
      Q&A: Five Common Questions About Engagement
      Data: Study Shines New Light on Customer Engagement
      Outrageous: YourEngagement Strategy Sucks
      Humorous: Engagement Haiku
      Offbeat: Engagement: The Movie
      Alternative Approaches
    • Headline
      Current: Let’s Get Engaged!
      Other Possibilities:
      Five Goals for Customer Engagement
      Redefining Engagement
      Engagement Scorecard
      How Engaged Are Your Customers?
      Why Marketers Fail at Engagement
      Failing to Engage? Here’s Why
    • Don’t…
      Flame or use abusive language
      Repeat personal or confidential information
      Complain about clients, colleagues or competitors
      Gripe about media coverage
      Be overtly commercial
      Your blog is public and searchable. People are watching!
    • Have Some Fun!
      OK Labs uses "social objects," or distinct icons, to create a memorable association. “It’s been a way for people to feel that they know the company before doing business with the company,” says Marti Konstant, VP of marketing
    • Promoting your work
    • Search fundamentals
      • Page Title
      • URL
      • H1,H2,H3 tags
      • Page Text
      • Bold
      25% Is On-page Visible
      Source: HubSpot
    • Search fundamentals
      25% Is On-page Visible
      Alt Images
    • 75% is Word-of-Mouth
      “There’s only one way to guarantee good search results: Have great content.”
      --Mike Moran
      Co-author: Search Engine Marketing, Inc
    • Being visible
      Link internally
      Link externally
      Use tags, categories
      Register with aggregators
      Ask for “link love”
      Promote outbound links
      File a site map
      Bookmark and tweet
    • Link Opportunities
      Link to relevant blog entry or Quaero service
    • New Publishing Lifecycle
      Begins as a tweet
      Becomes a blog entry
      Feeds a podcast
      Stokes a white paper
      That gets tweeted!
    • Publish Everywhere
      32 million members
      44 million members
      300 million members
      1 billion daily views
      1 million daily visitors
      6 million daily visitors
      1.5 million daily visitors
      10 million members
      50 million members
    • Promote Your Content
    • Promote what others say
    • Tricks of the trade
      Encourage and respond to comments
      Comment elsewhere
      Play reporter
      Use themes
      Give stuff away
      Complement with photos, podcasts & video
    • Tracking success
      Traffic – unique visitors vs. page views
      Technorati rankings
      RSS subscriptions
      Google linkto: and allinanchor:
      De.licio.us and Technorati tags
    • Many ways to measure
      Customer complaints
      Website Visitors
      Positive press
      YouTube views
      Coupons distributed
      Visitors to a brick & mortar store
      Positive WOM
      Delivered emails
      Negative press
      Negative WOM
      Employment applications
      Blog comments
      FaceBook friends
      Social mention
      Twitter followers
      Source: BrandBuilder
    • Thank you!
      Paul Gillin
      Twitter: pgillin
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      Available on Amazon or at SSMMbook.com
      Coming late 2010: Social Marketing to the Business Customer
      By Paul Gillin & Eric Schwartzman