Mini-geekfest Webinar March 14, 2011

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Links and resources shared during AzTEA Mini-geekfest webinar, March 14, 2011

Links and resources shared during AzTEA Mini-geekfest webinar, March 14, 2011

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  • 1. Welcome to the AzTEA - S.I.T.  Professional Development Site If you would like to speak during the session, please test your microphone using the audio setup wizard before the show begins. To reduce echo and background noise for all participants, a headset is very important when you speak .
  • 2. Links prepared for tonight's Mini-geekfest are available here for easy access: Note: these links currently do not include links shared by participants during the session but they will be added later.     Image: March 14, 2011
  • 3. WordSift  (Shared by Kathy Schrock in her S.O.S.: Help for Busy Teachers free email list-Sites of the School Days) Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators on Discovery Education ...a tag cloud creator which, when putting your text in the box, also brings up Google Images, the Visual Thesaurus, and pulls out the most relevant parts of the text from the tag cloud
  • 4. The ZebraPrint Blog (2 sisters-gr. 1 & 5- create this blog to share videos, things they're learning and creating, books they're reading) Episode 04: Great Books for Girls and Tips for Drawing Dogs In this episode from August 9, 2010, Sarah shares four great books for girls, and Rachel shares tips for drawing a dachshund.
  • 5. Foldables Using technology for “hands-on” activities and lessons for students (and teachers!)
  • 6. Foldables
    • The purpose of this wiki is to provide a place for K-12 educators to learn more about the Foldables® that can be used across the curriculum and to share success stories and creative ideas about how to use them in the classroom.
    • Subject areas:
      • LA
      • Math
      • Science
      • Social Studies
      • Unified Arts
      • ESL
      • Test Prep
      • Technology
      • Cross Curricular
  • 7.  
  • 8. An example of one activity that is remarkable…. Foldable for the story of Wilson Bentley
    • Provides:
      • Concepts, Skills, Big Ideas and Essential Questions
      • Rubric
      • Visual directions
  • 9.
      • Title : Biography Top Pocket Foldable
      • Content Area(s): Language Arts- Reading and Writing, Science
      • Topic(s): Biographies, character traits
      • Concepts and Skills Addressed
      • Language Arts
      • Make inferences based on implicit and explicit information in the text; provide justification for those inferences.
      • Use knowledge of the situation, characters ’ actions, motivations, feelings and physical attributes to determine character’s traits.
      • Understand the social and cultural perspective from which the author writes and how that contributes to the text.
      • Examine and determine the validity of sources of information.
      • Cite sources in research using a bibliographic format.
      • Big Ideas:
      • Who we are is shaped by internal and external influences.
      • People reveal their character through what they say, think, feel, and do.
      • The time, place and culture in which we live influence our values and beliefs.
      • Essential Questions:
      • What influences what we value and believe?
      • What shapes who we become?
      • How do we determine a person ’s character?
      • Materials:
      • Internet
      • Biography Print Resources (Books, Audio Books, Picture books, graphic novels)
      • The Big Book of Projects by Dinah Zike (Foldable Directions)
      • Materials for Foldables (for each student)
      • 1 sheet of Poster Board
      • 2 sheets of 8 1/2 X 11 paper
      • 2 half sheets of 8 1/2 X 11
      • 3 ¼ sheets of 8 1/2 X 11 paper
      • Foldable Instructions (written, visual)
      • Biography Directions
      • Description:
      • Students research a scientist using a variety of sources (Internet, picture books, books) and create the Biography Foldable to organize and synthesize their findings.
      • Differentiation Strategies:
      • Choice of person to research and choice of biography product
      • Picture Books
      • Leveled Texts
      • Audio Books
      • Graphic Novels
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12. Foldable® Directions How to Make a Pocket Book Foldable How to Make a Response Journal Book Journal How to Make a Layered Look Book Foldable How to Make a Venn Diagram 3 Tab Foldable® How to Make an Interest Bound Book Foldable® How to Make a Two-Tab Cause and Effect Foldable® How to make a Two-Tab Book point of view
  • 13. Now it's your turn! Raise your hand to take the mic! Image credit:
  • 14. Zipcast (webconferencing alternative using Slideshare) "Zipcast™ is the new way to meet online It's free and simple. No downloads for anyone. Public when you want your ideas to spread. Private when it's you and a colleague. Zipcast in 1 click 1. Click Zipcast on any Slideshare presentation 2. Select Public or Private 3. Start Zipcast & enable  live video 4. Invite friends on  Facebook & Twitter 5. Your Zipcast is ON"
  • 15.  
  • 16. Voki Lesson Plans Lesson Duration: 1 Day for researching of background information, 1 day for creating the Voki Activities: 1. Use textbook to define New Jersey Plan, Virginia Plan, Great Compromise, 3/5ths Compromise 2. Have students complete a Venn diagram comparing the plans. 3. Have students discuss why states would want one plan vs. another (NJ Plan over the VA Plan) 4. Pair students up and assign each pair a state 5. Using the population list students will apply their knowledge of the plans for government and choose the plan that would be right for their state 6. Pairs will create a Voki to represent their assigned state at the Constitutional Convention. The character must voice their state ’s opinion as to which plan would be right for them and why (Ex. ) 7. Pair assigned to Connecticut will talk about the Great Compromise and why it works better 8. The pair assigned to Pennsylvania will suggest the 3/5ths Compromise 9. Share all of the Vokis in class
  • 17. Mad About Books A podcast for the students, teachers and community in the Madison School District. Because of Mr. Terupt with Michelle Hoffman, Library Associate, Madison Park Middle School The Brooklyn Nine with Deborah Reker, Head Librarian, Madison School District Paint the Wind with Deborah Reker, Head Librarian, Madison School District
  • 18. Skype Buddies Project Mrs. Dewberry, 8th Grade Language Arts Madison Meadows Ms. Atkinson, 1st Grade Madison Simis
  • 19. Now it's your turn! Raise your hand to take the mic! Image credit:
  • 20.
    • All Kinds of Minds (resources for teachers and parents to accompany book-includes discussion questions)
    • Managing Differences The Parent Toolkit is designed to give parents, caregivers, and educators a better understanding of:
      • Learning processes
      • Insights into difficulties 
      • Strategies for responding to difficulties 
      • Resources for learning more
    • Use the navigation (Attention/Mathematics/Reading/Writing/Resources/ Case Studies and Strategies) to explore the Parent Toolkit.
  • 21. Mrs. Bogard's Classroom Blog (student writing as digital stories in video) -3rd Grade When you find blogs you really like, follow them so you'll see their latest updates. Entire Classroom Blog:
  • 22. Quietube… It is easy! It is fast! Teachers love it! No mo ’ kick, kiss, etc. with YouTube!
  • 23. Tammy Worcester Tammy ’s Technology Tips for Teachers
      • Tip of the Week
      • Ideas-Activities
      • Internet Resources
      • Training Handouts
  • 24. Internet Resources>Just for Fun>Cameroid-Use your webcam to take photos on line!. As you can see, I spent a little time “monkeying around” in this site…pun intended!
  • 25. Now it's your turn! Raise your hand to take the mic! Image credit:
  • 26. Bonus site: Palm Breeze Cafe Smackdown and Voting (View Smackdown here)   (Vote for your favorite tool from the Smackdown here) presented by Lee Keller presented by Kim Cavanaugh presented by Frank Gorora presented by Heather Farmakis presented by Heather Farmakis I-Spy Games presented by Lee Keller presented by Kim Cavanaugh presented by Frank Gorora presented by Frank Gorora presented by Heather Farmakis presented by Lee Keller presented by Kim Cavanaugh presented by Kim Cavanaugh MindLab presented by Frank Gorora presented by Heather Farmakis presented by Lee Keller  
  • 27. Would you like a professional development certificate for participating in this webinar?   1 hour of re-certification credit! Complete this survey about tonight's Mini-geekfest and include your name and email address to request a certificate. Replace link with new survey for March Next show: Monday, April 12, 2011, 8:00pm PDT
  • 28.  
  • 29. Learn Central
      • Join Learn Central to collaborate with educators around the world and get your own “3 for Free” Elluminate site
      • Join the AzTEA Professional Development group on Learn Central
    • aztea-20-professional-development