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Classroom 2.0 LIVE Meets the Australia Series

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Connect & Collaborate with Global Educators. Two groups of Elluminate webinar facilitators share their stories on building Personal Learning Networks for professional educators. Anne, Carole, Kim, …

Connect & Collaborate with Global Educators. Two groups of Elluminate webinar facilitators share their stories on building Personal Learning Networks for professional educators. Anne, Carole, Kim, Lorna and Peggy will demonstrate how teachers can grow their own PLNs and connect with other teachers and classes around the world in real time. This presentation will feature the tools: LearnCentral other social networks; Elluminate, Skype, and other collaborative communication tools, and the role they play in successful management of Classroom2.0 Live and The Australia Series. Links shared during presentation can be found here: http://gl.am/D4k3c

More in: Education , Technology , Design
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  • Peggy
  • this begins the interaction and enables participants to show where they are from, and what they do we can then see the global spread and get a sense of what they do while they are doing this we can pick up on the globalisation moderator leader: Peggy
  • How do we fit together? Similarities Differences Achievements Memorable Moments What's coming up next Each gives an elevator speech and we may choose webcam Peggy
  • use this slide while we are giving elevator speeches each of us
  • Anne to emphasise what we hope the audience will get from the session invite Q&A during and a few mins again at the end
  •   Carole: our beginnings our audiences our presenters facts and figures feedback and testimonials Australia Series schools, TAFEs, Adult Learning Centres, Unis sharing ideas, workshops, projects growing a community of practice capturing leading edge teaching strategies   Peggy, Peggy will share how we met and began the show One person from each group will share a story about how they met/began to connect with the other group.    CR20LIVE meets the AS: Kim & Anne
  • everyone Kim summarise poll
  • Carole starts: How did we 'plant' the seed? Why did we build this series? What happened to help it grow? Who helps maintain its cultivation? What have we achieved?   Anne explores: describe eT@lking tech talk tuesdays techno labs eportfolio events
  • Look at membership just before this presentation and again after to see how membership has been affected Talk about these benefits as they do the poll: Aussie and global participants Aussie and global presenters Positive audience/participants Broad range of topics All tiers of education have participated Interest shown by other communities interested in education
  • Tools of engagementi icebreakers polls presentations video interactive chat app sharing web tours
  • Anne will summariz and talk about the second life, ecapability, innovation, twitter
  • Anne starts: Ideas come from: personal connections/network twitter conferences online conferences blog posts social networks
  • Kim Cofino - the Bangkok protesters nearly prevented her from presenting as she was not allowed home for three or four weeks. We learned first hand what it felt like to be part of an unsettled country, when Kim appeared a little late to the presentation. Coping with the different accents of participants 'Thinking on the fly" when a presenter failed to show up (happened last week, but the participants were great and shared their knowledge and sites.) Internet access being flaky, forcing moderators and presenters in and out of the room but we always came back! Despite any difficulties the show has always gone on!
  • lorna will give an over view of  classroom 20 live weekly webinar series discussing issues, tips and ideas for using web 2.0 tools poll ?? have you ever attended at classroom 2.0 live session? classroom 20 very similar to Australia series  elluminate audio  video archived  recorded sessions first started as conversations by Steve Hargadon; asked Peggy to take it on and develop it into a weekly show Not a how to session but conversations about topics with presenters as  lead in the show Participants share with each other is the chat. guest presenters on topics
  • Use web tour to play Animoto (03:05) Images captured from weekly Classroom 2.0 LIVE shows in 2009 to celebrate a year of learning. Background music "I Need My Teachers to Learn" was part of the pre-show warmup by Kevin Honeycutt for Podcasting presentation on March 21, 2009. Song written by Kevin Honeycutt from ESSDACK You Tube Video Directed/Edited by Shawn Gormley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxHb5QVD7fo
  • Peggy will provide overview of tools and process we use for connecting, collaborating and producing the show (before, during, after) Use App sharing to go to the live Mindmeister document to demonstrate attachments, links, etc.
  • post cr20 live events post k12 online conference live events global connections PLNs   how reach audience help promote lc events including cr20 live and australia series slide w/ links to LC groups for us and Aust. series   host all resources/gl.am links on website
  • Carole : connect & communicate Lorna : collaborate promote & produce segue to the VT
  • Lorna
  • Lorna will introduce the voice thread and ask if folks need some help with using it http://voicethread.com/?#u41879.b1498836.i7897097   could introduce another VT for Global Connections that audience would enjoy Stephanie Sandifer:" It's 5:00pm Somewhere" "We now have a wide variety of tools that allow us to communicate, collaborate, and create across time and space.  What are your thoughts on this new global connectivity?"   https://voicethread.com/?#u2530.b394482.i2083506 
  • Please edit to include contact information you prefer


  • 1. 2010 Global Education Conference Presenters: Carole McCulloch, Anne Mirtschin, Peggy George, Kim Caise, Lorna Costantini Title : Classroom 2.0 LIVE Meets the Australia Series Participants: while you are waiting, please configure your microphone and speakers: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard To share your profile with others, enter your information: Tools > Preferences > Edit Profile
  • 2. Emoticons Send Messages Talk Polling A Quick Orientation… View Captions Whiteboard Tools Emoticons
  • 3. Important Conference Links Conference Website http://www.GlobalEducationConference.com Conference Wiki and Resource Site http://www.GlobalEducationWiki.com Global Education Network http://globaleducation.ning.com Conference Lounge Room http://tinyurl.com/globaledlounge Twitter http://www.twitter.com/globaledcon Hashtag = #globaled10
  • 4. Welcome & Thank You for Attending Special Thanks to: The International Educator Advisory Board The Conference Partner Organizations The Regional Chairs
  • 5. Classroom 2.0 LIVE meets the Australia Series
  • 6. Who are you? What do you do?   Type your location and tell us what you do in the text chat.
  • 7.  
  • 8. Who we are!
  • 9. Presenters Kim Caise, NBCT, M.Ed. San Antonio, Texas, USA Anne Mirtschin Hawkesdale P12 College Innovations & Next Practise, DEECD Victoria, Australia Peggy George, Ed.D. Phoenix, AZ, USA Lorna Costantini, Bachelor of Household Science, Consultant, St. Catharines ON Canada Carole McCulloch Ementor, Learning Technologist, Toastmaster Albury/Wodonga, VIC, Australia
  • 10. Presentation Overview
      • Welcome/Introductions
      • Who we are/What we do
      • Stories about how WE connected
      • How our PLNs support what we do
      • Tools we use for connecting
      • Global Connections that brought us together: LearnCentral and K12 Online Conference
      • Voicethread invitation to collaborate
      • Time for Q/A and participant sharing
    Classroom 2.0 LIVE meets the Australia Series
  • 11. How did 'WE' meet?
    •   Australia Series How did Anne and Carole meet?
    • Classroom 2.0  - How did Peggy, Kim and Lorna meet?
    • How did Classroom 2.0 Live meet the Australia series?
  • 12. How do you network globally?
    • A  Attend free webinars 
    • B  Follow friends in Twitter or Facebook
    • C  Create online networks in Ning or Learn Central
    • D  Post regularly to my blog, wiki or eportfolio
    • E  All of the above
  • 13.
    What's in the Australia Series?
  • 14. Poll
        • Have you joined the Australia Series group at LearnCentral? http://www.theaustraliaseries.com
          • Green tick for yes
          • Red cross for no
  • 15. Engaging our audiences...
  • 16. Australia Series
    • Summary of Presentations for 2010
  • 17.   Participants
  • 18. Tools we use for organising/planning
    • google docs
    • gtalk
    • twitter
  • 19. Advice for the novice!
    • What could possibly go wrong!
  • 20.  
  • 21. Classroom 2.0 LIVE Animoto Overview
    • http://animoto.com/play/LJhu4tt4oUaf0YRLr4QDtQ  
    • (Classroom 2.0 LIVE End-of-Year Review)
  • 22. http://www.mindmeister.com/34542712/classroom-2-0-live
  • 23.   LearnCentral
  • 24. LearnCentral http://www.learncentral.org
  • 25. What we do !
    • Connect
    • Communicate
    • Collaborate
    • Promote
    • Produce
    • Twitter
    • Plurk  
    • Skype
    • Social networks
    • Skype
    • GTalk
    • Gl.am
    • Google docs
    • Email list
    • Blog
    • Ning
    • Learn Central
    • Elluminate
  • 26. Possible Next Steps!!
    • Respond to the questions in the VoiceThread !!
    • Share the VoiceThread!!
    • Join LearnCentral !!
    • Participate in global webinars !!
    • Become a presenter !!!!!!!!
  • 27.    
  • 28. Connect with Us: Classroom 2.0 LIVE Website:  http://live.classroom20.com Diigo Group:  http://groups.diigo.com/group/classroom-20-live Peggy George: pgeorge@mac.com Kim Caise: kcaise@gmail.com Lorna Costantini: lornacos@gmail.com Australia Series/LearnCentral: http://www.learncentral.org/group/45972/australia-series Educators Guide to Innovation: http://guidetoinnovation.ning.com   Anne Mirtschin: mirtschin@gmail.com Carole McCulloch: coachcarole2012@gmail.com
  • 29. Thank You!  Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray- Conference Co-Chairs Each of YOU for participating in this session Global Ed Conference Organizers Elluminate and LearnCentral