MangOX Air Charger 2510 iron Filter Installation and Start-up Guide


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MangOX Air Charger 2510 iron Filter Installation and Start-up Guide

  1. 1. MangOX Air Charger 2510 Iron Filter Installation & Start-Up Guide Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Pre-Installation 1. Review packing list and make sure you have received all of the parts listed 2. Shut off power to your house and electric water heater if you have one 3. Pick a suitable location on a dry, level spot that won’t be exposed to freezing temperatures. A minimum of 20 PSI is required; maximum: 90 PSI 4. Gather all of your plumbing parts. Installation will take about 3-5 hours, plus the time it takes to run a complete backwash and rinse cycle. 5. Don’t fret if your water is initially discolored or rusty after installation
  3. 3. Installation 1. Your 2510 SXT Air Charger Iron Filter should be installed after your pressure tank. If you are also installing a water softener, install the softener after the iron filter. Fig. 1 – Installation Diagram
  4. 4. Installation 2. Make sure to connect the IN pipe to the Fleck 2510-SXT inlet and the OUT pipe to the outlet (see Fig. 2). The inlet and outlet are attached to the bypass valve and marked with arrows. When facing the Fleck 2510-SXT from the front, water will enter on the right and exit on the left. Fig. 2 – Fleck 2510-SXT bypass valve Disregard; not part of MangOX system To Drain Inlet Outlet
  5. 5. Installation 3. Make sure there is a working gate or ball valve after the Fleck 2510SXT Air Charger filter, and also one after. Pressure gauges are optional and perhaps not necessary, but a hose bib (a faucet to which you can attach a garden hose) is strongly recommended after the 2510-SXT Air Charger filter but before the second ball valve. This makes it easy to rinse your new filter on start-up and gives you a place to test your water before it enters your household plumbing. Fig. 1 – Installation Diagram
  6. 6. Installation 4. If you will be using copper piping, do not sweat the copper pipe directly on to the Fleck 2510-SXT control valve, and avoid heating the valve’s plastic with your torch.
  7. 7. Installation 5. You do not need unions to install your Fleck 2510-SXT control valve. If you need to remove it, the Fleck 2510-SXT has quick-release couplings that make it easy to put the air charger filter on bypass and remove it from your piping.
  8. 8. Installation 6. The drain line tubing (not supplied) is connected to a drain from the drain outlet (Fig. 2) using flexible ½” ID tubing. Note that the drain line can run up above the Fleck 2510-SXT control valve and into a drain – it does not have to drain down, as the filter backwashes under line pressure from your well pump. Fig. 2 – Fleck 2510-SXT bypass valve Disregard; not part of MangOX system To Drain Inlet Outlet
  9. 9. Installation 7. Ensure the brine line check valve with screen is installed on the brine valve (Fig. 3). This is the air draw point of entry. Fig. 3 – Fleck 2510-SXT Control Valve Rear View
  10. 10. Installation 8. You should have a small plastic distributor cone – place it on top of the distributor tube to help with oxidation as water passes through the air pocket.
  11. 11. Media Loading 1. Place the tank on a level surface in a well-ventilated area. Take proper precautions to cover your eyes, mouth, and nose before pouring media into the tank.
  12. 12. Media Loading 2. Remove the control valve, center the riser tube inside the tank, and place the PVC cap atop the tube to prevent media from entering. It is important that the riser tube stays properly centered in the tank as you install the media.
  13. 13. Media Loading 3. Attach the plastic diffuser cone to the distributor tube by swabbing PVC glue onto the tube about 4 inches below the tank threads and slipping the cone over the tube.
  14. 14. Media Loading 4. Add the medium sized gravel first, then the fine gravel. Once the first three media layers have been added, add the box marked MangOX to the tank until it is about 2/3 full.
  15. 15. Media Loading 5. Fill the tank with water, add 2 cups of household bleach, and shake the tank gently to mix. Alternatively, you can add bleach to a 5 gallon bucket and fill the tank with the water and bleach mixture. Either way, allow it to soak in the tank for a minimum of 1 hour.
  16. 16. Media Loading 6. Once you’ve added the media, carefully screw the valve on to the tank. The riser tube must be properly centered in the valve and should not be forced as the valve is installed. The check valve that is provided must be installed on the inlet of the unit (Fig. 2).
  17. 17. Regeneration Cycle 1. Now you must run a complete regeneration cycle before beginning operation if your system. First, put the system into service mode by turning both bypass valve knobs 90 degrees (assuming it was shipped in bypass position, as it usually is).
  18. 18. Regeneration Cycle 2. The first part of this cycle is the backwash cycle. It will run for 14 minutes, during which iron-heavy water will be drained. Untreated water will be available during regeneration.
  19. 19. Regeneration Cycle 3. Next is the air recharge cycle, which runs for 40 minutes, empties water in the tank to the drain, and recharges the air pocket inside. Air bubbles should be drained before proceeding to the next step. Adjust cycle time if necessary.
  20. 20. Regeneration Cycle 4. Next is the rapid rinse cycle, which runs for 5 minutes and compresses the air inside the tank into a pocket at the top.
  21. 21. Regeneration Cycle 5. The next cycle would be the brine refill cycle, if you were using your 2510-SXT valve as a softener. Since you have an iron filter, disregard this step. Note: In conditions of high water usage and/or high levels of iron, the unit may need to regeneration more frequently than once every three days. The unit can be set for daily regeneration, or for regeneration every 2 days. Do not set the regeneration frequency to a period longer than 3 days, as the filter media will become fouled and ineffective.
  22. 22. Regeneration Cycle 6. The unit, having skipped the brine refill cycle, should now return to the in-service position.
  23. 23. System Limitations The Air Charger Filter utilizes air, oxidation and filtration for the removal of Iron and Iron. This process will leave some air or effervescence in the water. The effervescence may give the water a milky appearance and is simply excess air in the water. While a certain amount of effervescence will always be present, it may be most noticeable during the first 30 days after installation of the system.
  24. 24. Questions? Call us at 888-600-5426 or email us at:
  25. 25. Browse our selection of whole house water treatment systems online at There you will also find instructional guides for maintaining your treatment systems as well as manufacturer documentation, installation guides, and more. Thanks for watching!