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SPSVB 2013 Everything About SharePoint 2010 Workflows
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SPSVB 2013 Everything About SharePoint 2010 Workflows


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Slides of my session on SharePoint 2010 Workflows at SPSVB 2013 …

Slides of my session on SharePoint 2010 Workflows at SPSVB 2013
Va Beach Advanced Technology Center
1800 College Cresent,
Va Beach, VA 23453

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Automation of Business Processes : Approvals, Escalations, History, Reports and AuditsWorkflows are important for the success of SharePoint Implementation
  • This is common scenario for the developersChanging the approach in the middle of the project leaves huge impact on the schedule and budgetAlways go to drawing room, study the requirements and analyze the pros and cons and then take a decision
  • Sequential : Automation Tasks, less human interactions , Sequential Flow ChartsState Machine : Long Pauses between the steps, human interaction or external system interaction. Example Support System Queue.
  • Build workflows and process-driven applications without code
  • Expand workflows beyond SharePoint DesignerRich visual designer from SharePointLot of OOTB Activities
  • Small installation footprintStart in SharePoint, stay in SharePoint
  • Reporting & Analysis – Process automation enables efficiency and analysis. Process status is presented graphically and by table summary reports.
  • Steep Learning CurveWork Outside SharePointExtensive use of K2 SupportK2 Experts are rare commodity
  • IT LimitationsRequirements (State Machine Vs Sequential)FunctionalityBudgetDon’t attempt to fully automate every step of every business process. Evaluate which steps are appropriate and stop there. Take the time to analyze potential ROI from process automation
  • Transcript

    • 1. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Presented By: Prashant G Bhoyar SharePoint Workflows Everything You Need to Know 05 January 2013
    • 2. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Who am I?
    • 3. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar What Will We Cover Today? • Evaluating SharePoint Workflow Options • OOTB SharePoint Workflows • SharePoint Designer Workflows • Visual Studio SharePoint Workflows • Third Party SharePoint Workflow Products
    • 4. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Why Workflows?
    • 5. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Important Concepts LessComplexity Why Workflows in SharePoint? • Reliable -last machine reboots • Visualize Workflows Graphically • Reporting is supported • Reusable Workflows • Export Workflows into Visual Studio and Third Party Products
    • 6. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar SharePoint Workflow Life Cycle
    • 7. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar
    • 8. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar OOTB Workflows in SharePoint 2010
    • 9. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar OOTB Workflows List and Libraries: • Approval • Collect Feedback • Collect Signature • Disposition Approval Lists : • Three State (available in Foundation)
    • 10. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar OOTB Workflows Approval Workflows • Good for business processes requiring approvals • Set up to a list, library, or content type • Manual/Automatic (Creation/Change/Deletion) • Stop/Terminate • Tight Integration with Office
    • 11. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar OOTB Workflows Approval Order Serial/Parallel • Participants in serial order • Participants in parallel order
    • 12. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar DEMO
    • 13. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar SharePoint Designer Customize OOTB Workflows • Customize appearance, behavior and result of the workflow • Two Methods of Edit • Directly Edit – Not Recommended • Copy and Edit
    • 14. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar SharePoint Designer Features • Edit OOTB Workflows • Apply Business logic • Save the custom workflow as template • Publish workflows globally • No Code Drop • Export to Visual Studio
    • 15. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar DEMO
    • 16. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Evaluating Workflow Forms
    • 17. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Workflow Forms Forms • Out of the Box • InfoPath • Custom .aspx pages
    • 18. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar DEMO
    • 19. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Evaluating Visual Studio Workflows
    • 20. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Visual Studio Workflows Features • Add SharePoint Designer Missing Action • Add Custom Data or Action • Use of Event Receivers and Timer Jobs • Exposes full power of .NET
    • 21. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Visual Studio Workflows Two Types • Sequential Workflow • State Machine Workflow
    • 22. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Visual Studio Workflows Warnings • Steep learning curve • Deployment Risks • Costly Bugs • Management/Resourcing
    • 23. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar DEMO
    • 24. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Third Party Tools You Can Use
    • 25. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Third Party Products Two Major Players
    • 26. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Third Party Tools Rich Visual Designer
    • 27. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Third Party Tools Nintex • Small Installation Footprints • Tightly Integrated in SharePoint • Non tech/developers can create workflows
    • 28. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar K2 Products K2 BlackPearl and K2 BlackPoint
    • 29. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar K2 Products K2 Features • UI can be InfoPath or SharePoint Tasks Forms • Reporting and Analysis
    • 30. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar K2 Products Short Comings (Personal Thoughts) • Steep Learning Curve • Work Outside SharePoint • Extensive Use of K2 Support • K2 Experts are Rare Commodity
    • 31. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar The Outcome Factors to Consider • Limitations • Requirements • Life Cycle • Functionality • Budget/Resources
    • 32. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar References Appendix/Resources Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010 ( By: Sahil Malik) SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Architect's Guidebook By: Brian Wilson; Reza Alirezaei; Bill Baer; Martin Kearn MSDN: ‘SharePoint Designer Help’ for SharePoint 2010 ( K2: Nintex:
    • 33. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar
    • 34. #SPSVB @PGBhoyar Questions? Feedback? Contact me:  Twitter: @PGBhoyar  Blog: limited contents)  Email: Thank You Organizers, Sponsors and You for Making this Possible.