Information about still life paintings


Published on So you desire to be known as a painter of still life? Still life painting offers you, the musician an opportunity to render spirituality or poetry to apparently routine items.

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Information about still life paintings

  1. 1. Information About Still Life Paintings
  2. 2. So you desire to be known as a painter of still life? Still lifepainting offers you, the musician an opportunity to render spirituality or poetry to apparently routine items. The final production seemed less complex than images or yards, the procedure of composing a still life includes manifold preparations and certain requirements.
  3. 3. One of the particular demands is the light source. It should be constant and the musician is permitted to make use of synthetic lights and reflectors. A window that experiences north is really good instead of one that deals with east. The cause for this is quite noticeable. The fast change of the suns position affects the illumination and after some time, the you will definitely lose the 1st photo that you sought in the first spot.
  4. 4. more thing to prepare is thecomposition of the subject. Youmust make sure that it is preciselyhow you wish the items to bearranged. You might draw severalpreliminary sketches usingdifferent compositions andcarefully study each of them.Choose the one that wouldcertainly give the most balancedand harmonious pattern of lightand dark.
  5. 5. The next action is to determine what method you will definitely use. Except when youre trying for "photo-realism", you dont actually desire to paint the subject as precisely as you see it. For that reason, decide exactly what is your purpose, idea, or also message for making this still life. This step is most essential since, based onyour choice, you might figure out exactly how you would certainly proceed.
  6. 6. oil painting strategy taken advantage of by several old masters entails applying repeated layers of paint and glazes. Some instances of works done by this technique are "Still Life: Lemons, Oranges and a Rose" by Zurbarán and "The Silver Goblet" by Chardin.
  7. 7. you might desire to use the direct painting technique. Ought to you choose this, an advantage to remember is to decide one center of interest. This center interest ideally is the most lighted of all items and others are in part concealed by shadows. Of course, the surface on which the center of interest lies must be lighted too. The line of shadow beneath the objects should ideally be the darkest in the picture.
  8. 8. another thing to keep in mind are the distinct designs of your objects and the ground plane. Set up these very early on and never lose them in the process.After you have applied all the needed strokes and colors, step back and scrutinize your work. Add finishingtouches. If the general impression is rather dull, think ofincluding one more shade, maybe a complement to one of the colors you have actually applied.
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