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  • Around 35 percent of India’s population-350 million- are considered food insecure..i.e. they do not know from where their next meal requirements will come from, consumingless than 80 percent of minimum energy requirements. There are villages in India where 85% of the families have experienced the loss of at least one child due to malnourishment. The number of hungry people in India is always more than the number of people below official poverty line.
  • People for people

    1. 1. IndiaShining!!
    2. 2. Hunger And MalnutritionIlliteracy Gender DiscriminationChild Labor Lack Of Awareness Environmental Issues Corruption
    3. 3. 1/3rd of the World’s hungry live in India. Nine out of ten pregnant women aged between 15 and 49 years suffer from malnutrition and anaemia. While one in every five adolescent boys is malnourished, one in every two girls in India is undernourished. Over 23 crore Indians will sleep hungry tonight! Hunger remains the No.1 cause of death in the world.Each year, Hunger takes the lives of approximately 27 lakh of our children! 7500 every day – 312 every hour – 5 every minute
    4. 4. 32 crore people are illiterate in India out of which 22 crore are females.Dropout rates increase alarmingly in class III to V, its 50% for boys, 58% for girls.In India, only 53% of habitation has a primaryschool and only 20% has a secondary school. 40 million children aged 6 - 14 years do not attend school. 53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate. 1 in 40, primary school in India, is conducted in open spaces or tents. On an average, there are less than three teachers per primary school.
    5. 5. For women the literacy rate stands at 65.46%.About 70% of graduate Indian women are unemployed.Women constitute 90 per cent of the total marginal workers of India.Over 38% of those living with HIV in India are women.Out of the 0.529 million maternal deaths globallyeach year, 25.7% are contributed by India.40% of the worlds child marriages occur in India.47% of Indias women aged 20-24 are married Sex ratiobefore the legal age of 18, with 56% in rural area. 940 females /1000 malesEvery hour Indian women face two rapes, twokidnappings, four molestations and seven incidentsof cruelty from husbands and relatives. Child Sex ratioIndia has 4 million female prostitutes nationwide and 914 females /1000 males60% of the prostitutes are from the ScheduledCastes & Tribes or other backward castes.
    6. 6. childrenWhere there is a will, there is a way!
    7. 7. 17 million children in India work as per official estimates.19% of children employed work as domestic help. Child labour85% working children are in rural India. No one to Cheap support Labour the familyPoor and bonded families often "sell" their children tocontractors who promise lucrative jobs in the cities and the Adultchildren end up being employed in brothels, hotels and Unemploymentdomestic work. Many run away and find a life on the streets. Prostitution Stats Child Number of Child Sex Workers: 40% Adult Age Group Commercial • 80% in Metros Sex Workers 60% • 71% illiterate5 to 15 Years 2 Million • 5 lakh more forced15 to 18 Years 3.3 Million Sex Workers in India in every year
    8. 8. India has been ranked as 7th most environmentally hazardous country in the world.According to the World Health Organization, the capital city ofNew Delhi is one of the top ten most polluted cities in the world. The Ganges was ranked among the top five most polluted rivers of the world in 2007. Only about 10% of the waste water generated is treated; the rest is discharged as it is into our water bodies.5.3 Million hectares of forests in India,have been destroyed since the independence.
    9. 9. Biggest Scams In India Estimated illegal money Name Of ScamCommonwealth Games Scam Year 2010 Value In Rs. 40,000 Crores in Swiss accountsOrissa Mine Scam 2009 7000 Crores Rs. 71,00,000 Crores2G Spectrum Scam 2008 1,76,000 CroresThe Satyam Scam 2008 10,000 Crores Total money lostAli Khan Tax Default 2008 50,000 CroresScorpene Submarine Scam 2005 18,978 Crores through corruptionStamp Paper Scam 2003 30,000 Crores Rs. 910,603,234,300,000Stock Market Scam 2001 1,15,000 Crores =USD 20.23 TrillionCRB Scams 1997 1000 CroresFodder Scam 1996 950 Crores With Rs. 910,603,234,300,000Sugar Import 1994 650 Crores India will become a superIndian Bank Rip-off 1992 1300 Crores power overnight with noSecurities Scam 1992 5000 Crores poverty or unemployment.
    10. 10. Petrol: Rs.25 / LitreDiesel: Rs.15 / LitreMilk: Rs.8 / LitreNo need to pay taxes for the next 20 years1500 Oxford like universities can be opened14000 new primary schools can be opened200000 villages can get 20 handpumps each2000 hospitals with all medicines free95 crore people will have their own house
    11. 11. A Non-Government, non profit organization A group of like-minded young people like you Willing to work for the cause of a better IndiaIt is a common thread that connects Individuals, NGOs, Organizations and Institutions to work for the betterment of society.
    12. 12. Estimated number of NGOs in India is3.3 million Even if 50% of these NGOs work for eradication of the common problems in India, there is one NGO for 800 Indians. Still no significant difference is visible This can probably be because : •Either they do not work properly (which is not possible) •Or they do not work together
    13. 13. Every day, every person has enough of the right food to be healthy and productive Babies are born The values, of honoring human healthy and beings and nature, strong, and girl flourish babies are prized as much as boy babies Our vision isSociety is based on legitimate rights, a future equality, justice, honesty, social where : Women and girls are full partners sensitivity and aculture of service in society in which all are self-reliant. People have Every person is control over educated and gets their own lives a chance to use and destinies, and his potential for individuals have a the growth of the chance to nation contribute
    14. 14. Filing RTI for different issues and creating awarenessand helping people to do so.Spreading the awareness on Jan Lokpal Bill across thecity of Jaipur.Conducting the IAC -Jaipur Maharally supporting JanLokpal Bill.Revealing the M.Tech & Ph.D degree scams running insome ‘prestigious’ colleges.Spreading awareness on various issues by staging streetplays across city and in events.Distribution of tri-cycles to the physically handicapped.
    15. 15. Hygiene driveCollection and Recycling of Books & NewspapersBlood Group Database ManagementClothes Collection driveReferrendum on Jan Lokpal BillGetting Eye Donation Forms filled
    16. 16. India Against CorruptionPankh – A flight to Dreams Share A SmileDisha Avedna AshramAlphabets Help In SufferingShree Nirmal Vivek School Rays – Asha Ki Ek KiranSurman Palna Akshar School – Kuhad TrustPravah Eye Bank Society Of Rajasthan
    17. 17. NIT JaipurGlobal Institute Of Technology, JaipurKanodia Mahavidyalaya, JaipurBiyani College For Girls, JaipurMaheshwari Public School, JaipurMaharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, JaipurSadhu Vaswani Public School, JaipurSanskar School, Jaipur
    18. 18. Clarks Group Of HotelsJaipur Rugs FoundationBengal Energy Ltd.1589 Group Of HotelsKhel Shankar Durlabhji TrustHimalayan GroupClarks InnThe Fountain Pen GuildTriumph Elevators
    19. 19. Shubham Maheshwari•Pursuing B.Tech In Mechanical Engineering From NIT JaipurAnant Kumar•Graduate in Economics (Hons.) from University College of London•Worked at Ernst and young as transactional advisory (Services)•Chief Executive (Business development), Clarks Group of hotels•Director, 1589 Group of hotelsSagar Sodhani•Pursuing B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee
    20. 20. Ajay Goyal• B.Tech (IIT Kanpur), PGDM (IIM Ahmadabad)•Centre Director & H.O.D Mathematics at Resonance (Jaipur), IITJEE Training (2001-2007)•Senior Business Analyst, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Ltd., Hong Kong (2009-2010)Sudhanshu Jain• B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee• Educational ConsultantAshok Sharma• B.Com (Economics Honors) from Rajasthan University• EntrepreneurGaurav Jain• B.Com (Economics Honors) from Rajasthan University• Entrepreneur
    21. 21. Mohit Banka•Pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT JaipurHimanshu Solanki•Pursuing B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from NIT JaipurPrasoon Maheshwari•Pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering From JECRC, JaipurSurbhi Bansal•Pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IGIT, Delhi
    22. 22. Volunteer in activities and events organized by us and our partner organizations.Spread awareness at your family and neighbour level and ask them to do the same. Send us ideas and suggestions as to how we can serve better. Raise your voice against any injustice or wrongdoings that you come across.
    23. 23.
    24. 24. … because tomorrow should not be like yesterday!Thank You!!