Five Steps to Leaving Your Business, Successfully
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Five Steps to Leaving Your Business, Successfully

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Learn Five Key Steps to prepare yourself to start leaving your business

Learn Five Key Steps to prepare yourself to start leaving your business

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  • 2. Is this you?
    Looking at an exit strategy from your company but not ready to “retire”? Planning to move on to other business ventures? Reinvent yourself? Or maybe you’re not sure yet.
    You’re not alone. In fact, over the next 5 years, millions of baby boomers will be transitioning to the next stage their lives. For some that means retirement. But for others, they’re just getting started. In fact, there is a growing wave of boomers that are just not ready for “retirement” in the traditional sense. They’re not done yet. They’re looking for the next challenge vs. a lawn-chair and some new hobbies.
    We call this Personal Transition Planning
  • 3. What is Personal Transition Planning?
  • 4. Step One: THINK
    You have created an Identity with your business and career. Thinking about leaving it may be confusing, depressing or simply scary. It does not have to be. First, you need to learn how to THINK.
    Solution: You can learn about your fears, how to overcome them, the steps you need to take to prepare yourself and the guidance you need to seek. “Determining how to Think about Leaving Your Business or Career” program.
  • 5. Step Two: LIVE
    You have a great lifestyle and want to ensure you keep it that way. Maybe you’re afraid of becoming “directionless” by making faulty, limiting decisions in this next phase of your life. You want a purpose and a personal “end game” that’s even more exciting than it is now.
    Solution: Get clear on your personal goals and game plan after leaving your company with our “Seven Strategic Steps® for Living an Exciting and Purpose Filled Life Program”.
  • 6. Step Three: DECIDE
    You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your business. When you decide to exit, why wouldn’t you expect your business to give something back. You need clear, concise strategies to maximize your return, reduce risk and maintain your sanity in the process.
    Solution: Step back and create a plan for what you really want to do with your business with our “Determining Your Successful Business Transition Strategy Program”.
  • 7. Step Four: OPEN
    Your identity is built around your organization and you can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like to no longer be part of it. To no longer be running things. You’re excited about the next chapter of your life but you wonder how to create a new identity with new meaning.
    Solution: Open your mind to a whole new world of opportunity and possibilities after transitioning out of your company with our “Seven Principles for Living a Life of Significance Program”.
  • 8. Step Five - TRUST
    You’ve built your reputation on integrity. And you’ve built a group of talented people around you to help run your company. People you’ve grown to trust. So when it comes to looking outside the tent for people to help with your transition plan, you wonder who you can trust.
    Solution: “Build your Dream Team” drawing from your own advisor and from our Advisory Network – a talented group of experts to assist with the personal and business issues around transition planning.
  • 9. Programs for Clients
    How to Think about Leaving your Business or Career
    Seven Strategic Steps® for Living an Exciting and Purpose Filled Life
    Determining Your Successful Business Transition Strategy
    Seven Principles for Living a Life of Significance
  • 10. Client Centered ApproachProduces Successful Outcomes
  • 11. Contact Us to Get Started
    Successful Transition Planning Institute
    Harvard Square
    119 Mt Auburn Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Jack Beauregard, CEO and President:, 617.576.5728
    Paul Cronin, Dir. of Business Development, 978-749-9546