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Yuma County Energy Audit Summary 08 03 10 Final Rev1
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Yuma County Energy Audit Summary 08 03 10 Final Rev1


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  • 1. Yuma County Energy Audit:Report Summary
    General Services Department
    August 16, 2010
    Project # 910-GS0006
  • 2. Triple Bottom Line
    • Americans saved enough energy in 2009 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 30 million cars — all while saving nearly $17 billion on their utility bills.
    • 3. 1979 - 28% of all our oil is imported
    • 4. Today +60% is imported
    • 5. Consumption over this period quintupled
  • Development Services
  • 6. Summary of Energy Conservation Measures (EEMs)
    EEM #1 Lighting Retrofits
    Replace older fluorescent lamps with energy efficient longer lasting lamps
    Add occupancy sensors where practical
    EEM #2 Adjust Temperature Controls
    Change temperature set-points to industry standards (no lower than 76⁰F for cooling, no higher than 74⁰F for heating)
    Program HVAC units to allow the Cooling & Heating systems to turn off/down during unoccupied period
  • 7. Summary of Energy Conservation Measures (EEMs)
    EEM #3 Exterior Lighting Retrofits
    Replace HID/Metal Halide lamps with more energy efficient fluorescent lamps
    EEM #4 Window Replacement
    Replace single pane windows with dual pane
    EEM #5 Demand Control Ventilation
    Decrease/increase outside air into the building based upon fresh air demand
  • 8. Summary of Energy Conservation Measures (EEMs)
    • EEM #6 PC Power Management/Server Consolidation
    • 9. Turns computers off when not in use
    • 10. Consolidation of servers or “Clouding” can create savings
    • 11. EEM # 7 Variable Frequency Drives On Motors
    • 12. Allows motors to operate at reduced power levels, matching the demand
  • Summary of Energy Conservation Measures (EEMs)
    • EEM #8 Replace Aging AC units
    • 13. Air Conditioning units older than 15 years should be replaced with energy efficient units
    • 14. EEM #9 Install More Energy Efficient Vending Mizers
    • 15. Compressors and lights are activated by motion sensors
    • 16. EEM #10 Solar Power
    • 17. Install Photovoltaic panels to reduce consumption
  • Cost/Benefit Summary Of All EEM’s
    And All buildings
  • 18. Summary Of Energy Reduction Plan
    Non Library Buildings
  • 19. Summary Of Energy Reduction Plan
    Library Buildings
  • 20. Combined Greenhouse Gas
    Emission Reduction
    These EEMs will result in a savings of 2,586 Tons of CO₂ for Yuma County, equal to:
    • 495 cars off the road or
    • 21. 314 home energy use or
    • 22. 6,015 barrels of oil or
    • 23. 290,935 gals of gasoline
    Source: EPA website
  • 24. Summary of Energy Star Ratings
  • 25. Questions??