Social Media Today and Tomorrow


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Social Media Today and Tomorrow

  1. 1. Social Media In Government:Today and TomorrowPat FiorenzaGovLoop Research
  2. 2. Top 5 Federal Uses of Social Media Communicate with Informed Decision Citizens and Other Internal Collaboration Making Agencies Marketing and Research/Information Promotion Gathering Source: Market Connections 2011 Social Media in the Public Sector Study, Oct. 2011 in-the-public-sector-2011.html
  3. 3. Top 5 Federal Benefits of Using Social Media Increased Information AgencyEducation of the Access Promotion Public Cost Savings and Increase Other Collaboration Efficiencies Source: Market Connections 2011 Social Media in the Public Sector Study, Oct. 2011 ial-media-in-the-public-sector-2011.html
  4. 4. Informed Decision Making Online community of government colleagues Communicate with helping each other Other Agencies to do their jobs better. Research /Information Gathering 55,000 Members• Federal, state and local employees• Contractors, non-profits, academia Marketing and• International (Canada, UK, Australia, etc.) Promotion
  5. 5. Problem:Millions of government employees working onsimilar issues…but how do they connect?Solution:Knowledge network where government employeesconnect, learn and share: real-time + repository
  6. 6. Member OverviewTop 10 Agencies on GovLoop Federal Government1. Dept. of Defense2. Dept. of Health & Human Services 12.48% State Government3. Dept. of Agriculture4. Dept. of Veterans Affairs 9.18%5. Dept. of Homeland Security Local Government6. General Services Admin. 14.83% 50.37 %7. Dept. of Commerce Industry/Gov’t8. Environmental Protection Agency Contractors9. Dept. of Transportation 13.14 % Other (i.e. non-10. Dept. of Labor profit, academia & Total # of Agencies: 37 International Gov’t) Average Age:
  7. 7. Top 5 Tactics for Government1. Think Strategically2. Be Authentic3. Go where your audience is4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail5. Don’t Just Push Information
  8. 8. Where Social Media is Heading..1. Closely Tied to Government Core Services2. Wider Acceptance3. Increasing Use For Emergency Management4. Data Driven Decisions5. Mobility6. More Devices = More Data
  9. 9. 5 Challenges to Identify ROI1. What are we trying to quantify?2. What impact are we measuring?3. Who is our core audience?4. How does this ROI fit into our agency mission?5. What do I do with all this data? Where can I find knowledge?
  10. 10. First tip, don’t letan undefined ROIstop you fromgetting you whereyou need to go!
  11. 11. ROI – Is there a formula? (Gains from Investment) – (Cost of Investment)Return on Investment = Cost of Investment What about for public sector? Are we really measuring ROI?
  12. 12. Return on Influence? (Gains from Influence) – (Cost of Influence)Return on Influence = Cost of Influence If influence is the metric – how do we effectively measure influence? Is this something we can truly quantify?
  13. 13. Is there Program Evaluation Model toget at ROI?• Can we apply a traditional program evaluation model to social media to understand our ROI?• I’d say yes.• Think about traditional metrics – how can we apply these to government
  14. 14. 10 Steps to Understanding How to FindYour Social Media ROI1. Define Scope – Why are we doing this?2. How will you define success? – Think Traditionally3. Consider how you can design your evaluation4. Collect Data5. Show Impact and Quick Wins6. Analyze7. Share8. Feedback from Stakeholders9. Share Your Success, Learn from Experiences10. Improve and Repeat
  15. 15. Create a Scorecard1. Spot for you to track metrics2. Ways to look month over month (or desired time-period)3. Calculate changes – track improvements4. See what is working, what is causing spikes5. Monitor & Show Value6. Share Across Team7. Keep a list of accomplishments
  16. 16. Case Study - CDC
  17. 17. Case Study – GovLoop1. Used Social Analytics to Increase Engagement on Twitter2. Removed “Automated” Tweets3. Humanized Voice4. Significant Improvements in how we have defined engagement5. Data Collection
  18. 18. GovLoop Data ProjectChallenges• GovLoop has more data than we know what to do with• Even at a small company, data operate rests in silos• Goal was to consolidate and use data to drive decisions
  19. 19. Audience• Various Members in Our GovLoop Audience• Lurkers• Evangelists• Goal is provide the right service to the right kind of user – meet customer needs/demands• Same on Social Media Sites
  20. 20. GovLoop Data Landscape – FebruaryMember Email Events Training Webinars Data Data
  21. 21. GovLoop Data Landscape – Today! Member Email Events Trainings Webinars
  22. 22. Outcomes• Data now can be accessed by everyone• Stronger decision making• Improved Strategy• How connected to social media? – Think of social media like any other data project.• Know your audience• Grow by providing services
  23. 23. Data Consolidation - Lessons for SocialMedia• Define scoop• Address a need• Tie to entire mission• Define success• Meet your customer demands
  24. 24. GovLoop Resources• GovLoop Resources• Twitter Guide for Federal Agencies• Twitter Guide for Federal Employees• Dorobek Insider – Daily Podcast• Blogs• Discussions
  25. 25. Contact Information• Pat Fiorenza• Email:• Twitter: @pjfiorenza