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Here are the slides for a presentation I gave at the Executive Management Program at American University on social media in the public sector.

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  • An online community connecting nearly 50,000 government innovators from federal, state, and local government.Professional services that help government employees advance their skills, knowledge and career.Informative and educational training opportunities to enhance the governments shared knowledge. Events designed to empower government with the right tools, thinking and motivation.
  • Social Media Public Sector: American U Presentation

    1. 1. Social Media In GovernmentPat FiorenzaGovLoop Research Analyst
    2. 2. Social Media in the Public Sector by the Numbers Agency Adoption of Federal Agencies started using Social Media within the last 2+ years. of Federal Agencies have started using Social Media within the last year.Source:Market Connections 2011 Social Media in the Public Sector Study, Oct. 2011
    3. 3. Social Media in the Public Sector by the Numbers:Agency Access to Social Media Channels 2010: 55% of respondents said their agencies were blocking access to Social Media channels 2011: 19% of respondents said their agencies were blocking access to Social Media channels
    4. 4. Social Media in the Public Sector by the Numbers 26% Federal Social Media 18% No Increase Change Significa Consumption over next 12-18 ntly months 56% Increase Slightly
    5. 5. Social Media in the Public Sector by the Numbers:Top 5 Federal Uses of Social Media Communicate with Informed Decision Citizens and Other Internal Collaboration Making Agencies Research/Information Marketing and Gathering Promotion
    6. 6. Social Media in the Public Sector by the Numbers:Top 5 Federal Benefits of Using Social Media Increased Education Information Access Agency Promotion of the Public Increase Cost Savings and Collaboration Other Efficiencies
    7. 7. Social Media Challenges• ROI• Management• Culture Change & Innovation• Crafting Policy• Legal• Becoming Current + Staying Current
    8. 8. Impact of Social Media• Citizen Centric• Crisis Communications & Crisis Management• Transparency• Engagement• Governance• Political Arena
    9. 9. Top 5 Tactics for Government1. Think Strategically2. Be Authentic3. Go where your audience is4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail5. Don’t Just Push Information
    10. 10. Where are we now with socialmedia?• In the “So What” Phase• Agencies using new mediums, struggle to define what engagement actually means• Sharing and collaborating with resources• Is there such a thing as being too transparent?• Digital Divide• Broader acceptance that government does not have all the answers, needs to collaborate across sectors for solutions.• Impact of culture
    11. 11. 4 Government Case Studies• Marine Corps• State Department• New York City Public Library• NASA
    12. 12. Case Study: State Department
    13. 13. Case Study: New York City PublicLibrary Case Study 3: New York City
    14. 14. NASA Video
    15. 15. More Examples!• Tons of Examples Across Government• USGS• IRS
    16. 16. GovLoop StoryQuick history and overview ofGovLoop – Knowledge networkfor government
    17. 17. GovLoop’s PurposeIndicate a Problem – Millions of governmentemployees working on similar issues without anoutlet to communicate. Without communicatingwith one another a gap in knowledge was created.Provide a SolutionGovLoop creates aknowledge network toconnect, engage andtrain governmentemployees.
    18. 18. Government Challenges: Bridging the Gap• Budget Cuts - government employees are faced with doing more with less.• Retiring workforce – the number of retiring government workers is at an all time high.• Collaboration – increase need for knowledge transfer within and across agencies.
    19. 19. 4 Pillars of GovLoop COMMUNITY EVENTS TRAINING SERVICE • Insights • Next Gen • Rock Your • GovUps • Federal Resume • Roundtable • State • Mentors Discussions • Local •Directory • Webinars • Industry • Chats • Mentors
    20. 20. Community: Member OverviewTop 10 Agencies on GovLoop Federal Government1. Dept. of Defense2. Dept. of Health & Human Services 12.48% State Government3. Dept. of Agriculture4. Dept. of Veterans Affairs 9.18% Local Government5. Dept. of Homeland Security6. General Services Admin. 14.83% 50.37 %7. Dept. of Commerce Industry/Gov’t8. Environmental Protection Agency Contractors9. Dept. of Transportation 13.14 % Other (i.e. non-10. Dept. of Labor profit, academia & International Gov’t)Top 3 Purchase Areas:Technology (HW, SW, Services)HR/Training Solutions Average Age:Consulting Services
    21. 21. Contact Information• Pat Fiorenza• Email:• Twitter: @pjfiorenza