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  • 1. Web 2.0 Tools
  • 2. Screen Casting Tools
    • Jing
    • Free program through Tech Smith.
    • Camstudio (windows only)
    • Open source software for
    • screen-capture.
    • Screenpresso (windows only)
    • Captures screen and video, with built in image editor.
  • 3. Screen Capture Tools + + Apple, shift, four
    • Jing (Screenshot)
    • by Techsmith
  • 4. Store and Share
    • Evernote
    • Store images, text, audio, etc… in digital notebooks. Can access anywhere and send across devices.
    • Slideshare
    • Store your powerpoint presentations onone site that students can access.
    • Screencast
    • Storage for videos, images and documents
  • 5. Store and Share
    • EfolioMinnesota
    • Electronic portfolio system, free to
    • any resident of Minnesota. Use
    • frequently at post-secondary level.
    • ThinkQuest
    • Website for teachers and students
    • in the k-12 setting to develop
    • interactive websites and enter
    • competitions.
  • 6. Networking Sites
    • Facebook
    • Used in higher education settings. Specific page set up strictly for classroom use.
    • Netvibes
    • View multiple feeds at once. Social
    • networking updates
    • Linked In
      • A professional networking site, that allows you to control your online identity. Used in the business world, but becoming more popular in education settings.
  • 7. Wiki Style Office Tools
    • Google Docs
    • Create documents, spreadsheets,
    • powerpoints, with others. Work from
    • any computer.
    • Zoho
    • Web based online office suite, similar
    • to Google Docs, geared towards
    • business.
  • 8. Video Downloaders
    • Zanzmar
    • Conversion application for files and videos.
    • SaveVid
    • Video site similar giving you the ability to
    • download videos from streaming video sites.
    • Streamtransport
    • The tool is able to browse and download
    • videos from video hosting websites in
    • various formats.
  • 9. Program File Compressors
    • Ispring
    • Compresses file size of
    • powerpoints and converts to
    • Flash. You can also insert
    • flash, youtube movies, as well
    • as create scorms.
  • 10. Assessment Tools
    • Hot Potatoes
    • Free-ware allowing one to create interactive
    • multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-
    • sentence, crossword, matching/ordering
    • and gap-fill exercises.
    • Poll Everywhere
    • Student response system, up to 40 users for
    • teachers. Free with limitations.
    • ProProfs Quizmaker
    • Free with limitations.
  • 11. Open-source for Students
    • Open Office
      • Free office software package, capable of
      • reading other office software formats.
    • Gimp
    • Free open-source image manipulation
    • software, similar to Photoshop
    • PDF Exchange Viewer (pc based)
    • .pdf file viewer similar to Acrobat to use
    • on windows
  • 12. Reading Tools
    • Google Reader
    • Sort into folders. Scrolling interface.
    • Read It Later
    • Mark web pages to read later. List saved online. Offline reading, as well as synch to other devices.
    • Spreeder.com
    • Free online speed reading software designed to improve reading speed and comprehension.
  • 13. Reading Tools Continued
    • Reader (Firefox add-on)
    • Formats web pages to a more readable format. Good for students doing a lot of reading or doing research online.
    • Flash Page Flipper
    • You can make and publish your own
    • digital publications.
  • 14. Presentation Freeware
    • Slideshare
    • A online community where you can
    • share and upload Powerpoint presentations.
    • Animoto
    • Freeware that is a tool for turning videos and photos into professional presentations quickly.
    • Prezi
    • Freeware that is a tool for creating presentations for sharing and exploring ideas on a virtual canvas
  • 15. Create a Online Presence
    • Voki
    • Freeware for teachers and students to create their own avatar with voice. The site also has a classroom version so students do not have to have individual accounts.
    • My Webface
    • Freeware to create cartoon avatars for use in moodle forums, social networking sites, etc…
  • 16. Online Realtime Communications
    • Scriblink
    • Online whiteboard letting you collaborate in real time.
    • Twiddla
    • Online whiteboard letting you collaborate in real time.
    • Skype
    • Multi-tasking freeware which allows users to screenshare, text and instant messaging are a few of its features.
  • 17. Web 2.0 tools at a cost
    • Unique software Adobe Design Package $199.00
    • Adobe Indesign: Desktop publishing software, great for laying out documents and making .pdf files.
    • Adobe Acrobat: Make .pdf files as well as interactive forms and a variety of other options.
    • Microsoft Office 7 and above : Microsoft 2011 $98.95
    • Create .pdf files, edit student papers with review option.
    • Jing pro Jing Pro $49.00
    • Allows you to save files as mp4 files and load directly into moodle.