Measurement and Analysis, where do I Start? - Enrique Morey (Proqua)

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  • 1. Portugal Measurement & Analysis How do you start? Enrique Morey Senior Consultant & SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Process Quality Engineering (ProQua) 2011-10-03
  • 2. Process or metrics? 2
  • 3. What do companies want? 3
  • 4. Deliver on time No failures 4
  • 5. Increase incomes Reduce costs 5
  • 6. Impact of changes Non-conformities 6
  • 7. more profitability increase reduce incomes costs customer satisfaction without over-costsdeliver withouton time defects changes non requests conformities 7
  • 8. time deviationpost-production defectseffort deviationchange requestsnon-conformities 8
  • 9. time deviation 9
  • 10. time deviation Percentage deviation in time respectDescription the estimated date, for completion of Type Schedule milestones and / or projectMeasurement Are we accomplished the scheduled Unit Percentageobjective dates? Schedule / Project Plan CollectionData source Counting Proposal methodFrequency Weekly / Biweekly / Monthly Goal 0%Formula (real date – estimate date) / estimate date • < 0, project is executing below the planningAnalysis • = 0, project is executing on timecriteria • > 0, project is executing with deviationVariations Counting the delayed days in absolute terms 10
  • 11. post-production defects 11
  • 12. post-production defects Defects reported by the customer ProductDescription Type once the product has been delivered qualityMeasurement Have we delivered the product Unit Defectsobjective without defects and / or mistakes? CollectionData source Client’s incidents Counting methodFrequency Monthly Goal 0Formula N.A. = 0, product has no detected defectsAnalysiscriteria > 0, product was delivered with defects, and corrections have not an estimated/planned effortVariations Counting effort to correct defects (hours, days) 12
  • 13. effort deviation 13
  • 14. effort deviation Percentage deviation in hours/date respect the estimated effort, forDescription Type Cost completion of tasks, milestones and / or projectMeasurement Are we performing the project with Unit Percentageobjective over-effort? Schedule / Project Plan Collection EffortData source Effort estimation method timesheetFrequency Weekly / Biweekly / Monthly Goal 0%Formula (real hours/days – estimate hours/days) / estimate hours/days < 0, project is executing below the estimationAnalysis = 0, project is executing according to the estimationcriteria > 0, project is executing with over-effortVariations Counting the over-effort (hours/days) in absolute terms 14
  • 15. change requests 15
  • 16. change requests Change request from customers ProductDescription Type (external) and project team (internal) stabilityMeasurement Have we kept the scope and / or Change Unitobjective initial estimates of the project? requests Change request from customers and CollectionData source Counting project team methodFrequency Monthly Goal 0Formula N.A. = 0, product has no change requestsAnalysiscriteria > 0, product has change requests that could impact project parameters (size, effort, dates) Counting effort to implement change requests (hours, days)Variations Comparing changed requirements vs. initial requirements 16
  • 17. non-conformities 17
  • 18. non-conformities Defects, errors and non conformities ProductDescription detected by project team, before Type quality delivery of the products to the clientMeasurement Are we performing our processes and Unit Defectsobjective developing products as established? Quality audits / Test Plans / Identified CollectionData source Counting defects methodFrequency Monthly Goal 0Formula N.A. = 0, there have not identified defects or non conformitiesAnalysiscriteria > 0, there have identified defects or non conformities, and corrective actions has an impact in the project parameters Counting effort to correct defects (hours, days)Variations Categorize them by project phase, defect type, etc. 18
  • 19. Consolidation at organizational level 19
  • 20. Remind…ResponsibilityContinuous definitionStabilityStorage 20
  • 21. Let’s start to measure! 21
  • 22. Questions? 22
  • 23. Thank you for your attention… Enrique Morey Matos Consultor Senior C/ Santa María 17, Oficina B 28231 Las Rozas Madrid España T +34 911 299 529 M +34 600 516 439 23