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Web presentation for slideshare

  1. 1. The world still has nearly 20,000 nuclear weapons in 9 countries.
  2. 2. If one wasever used, itwould changethe worldforever.
  3. 3. Millions ofpeople dead.Trillions of New Yorkdollars indamages.
  4. 4. Millions ofpeople dead.Trillions of New Yorkdollars indamages.
  5. 5. Devastatingenvironmental, Moscowinfrastructureandpsychologicaleffects.
  6. 6. Devastatingenvironmental, Moscowinfrastructureandpsychologicaleffects.
  7. 7. 15 KtOne modernnuclear weapon Hiroshimais vastly morepowerful thanthe bomb usedon Hiroshima.
  8. 8. 100 Kt 15 KtOne modernnuclear weapon Hiroshimais vastly morepowerful thanthe bomb usedon Hiroshima.
  9. 9. What can you do to makethe world safe from thiskind of destruction?Nuclear weapons arecontrolled by governments,right?
  10. 10. No.You can make a difference.
  11. 11. For more than 30 years, Ploughshares Fundhas successfully reduced the threat ofnuclear weapons with contributions frompeople like you. Strategy Network Leadership Impact
  12. 12. We do it strategically,investing money where itmost makes a difference.
  13. 13. › We reduce the number of nuclear weapons and nuclear materials.› We prevent the emergence of new nuclear armed states.› We promote stability in regions of conflict where nuclear weapons may be used.
  14. 14. Reducing the World’s Largest StockpilesThe United States and Russia still hold 95% of the world’snuclear weapons. Pushing reductions forward in these twocountries lessens the chance of nuclear accidents andopens the door for other nuclear armed states to enter theconversation of reductions.
  15. 15. Preventing New Nuclear StatesPreventing Iran from becoming a nuclear-armed nation androlling back the North Korean nuclear program are criticalelements in our efforts to stop further proliferation of nuclearweapons.
  16. 16. Promoting Stability in Regions with Nuclear WeaponsAddressing the root causes of conflict between India andPakistan could prevent the first ever regional nuclear war.Our work supports conflict prevention in the field and alsoensures the flow of critical information to decision-makers inWashington, DC.
  17. 17. Our Investment Strategy
  18. 18. › We provide venture investments and seed money to new projects with innovative approaches.› We make capacity building grants to institutions proven to shape the nuclear security agenda.› We organize and fund impact campaigns around key policy targets.
  19. 19. Venture InvestmentsBy identifying and funding individuals and organizations withfresh, innovative perspectives and different backgrounds, wehelp new ideas take root and make our community moresuccessful.Notable grants› Funded an award winning advertising campaign by American Values Network, helping win the support of faith voters for the New START treaty.› Gave seed funding to start a national security desk at the Center for Public Integrity
  20. 20. Capacity BuildingBy investing and growing the capacity of established individualsand organizations, we ensure that experts remain committed tonuclear weapons policy from the grassroots to grasstops.Notable grants› Conceived to help existing grantees get more media attention, Rethink Media is now an essential resource for the whole nuclear policy community› Through tireless lobbying efforts, Georgia WAND ensured that their home state Senator supported the New START Treaty, providing a critical Republican vote.
  21. 21. Organize and Fund Impact CampaignsUsing our own expertise and tapping into the networks we havebuilt, we are able to organize campaigns targeted at short-termpolicy goal that will yield long-term payoffs.Notable Achievements andActivities› Ensured passage of the New START treaty› Converted talk of cutting the defense budget into a serious discussion of cuts to the nuclear complex.
  22. 22. Each investment strategy feeds into the other andmultiplies all of our efforts, maximizing our ability toachieve our three primary goals. Venture Investments Capacity Building Organize and Fund Campaigns
  23. 23. Our VisionA world that never seesanother nuclear detonationby accident or design.
  24. 24. To learn more:ploughshares.org