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Information Culture: Week 6: Design

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Design rules

  1. 1. Rules for Designing an Effective Banner Ad
  2. 2. 1) Know where the banner ad is going to be displayed.• Look at the site and notice how many other ads are posted, and what they look like.• Notice if other ads blend in with the page or stand out.• Take note of what sections of the website the ads are placed and where they are placed on the page.• If you are placing ads with a display network, check out some websites where the ads may appear based on your keywords.
  3. 3. 2) Write great copy• The headline holds 80% of the web banner’s success. Spend most of the copywriting budget to develop compelling headlines.• Answer the “What?” “Why?” and “How?”. The banner will get a high CTR if the viewer knows what you offering, why you are offering it and how to get it.• Include a call to action. Let the viewer know why they should click on the ad.• Use “Free”, “New” or “Sale” if they apply. These words get the strongest response. But check with your publisher- some do not allow use of the word “free”.
  4. 4. 3) Add quality, convincing graphics• Don’t just choose a graphic that looks nice. Choose a graphic that provides information, such as a photo of your product, or a photo that resembles your service or your target audience.• Choose a graphic that the target audience will notice and act upon. Think back to where your ad is being displayed to help with this.• Use pictures of attractive people looking at the camera.• If it can apply, use pictures of cute animals.
  5. 5. 4) Use appropriate fonts and colors• Think about the style of your ad. Is there poor contrast? Are the letters blurry, too small or too big?• Keep in mind that different colors mean different things to different cultures. Again, think of who your audience is.• Remember where your ad is being posted and make sure your ad is not distracting, or blends in too well.• Show your ad to others to get their opinion.• Use the “grandma” rule: If your grandma can’t read the ad, then change the fonts or colors.
  6. 6. 5) Follow the publisher’s rules• Include a frame. Not only will your ad attract more attention, but most sites require a 1 pixel dark border.• Check your publisher’s requirements. Confirm file size and format limitations and animation or video restrictions.
  7. 7. 6) Create interaction• Funny is the best way to get a response rate.• Include some kind of interaction, such as a game or activity in the ad.• Be memorable, yet informative.
  8. 8. Resources• 10 Principles of Effective Advertising – advertising• How to Design a Proper Banner – one-that-actually-works• The Forgotten Art of Banner Ads – r_ad.html