Domainex Lead Builder Press Release


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Domainex Lead Builder Press Release

  1. 1. Press Release Domainex announces the release of its latest generation LeadBuilder virtual screening platform. Cambridge, UK, 29 October 2009. Domainex Ltd has released the next generation of its LeadBuilder virtual screening technology. LeadBuilder is the proprietary lead generation platform developed by Domainex to provide unusually rapid and cost-effective access to high-quality small-molecule drug leads, particularly against novel or difficult target proteins. As such, it is well-suited to the needs of both university groups engaged in Translational Research and to emerging biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. LeadBuilder employs proprietary search methods to interrogate a vast database of commercially-available compounds with target-specific queries. These queries are defined by using protein or ligand derived information - or ideally by combining knowledge from both of these sources. The latest enhancements to LeadBuilder include an expanded database of over six million commercial compounds, and the incorporation of a number of software upgrades. Compounds which Domainex selects using LeadBuilder are purchased and tested in biochemical assays to give hit rates which are typically between 1-10%: i.e. three orders of magnitude better than random, high-throughput screening (HTS). Critically, in contrast to HTS, LeadBuilder compounds make “ideal” screening hits, as they are rich in pharmacophoric features and possess favourable molecular properties combined with predictions of excellent ADME and toxicity profiles.
  2. 2. Dr Trevor Perrior, Research Director of Domainex, commented: “It is generally agreed that one of the most influential factors in determining whether or not a drug research project will be successful is the quality of the starting point, which is usually a screening hit. By using LeadBuilder, we can make high- quality hits available to everyone without them needing to make an investment in the time and expense of high-throughput screening. The latest generation LeadBuilder has been successfully validated on several targets - both for clients such as Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and for Domainex’s internal pipeline - and we look forward to working with this powerful technology on our customers’ drug discovery projects”. - ENDS - Editors Notes: About Domainex • Domainex uses unique and proprietary technologies to resolve common bottlenecks facing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the post-genomic era. Major discovery 'gaps' exist between the vast amount of genomic information that is now available, the accessibility of the corresponding proteins for use in target validation and drug discovery, and the identification of robust hits in a cost effective manner. Founded in 2002, Domainex is a privately owned company with laboratories in Cambridge, England, and offices in the London Bioscience Innovation Centre. • Domainex has developed a number of platform technologies specifically aimed at enabling biotech or university groups who have exciting new drug targets. Its Combinatorial Domain Hunting (CDH) technology will deliver protein constructs that are soluble, stable, and produced in high-yield - thereby opening up the path to high throughput screening, structural biology, or antibody production. Domainex has also developed LeadBuilder - a virtual screening approach for targets which is specifically aimed at identifying hit molecules that are ideally suited for further development. The experienced medicinal chemistry team has a proven track record in supporting biotech or university groups by providing expertise to take hit compounds through lead optimisation and on to candidate selection. Several compounds arising from these collaborations are currently in clinical evaluation. • Domainex works with clients on a fee-for-service basis. In 2008, the company secured investment to establish its own internal drug discovery pipeline based upon a number of targets in oncology. These targets are being progressed using Domainex’s platform technologies. • For more information see: . 2
  3. 3. For further information, please contact: Dr Eddy Littler +44 (0) 1223 433186 CEO Domainex Tristan Jervis +44 (0) 207 861 3838 De Facto Communications E-mail : 3