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4 Short Films Rivaling
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4 Short Films Rivaling


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  • 1. Fight- Lewis Metcalfe Representation: This short film is a representation of British youth and how they have little options in life and so everything leads to violence, some of the characters are represented as trying to fit into a social group, where as the main character is shown being dragged into that social group of fighting. In the end, despite carrying a knife, the main character throws it away and turns his back and leaves. This is representing that violence should not always be the way. Institution: Fight is a British based short film set on location in North West England. Values: Lots of different non-diagetic sounds are used such as music and diagetic sounds also such as crowds cheering. Different camera techniques are used which focus on different characters. These are all used to attract the audience. Audience: The target audience for this film is young boys who are facing hard decisions about violence and what they should do. Language: There is little talking in this film and the main character is often shown on his own and wearing black, this connotes that he is lonely. The rest of the film is very dull with little colour, this further connotes a dull place in which the youths are living in. Ideology: The writer and director, Lewis Metacalfe, is trying to show how curious teens can be swayed into making decisions by violence. He wants to show that you can walk away from violence.
  • 2. Narrative: The film gets the message across very clearly as it has the structure of an easy to follow beginning, middle and end. The story is easy to follow with it ending with the boy walking away from trouble. This is very effective. Genre: The genre of this film is drama, youth and violence. Fence- Matthew Murdoch Representation: This short film is a representation of how children can have a hard time at a school which they have no friends at. The main boys father does not show any sympathy showing how parent cultures are different to youth. Institution: Fence is a British film set on location set in the South West of England. The film was produced by an independent film maker Matthew Murdoch. Values There is little dialogue used in this film by the main little boy. He is silent which shows this loneliness. There are sounds of the other school children playing together and the adults telling him what to do. Audience This film can be aimed at most age groups. Youngsters can be shown it so they can see different options they have and older people can view it to see views from a childs perspective.
  • 3. Language The film is set on location and is filmed in what looks to be a very isolated place. This connotes the child being isolated. Ideology The film is showing what reactions youngsters may take when conforming to pressures of a new environment. Narrative The narrative follows a simple structure showing how the boy is told what to do by his dad, then by his teacher and then makes a decision on his own which goes against the normality in the environment. Genre The genre of this film is drama.
  • 4. The Ends- Justin Edgar Representation- This short film represents British youth culture in London and how violence is a big problem in today’s society. Institution- This film was shot on location in South- East London and was created by an independent film maker Justin Edgar. Values- There is a lot of dialogue used in this film which tells there story, the dialogue lets the audience know the different backgrounds behind the characters which is very effective as the audience can feel like they know a bit more about the situation. Audience- This film is aimed at British youths who may think about carrying weapons with them when they go out. It is trying to make the audience aware of the circumstances that could happen. Language- The real location is used which provides realism in the film. The costumes used are also stereotypical of today’s knife culture and so therefore creates further realism. Ideology- The ideology of this film is to get across to young people to encourage them not to carry knives or guns because of the devastation that they bring. Genre- the genre of this film is drama because it is based upon very important matters in today’s society and reflects a very realist story and picture.
  • 5. School of Life- Jake Polonsky Representation- this film represents a young British male who struggles at school due to only having one friend. The film represents the difficulties that the boy undergoes and represents him as someone who just wants to do the right thing and try and stick up for himself along the way. Institution- This film was produced by an independent film maker Jake Polonsky and was filmed in London. Values- Dialogue is used in the play which helps the story come across well. Different camera techniques are also used which help show what the characters are thinking going by their reactions. Audience- This film is aimed at young males who go to a school where they may be bullied. Language- The film is set in a real school which immediately shows realism. The costumes are all school uniform, this represents that everyone three is equal, however the bully is dressed looking rough with top button undone, where as the main character is looking well presented. Ideology- The film maker in this video is trying to portray the ideas that you should stick up for yourself in school, even if the teachers shut the door in your face and refuse to help. Narrative- the film is very simple with a clear beginning and ending. The easy to follow to structure is good as it keeps it easy for the young audience and so they can relate easier and will not become bored. Genre- The genre of this film is drama, it is an important genre as the film covers bullying and being neglected and I believe that this has all been shown very well.