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Unece baer presentation at eco meeting   teheran
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Unece baer presentation at eco meeting teheran






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    Unece baer presentation at eco meeting   teheran Unece baer presentation at eco meeting teheran Presentation Transcript

    • Official Statistical Information - A key source for monitoring development and allocation of resources Presentation at the 1 st Meeting of ECO Heads of NSOs Teheran, Iran, 28 January 2008 Petteri Baer, Regional Adviser, UNECE
    • The importance of good statistical information (1)
      • Attracting investments, doing good business, developing economic activities needs evidence based decision making – reliable official statistics is a basic source for this
      • Economic and social development should continuously be monitored. Without reliable statistical information about the past and present, no real analysis of the situation, and no inference for future developments, can be made
    • The importance of good statistical information (2)
      • How can resources be allocated if basic information on economic development, prices or population is based on guesses or (too) old information?
      • If the denominators of Gross Domestic Product, the population or other basic indicators are wrong, indicators may be misleading, especially when compared across countries
    • Statistical capacity is a combination of…
      • A specific institutional framework for the national system of official statistics and the main producer, the National Statistical Office, based on a law that is based on the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics
      • Know-how of staff in the field of producing, processing and dissemination of statistical information in the various subject areas of official statistics (a variety of complex scientific, professional and managerial tasks)
      • Adequate ICT resources
    • Trust and reliability
      • Official Statistics are reliable and trusted only if:
        • Disseminated publicly in time and available to all users
        • Based on internationally accepted norms and recommendations
        • Methodology is transparent
        • Respondents in surveys trust the pledge of confidentiality and exclusive use for statistics
        • Accessibility for all users is ensured through a range of electronic and other products
        • Users trust the producer to be free from interference
    • UNECE activities are targeted on key development issues (1)
      • Support for developing the “Know-How” of the preparations of the 2010 Round Population and Housing Censuses, in Central Asia (CA)
        • Training Workshops in 2006-2007
        • Advisory Services in 2008
    • UNECE activities are targeted on key development issues (2)
      • Assisting in having a better understanding of Non-Observed Economy
        • Training Workshops in 2007-2008
        • Advisory Services in 2007-2008
        • UNECE and OECD manuals available
      • Getting hold of international Migration Flows by developing statistical methodologies
        • Census preparations
        • Meetings and Workshops
        • Working out best practices for statistics
    • New statistical development issues coming up in CA  2012
      • Dissemination of statistical information to different user groups in the society
        • Making efficient use of the results of Censuses
        • Enlarging the sphere of users of statistical information
      • Developing statistical information on Short-Term Statistics
      • Developing statistical information on international Migration
      • Strengthening the overall capacity of National Statistical Offices
    • Coordination of the support to statistical capacity building are needed Donors Countries
      • Plan for funding of donor activities
      • Criteria for choosing special countries
      • Long strategic plan for development of the National Statistical System
      • Favourable relationship with particular IOs
      Coordination Activities
    • UNECE performed in 2006-2007 a Donor Survey on 6 countries
      • Donor activities in the field of statistics in the following Central Asian countries were surveyed
        • Azerbaijan
        • Kazakhstan
        • Kyrgyzstan
        • Tajikistan
        • Turkmenistan and
        • Uzbekistan
    • Main outcome of the UNECE survey (1): Three donors provided almost ¾ of the funding in 6 CA countries (2005) *Others = ILO (EUR 0.04 million) and Statistics Austria (EUR 0.02 million) Total amount of funding: EUR 7.5 million 3.1 1.6 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 SIAP (0.2) EC World Bank SIDA FMCD DFID Others* (0.06) UNDP
    • Main outcome of the UNECE Survey (2): More than 10 organisations involved in implementation (2005) 1) Others= British Council, DFID, IDA, Oxford Policy Management, Southampton University, Statistics Austria UNDP 11 10 5 5 3 2 2 1 1 6 FSO Germany ICON Institute GTZ UNICEF Statistics Sweden TFSCB ILO SIAP Others 1)
    • Main outcome of the UNECE Survey (3): Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were main targets in the year 2005 1) Not included are: Tracking Human Development (UNDP), Rural Education (World Bank), Training Course in Collection and Analysis (SIAP), TACIS Seminar for higher manager (Statistics Austria) Number of projects in each country in 2005 20 11 9 9 4 Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan 450,000 489,000 1,137,200 2,469,090 2,868,300 Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Magnitude of the activities 1) in the countries in 2005 (in EUR)
    • New activities providing a good basis for coordination of support
      • UNECE will perform a new Survey in 2008
      • UNECE also participates actively in a CCSA Task Team on building a Global Reporting system on Support for Statistical Capacity Building with PARIS21 and others
    • Support also needed from national policy makers
      • Keep in mind that official statistics is a way to describe a complex reality in a condensed and quantitative form
      • Do not shoot (or punish) the messenger, if you do not like the reality!
    • Statistics is an issue for us all
      • With good statistical information into evidence-based decision structures!
      • Thank you for your attention!
      • [email_address]