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Market-leading automatic content discovery through contextual and behavioral recommendations. Real-time page and consumer purchase preference analysis with a variety of taxonomies up to 100k+ categories.

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Leiki Focus Overview

  1. 1. Leiki Focus Driving User Centric Services
  2. 2. 2 It’s automatic discovery of the most relevant content without searching for it! What is Leiki? What makes it unique? Detail and accuracy of automatic recommendations. Truly individual real- time personalization. Works across sites and content types: Articles, Videos, Forums, Products, Classifieds.. Without ever visiting the site before!
  3. 3. 3 Leiki Smart Services Triple the traffic to product content Reduce bounce by making the front page personal Analyze and Tag content consistently Drive traffic across sites Integrate personal interest profiles to CRM Natural language search: no need to find the right words
  4. 4. 4 Benefits of Leiki Services More traffic and revenue Double the session length and reduce bounce rate. Users easily discover new sections and service. More loyalty More pleasant and personal use experience will get the users to return. New revenue sources The valuable user profile database can be integrated with CRM systems for consumer interest analysis and marketing. Unify Silos to unleash Synergies Users find what they are looking for on your site – no need for them to leave your site and go to search engines. Less work repeated, money saved and resources better spent.
  5. 5. 5 Leiki serves a broad field of customers Publishers & Broadcasters Double the traffic to a newspaper. Triple the traffic to product content. Retailers Pre-Target product advertising and use online purchase intent in CRM. Public Sector Combine and tag document archives and find public information easily. Advertising Target dynamic ads, analyze context and track purchase intent.
  6. 6. 6 Leiki for Publishers & Broadcasters How Publishers & Broadcasters use Leiki services? • Link content across sites. • Personalize their content offering to each visitor. • Recommend video content automatically. • Profile their content for advertising and CRM. Benefits to Publishers & Broadcasters: • Increased usage of all properties. • More traffic to Premium Content. • New advertising income. • Get to know readers unlike ever before.
  7. 7. 7 Screenshot translated from Finnish to English. Results with our Publisher & Broadcaster customers Publishing group uses Leiki widgets across sites; traffic to a regional newspaper doubles. Broadcaster uses Leiki personalized widget on front page; widget gets highest CTR of 5%. Publisher promotes product catalog with SmartBanner; revenue triples. Customer case: National Broadcaster Broadcaster front page shows personal content recommendations of articles, videos, blogs etc. On article pages contextual recommendations are shown. Personal interests are automatically analyzed in real time from visitor’s clicks on all broadcaster sites. The Leiki widget has a high click- through rate. -Maria Hausen, Executive Producer at YLE YLE is the national broadcasting company in Finland.
  8. 8. 8 Leiki for Retailers How Retailers use Leiki services? • Target content and product promotions. • Create dynamic product banner ads automatically. • Direct traffic to personally relevant products. • Create an immersive retail experience. • Use purchase intent in CRM also for offline campaigns. Benefits to our customers in Retail: • More clicks and more purchases. • Products are targeted based on context and consumer interest. • Entire product inventory - also long tail - is utilized. • More efficient marketing of durable goods from online purchase intent – also for offline channels!
  9. 9. 9 User reads an article on wild mushroom hunting on customer magazine. This updates the personal interest profile. On the first visit to department store site, the front page recommends products matching the user profile, such as a GPS navigator. Kesko is a leading multi-sector retailer in Northern Europe, operating in the food, building, car and machinery trades. Turnover 9 B€. Screenshots translated from Finnish to English. Results with our Retail customers Retail group personalizes selection of groceries, durable goods and articles across sites; excellent user satisfaction and up to 10% CTRs. Retailer targets durable goods marketing with Leiki’s detailed purchase intent profiles; gains huge advantage over competitors using only purchase histories. Customer case: Multi-sector Retail Group Contextual recommendations on the article page.
  10. 10. 10 Leiki for Advertising How Ad Systems use Leiki services? • Create dynamic display ads automatically. • Target advertising based on context and consumer interests. • Profile content with IAB, brand safety, custom taxonomies or Leiki’s most detailed ontology. • Collect and track purchase interest profiles. Benefits to Advertising: • Higher conversion rates. • The most advanced ad targeting on the market. • Access to most detailed consumer interest profiles. • Monetizing the long-tail of ad inventories.
  11. 11. 11 Results with our Advertising customers SmartBanner recommends products on a news site and increases CTR five times. SmarBanner on a news site triples advertiser revenue over standard banner. Leiki Focus automatically links ads and products to relevant articles on media sites. User reads an article about fishing with a canoe. Leiki Focus automatically selects most relevant products for the banner ad – here a fishing kayak and a paddle. This way the users can directly buy the relevant products without ever having visited the web shop. Intermedia Outdoors is a premier outdoor-oriented US media group. Customer case: Automatic product targeting
  12. 12. 12 Leiki for Public Sector How does the Public Sector use Leiki services? • Analyze and link public documents and scattered information sources with no effort via automatic scraping. • Offer easy access for relevant information to citizens and the public sector staff. Benefits to the Public Sector and the public: • Find information on the same subject from different websites in one place and via single search. • Less work repeated = money saved and resources better spent.
  13. 13. 13 Public Sector Case: Information service for municipalities Leiki integrated articles and documents of all 320 municipalities and ministries for the Observer service for the Ministry of Environment in Finland. In the Observer people can find what’s happening around their home on topics of interest. We also offer a widget for all government sites that show related documents and articles across organizations.
  14. 14. 14 Our customers love Leiki We are currently serving billions of recommendations per month!
  15. 15. 15 Try the Leiki demos! Leiki SurfBoard collects personally interesting articles, blogs, videos and products based on your interests, learning more about what you like the more you use it. Try it at leiki.com/surfboard Semantic Analysis demo Enter free text or URL of any web page. We profile your input and display recommendations for related products, news articles and videos. Try it at leiki.com/urldemo
  16. 16. 16 Vision Make content discovery effortless and fun. Mission Grow revenues by driving the most valuable content to the right users. Augment content owners’ strategic vision with our technological edge. Company Provides a software as a service solution for automatic content discovery. Profitable since 2009 Customers Major publishers, retailers and public sector organizations. Product Leiki Focus has the most accurate real-time analysis of content and user interests. Uniquely able to pre-target products to people who have never visited the site the content is on. Based on a semantic software engine with an ontology of 100k+ interconnected topics – continuously developed since 2000. Offices Helsinki and Silicon Valley Awards Leiki.com Media Innovation of the Year Award Winner of ‘Most Innovative Technology’
  17. 17. 17 Contact us Leiki Europe Helsinki HQ Petrus Pennanen CEO +358 40 5020355 petrus.pennanen@leiki.com Leiki Americas San Mateo, CA Jari Kokkonen VP Bus. Dev. +358 50 4322356 jari.kokkonen@leiki.com Jan Bechstein Sales Manager, Central Europe +358 40 536 28 39 jan.bechstein@leiki.com Roy McDonald President Leiki NA +1 650 867 6262 roy@leiki.com