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Abbreviations geology

  1. 1. Abbreviations Geology.xls LITHOLOGY DESCRIPTION ABBREVIATIONS WORD ABBREVIATION WORD ABBREVIATION A above ab B continued bioturbated bioturb absent abs birdseye Bdeye abundant abd bitumen ( -inous) Bit, bit acicular acic black (-ish) blk, blksh after aft blade (-ed) Bld; bld agglomerate Aglm blocky blky aggregate Agg blue (-ish) bl, blsh algae, algal Alg, alg bored (-ing) Bor; bor allochem Allo botryoid (-al) Bot, bot altered alt bottom Btm alternaiting altg boudinage boudg amber amb boulder Bld ammonite Amm boundstone Bdst amorphous amor brachiopod Brach amount amt brackish brak amphipora Amph branching brhg and & break Brk, brk angular ang breccia (-ted) Brec, brec anhedral ahd brighter brt anhydrite (-ic) Anhy; anhy brittle brit anthracite Anthr brown brn aphanitic aph bryozoa Bry apparent apr bubble Bubl appears ap buff bu approximate apprx bulbous bulb aragonite Arag burrow (-ed) Bur, bur arenaceous aren C argillaceous arg calcarenite Clcar argillite argl calcareous calc arkose (-ic) Ark, ark calcilutite Clclt as above a.a. calcirudite Clcrd asphalt (-ic) Asph, asph calcisilitite Clslt assemblage Assem calcisphaera Casph associated assoc calcisphere Clcsp at @ calcite (-ic) Calc, calctc authigenic authg caliche cche average Av, av carbonaceous carb B carbonate crbnt band (-ed) Bnd, bnd carbonized cb barite (-ic) bar cavern (-ous) Cav; cav basait (-ic) Bas, bas caving Cvg basement Bm cement (-ed, -ing) Cmt, cmt become (-ing) bcm center cntr bed (-ed) Bd, bd center (-ed) cntr bedding Bdg cephalopod Ceph belemnites Belm chaetetes Chaet bentonite (-ic) Bent, bent chalcedony (-ic) Chal, chal bioclastic blocl chalk (-y) Chk, chky bioherm (-al) Bioh, bioh charophyte Char biomicrite Biomi chert (-y) Cht, cht biosparite Biosp chitin (-ous) Chit, chit biostrom (-al) Biost, biost chitinozoa Chtz biotite Biot chlorite (-ic) Chlor, chlorAbbreviations Geology.xls 1 of 6
  2. 2. Abbreviations Geology.xls WORD ABBREVIATION WORD ABBREVIATION C continued chocolate choc D continued depauperate depau circulate (-ion) circ, Circ description Descr clastic clas desiccation dess clay (-ey) Cl, cl detrital detr claystone Clst devitrified devit clean cln diabase Db clear clr diagenesis (-etic) Diagn, diagn cleavage Clvg diameter Dia cluster Clus disseminated dissem coal c distillate Dist coarse crs ditto " or do coated (-ing) cotd, cotg, Cotg dolomite (-ic) Dol, dol coated grains cotd gn dolostone dolst cobble Cbl dominant (-ly) dom colonial coln drill stem test DST color Col, col drilling drlg common com drusy compact cpct E compare cf earthy ea concentric cncn east E conchoidal conch echinoid Ech concretion (-ary) Conc, conc elevation Elev conglomerate (-ic) Cgl, cgl elongate elong conodont Cono embedded embd conquina Coq andothyra Endo conquina (-oid) coqid equant eqnt considerable cons equivalent Equiv consolidated consol euhedral euhd conspicuous conspic euryamphipora Euryamph contact Ctc euxinic eux contamination (-ed) Contam, contam evaporite (-itic) Evap, evap content Cont excellent ex contorted cntrt exposed exp coral, coralline Cor, corln extraclast (-ic) Exclas, exclas core c extremely extr covered cov extrusive exv cream crm F crenulated cren facet (-ed) Fac, fac crinkled crnk faint fnt crinoid (-al) Crin, crinal fair fr cross x fault (-ed) Flt; flt cross-bedded x-bd fauna Fau cross-laminated x-lam favosites Fvst cross-stratified x-strat feet Ft crumpled crpxln feldspar (-athic) Fspr, fspr crystal (-line) Xl, xln fenestra (-al) Fen, fen crystocrystalline crpxln ferro-magnesian Fe-mag cube, cubic Cub,cub ferruginous ferr cuttings Ctgs fibrous fibr cypridopsis Cyp fill (-ed) fld D fine (-ly) f, fnly dark (-er) dk, dkr fissle fis dead dd flaggy flg debris Deb flake, flaky Flk, flk decrease (-ing) Decr, decr flat fl dendrite (-ic) dend flesh fls dense dns floating fltgAbbreviations Geology.xls 2 of 6
  3. 3. Abbreviations Geology.xls WORD ABBREVIATION WORD ABBREVIATION F continued flora Flo H continued heterostegina Het fluorescence (-ent) Fluor, fluor hexagonal hex foliated fol high (-ly) hi foot Ft homogeneous hom foraminifer Foram horizontal hor foraminiferal foram hornblende hornbd formation Fm hydrocarbon Hydc fossil (-iferous) Foss, foss I fracture (-d) Frac, frac igneous rock Ig, ig fragment (-al) Frag, frag imbedded imbd framework frmwk impression Imp frequent freq in part I.P. fresh frs inch In friable fri inclusion (-ded) Incl, incl fringe (-ing) Frg, frg increasing incr frosted fros indistinct indst frosted quartz F.Q.G. indurated ind fucoid (-al) Fuc, fuc inoceramus Inoc fusulinid Fus insoluble insl G interbedded intbd gabbro Gab intercalated intercal galeolaria Gal intercrystalline intxln gas G interfragmental intfrag gastropod Gast intergranular intgran generally gen intergrown intgn geopetal gept interlaminated intrlam gilsonite Gil interparticle intpar girvanella Girv interpretation intpt glass (-y) Glas, glas interstices Inst, intsti glauconite (-itic) Glauc, glauc interval Intvl globigerina (-inal) Glob, glob intraclast (-ic) Intclas, intclas gloss (-y) Glos, glos intraparticle intrapar gneiss (-ic) Gns, gns intrusive Intr, intr good gd invertebrate Invtb grading grad iridescent irid grain (-s,-ed) Gr, gr ironstone Fe-st grainstone Grst irregular (-ly) irr granite Grt isopachous iso granite wash G.W. ivanovia Ivan granule (-ar) Gran, gran J grapestone grapst jasper Jasp graptolite Grap joint (-ed, -ing) Jt, jt gravel Grv K gray, grey (-ish) gry, grysh kaolin (-itic) Kao, kao graywacke Gwke L greasy gsy lacustrine lac green (-ish) gn, gnsh lamina (-itions, -ated) Lam, lam grit (-ty) Gt, gt large lge gypsum (-iferous) Gyp, gyp laterite (-itic) Lat, lat H lavender lav hackly hkl layer Lyr halite (-iferous) Hal, hal leached lchd hard hd lens, lenticular Len, lent heavy hvy lentil (-cular) len hematite Hem, hem light lt hematite (-ic) Hem, hem lignite (-itic) Lig, lig heterogeneous hetr limestone LsAbbreviations Geology.xls 3 of 6
  4. 4. Abbreviations Geology.xls WORD ABBREVIATION WORD ABBREVIATION L continued limonite (-itic) Lim, lim N limy lmy nacreous nac lithic lit no sample n.s. lithographic lithgr no show n/s lithology (-ic) Lith, lith no visible porosity n.v.p. little Ltl nodules (-ar) Nod, nod littoral litt north N local loc novaculite Novac long lg numerous num loose lse O lower l occasional occ lumpy lmpy ochre och lustre Lstr odor od lutite Lut oil O M oil source rock OSR macrofossil Macrofos olive olv magnetite, magnetic Mag, mag olivine olvn manganese Mn, mn oncolite (-oidal) Onc, onc marble Mbl ooid (-al) Oo, oo marine marn oolicast (-ic) Ooc, ooc marl (-y) Mrl, mrl oolite (-itic) Ool, ool marlstone Mrlst oomold (-ic) Oomol, oomol maroon mar opaque op massive mass orange (-ish) or, orsh material Mat orbitoline Orbit matrix Mtrx organic org maximum max orthoclase Orth medium m or med. orthoquartzite O-Qtz member Mbr ostracod Ostr meniscus men overgrowth ovgth metamorphic (-osed) meta, metaph oxidized ox metamorphic rock Meta oyster Oyst metasomatic msm P mica (-iceous) Mic, mic packstone pkst micrite (-ic) Micr, micr paper (-y) Pap, pap micro mic paraparchites Para micro-oolite Microol part (-ly) Pt, pt microcrystalline microxln particle Par, par microfossil microfos parting Ptg micrograined micgr parts per million PPM micropore (-osity) micropor patch (-y) Pch, pch microstylolite Microstyl pearly prly middle Mid pebble (-ly) Pbl, pbl miliolid Milid pelecypod Pelec milky mky pellet (-al) Pel, pel mineral (-ized) Min, min pelletoid (-al) Peld, peld minor mnr pendular (-ous) Pend, pend minute mnut pentamerus Pent moderate mod permeability (-able) Perm, k, perm mold (-ic) Mol, mol petroleum Pet, pet mollusc Moll phlogopite Phlog mosaic mos phosphate (-atic) Phos, phos mottled mott phreatic phr mud (-dy) md, mdy phyllite, phyllitic Phyl, phyl mudstone Mdst pin-point (porosity) p.p. muscovite Musc pink pk pinkish pkishAbbreviations Geology.xls 4 of 6
  5. 5. Abbreviations Geology.xls WORD ABBREVIATION WORD ABBREVIATION P continued pisoid (-al) Piso, piso S pisolite, pisolitic Pisol, pisol saccharoidal sacc pitted pit salt (-y) Sa, sa plagioclase Plag salt and pepper s&p plant Plt salt cast (-ic) sa-c plastic plas salt water S.W. platy plty same as above a.a. polish, polished Pol, pol sample Spl pollen Poln sand (-y) Sd, sdy polygonal poly sandstone Sst poor (-ly) p saturation (-ated) Sat, sat porcelaneous porcel scales sc porosity, porous Por, por scaphopod Scaph porous (-sity) por scarce scs porphyry prphy scattered scat possible (-ly) poss schist (-ose) Sch, sch predominant (-ly) pred scolecodont Scol preserved pres secondary sec primary prim sediment (-ary) Sed, sed prism (-atic) pris selenite Sel probable (-ly) prob septate sept production Prod shadow shad prominent prom shale (-ly) Sh, sh pseudo oolite (-ic) Psool, psool shell Shl pseudo- Psool, psool shelter porosity Shlt por pumice-stone Pst show shw purple purp siderlite (-itic) Sid, sid pyrite (-itized, -itic) Pyr, pry sidewall core S.W.C. pyrobitumen Pybit silica (-iceous) Sil, sil pyroclastic pyrcl silky slky pyroxene pyrxn silt (-y) Slt, slty Q siltstone Sltst quartz (-ose) Qtz, qtz similar sim quartzite (-ic) Qtzt, qtzt size sz R skeletal skel radial (-ating) Rad, rad slabby slb radiaxial Radax slate (-y) Sl, sl range rng slickenside (-d) Slick, slick rare r slight (-ly) sli, slily recemented recem small sml recovery (-ered) Rec, rec smooth sm recrystallized rexlzd soft sft red (-ish) rd, rdsh solenopora Solen reef (-oid) Rf, rf solitary sol remains Rem solution, soluble Sol, sol renalcis Ren somewhat smwt replaced (-ment) rep, Repl sorted (-ing) srt, srtg residue (-ual) Res, res south S resinous rsns spar (-ry) Spr, spr rhomb (-ic) Rhb, rhb sparse (-ly) sps, spsly ripple Rpl speck (-led) Spk, spkld rndd, frosted, pitted r.f.p. sphaerocodium Sphaer rock Rk sphalerite Sphal round (-ed) rnd, rndd spherule (-itic) Spher, spher rubble (-bly) Rbl, rbl spicule Spic, spic rudist Rud splintery Splin rugose rug sponge SpgAbbreviations Geology.xls 5 of 6
  6. 6. Abbreviations Geology.xls WORD ABBREVIATION WORD ABBREVIATION S continued spore Spo U continued uniform uni spotted (-y) sptd, spty upper u stachyode Stach V stain (-ed, -ing) Stn, stn vadose Vad, vad stalactitic stal variation (-able) Var, var strata (-ified) Strat, strat varicolored varic streak (-ed) Strk, strk variegated vgt streaming stmg varved vrvd striae (-ted) Stri, stri vein (-ing, -ed) Vn, vn stringer strgr veinlet Vnlet stromatolite Stromlt, stromlt vermillon verm stromatoporoud Strom vertebrate vrtb structure Str vertical vert styliolina Stylio very v stylolite (-itic) Styl, styl very poor sample V.P.S. sub sb vesicular ves subangular sbang violet vi sublithic sblit visible vis subrounded sbrndd vitreous (-ified) vit sucrosic suc volatile volat sugary sug volcanic rock Volc, volc sulphur, sulphurous Su, su vug (-gy) Vug, vug superficial oolite Spfool, spfool W surface Surf wackstone Wkst syntaxial syn washed residue W.R. syringopora Syring water Wtr T wavy wvy tabular (-ate) tab waxy wxy tan tn weak wk tasmanites Tas weathered wthd tension tns well Wl, wl tentaculites Tent west W terriginous ter white wh texture (-d) Tex, tex with w/ thamnopora Tham without w/o thick thk wood Wd thin thn Y thin section T.S. yellow (-ish) yel, yelsh thin-bedded t.b. Z troughout thru zeolite zeo tight ti zircon zr top Tp zone zn tough tgh trace Tr translucent trnsl transparent trnsp trilobite Tril tripoli (-itic) Trip, trip tube (-ular) Tub, tub tuff (-aceous) Tf, tf type (-ical) Typ, typ U unconformity Unconf unconsolidated uncons underclay Uc underlying undly unidentifiable unidentAbbreviations Geology.xls 6 of 6