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Mobile Devices Materials

  1. 1. Instructions for Creating Activities Using Mobile DevicesPolleverywhere.comInstructions for the teacher:1) Go to www.polleverywhere.com2) Click on “Sign up” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and register for the site. Thisallows you to save your polls and view the responses.3) Once you are logged in, click on “create new poll” in the upper left hand corner.4) Type in a question and then click on the graph icon at the end of the text box.5) If you want to ask a multiple choice question, click on “convert to multiple choice”, type inyour options and click “continue”.6) To run your poll, click on “my polls” on the left hand side and then the link to your pollquestion.7) Have students text in their answers.QR CodesInstructions for the teacher:1) To create a QR Voice Code go to the following website: http://qrvoice.net2) Type in your question or message in the text box.3) Select the language.4) Click on the QR picture next to the text box. You’re QR code has been generated.5) To adjust the size of the QR code, drag the blue circle located under the textbox back andforth.6) Copy and paste the QR code onto a Word Document to make an activity (if you have a Mac,you can just drag the code onto the desktop, and then drag the code from the desktop onto a worddocument).To create regular QR codes that take you to a specific URL, use the following website:1) Enter the URL that you want to use.3) Select the size that you want to QR code to be (S, M, L, XL).4) Click generate.5) Copy and paste (or drag) the QR code onto a word document.
  2. 2. Google VoiceInstructions for the teacher:1) First you need to have a gmail account. If you don’t have a gmailaccound then you will needto set one up at Once you have signed into gmail, click on the link <more> at the top of the page, and thenclick on <even more>.3) Scroll down until you see the “voice” link, located under the Home and Office sectionand click on it.4) Next, chose if you want a new number or if you want to use your own number (I recommendchoosing a new number so you don’t have to give out your personal number to your students).5) Enter the area code that you want and then hit search.6) Choose a phone number, hit continue and then choose a pin number that you will use to accessyour voicemails.7) Next you will need to add a forwarding phone number. Enter your phone number (it can beyour cell phone, work phone, home phone, etc.), wait for the call, and then type the 2 digit codeinto your phone. (This is just for setup purposes, you can choose for the Google phone numbercalls not to be forwarded to your phone after set up). Now, your Google phone number is all setup.8) To set up your voicemail question, click on the settings wheel in the upper right hand corner9) Then click on the Voicemail & Text tab.10) Next to where it says “Voicemail greeting”, click on “use phone to record new greeting”.This is where you will record the question or message that you want your students to hear whenthey call you.11) Give it a name, such as “traveling question”. Make sure that where it says Phone to ring, youselect your phone, and not Google Talk.12) GoogleVoice will call your phone, and then you can record your question or message. Nowyour students are ready to call and leave you messages.*To change the forwarding messages so that the calls to your GoogleVoice number are notforwarded to your personal phone, click on the settings wheel in the upper right hand corner.
  3. 3. -Where it says “forward calls to”, uncheck the box next to your phone number and click the boxnext to GoogleChat.*You can find your google phone number on the left hand side of the screen.To listen to your voicemails from Google1) Log into your gmail account, click on <more> at the top of the screen, and then <even more>.Scroll down and click on voice.2) Your inbox will appear. Click on the Play button underneath the phone number to listen to themessage.3) To reply via text message, click on the link that says “text”, and text your response.Instructions for the students:-Call the following phone number (your Googlevoice number).-Listen to the message.-Leave a voicemail responding to the message.PosterousInstructions for the teacher:1) Go to www.posterous.com2) Click on Sign Up in the upper right hand corner.3) Fill in the following information: e-mail address, username, and password4) Fill in the needed information on the second page.5) From your home page, click where it says: Manage Spaces (found on the lower left side of thescreen).
  4. 4. 6) Click on where it says the name of your “space”7) On the right hand side, click where it says: Privacy Control.8) Make the following changes to your privacy settings: -Who can view? Set to *public -Who can post? Set to *Anyone can submit Guest Posts for your approval -Who can comment? Set to *Everyone Making these changes will allow your students to easily e-mail to this account, when the students sends something to be submitted, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox that is linked to the Posterous account. You must approve that post, prior to it being posted to the website. Once you approve it, anyone can view it on your page.9) Have your students e-mail posts to you. Your Posterous e-mail account that they will be e-mailing is: Remember your must check your e-mail to approve posts before they appear on the websites.11) View all posts by selecting Spaces at the top of the screen.
  5. 5. 12) Select your space’s name.13) Click where your site is listed to view the complete list of posts. Mine *Remember, for your posts to appear, you need to approve them through your e-mail address linked to the account.Instructions for the students:1) Tell students the information you want them to look up (i.e. weather, news, definitions, ect)2) Using the e-mail on their mobile device, have them e-mail youraccount ( Have students view their peer’s posts and add comments by going to the following page:yourusername.posterous.comSocrativeInstructions for the teacher:1) Go to: Select: Free! Get started now on the left hand side of the screen.
  6. 6. 3) Enter the following information: e-mail & password. Then select, create account.4) On the next screen, fill in the requested information.5) The next couple screens that you see will walk you through the steps of how Socrative.comworks. Click next until you are past the tutorial (about four screens).6) Once past the tutorials, you will be at your home page, it should look like the following screenshot:7) Select the option for Manage Quizzes, towards the bottom of the page. This is where you willmake a quiz that can later be used to play Space Race.
  7. 7. 8) From the next screen, select create a quiz.9) Give your quiz a name at the top of the scree, then select the type of question you want to use(multiple choice or short answer).10) To make a practice multiple-choice question, select multiple choice.11) You will notice that you now have the choice to write your question, as well as give multiplechoice options for the response. You do not need to use all 5 answer options if you do not needthem.
  8. 8. 12) After you are satisfied with your question, and possible answers, make sure you identify thecorrect answer by clicking the box next to the answer number.13) To add another question, select multiple choice or short answer at the bottom of the screen.14) To add a short answer question, select short answer, and type your question in the spaceprovided.15) To save your quiz, once you are satisfied with the questions you have written, select save atthe bottom of the page. You will then return to the page with information about all the quizzesyou have made. Select, main screen at the top of this page to return to the main screen.
  9. 9. 16) From the main screen, select the option for Space Race. It is located towards the middle ofthe page.17) Select the quiz that you just created. Select the amount of teams you want your class dividedinto. Select auto-assign color. Finally, select next.18) Your screen will look like the following:19) Have students log-in (see student instructions).20) At the end of the activity (once the rockets have moved from the left side of the screen to theright side), select end activity.21) To get the results on your students’ performance, you have the option to have the report e-mailed to you, or downloaded.22) In the future to access your activities, you will go to the following website: t.socrative.comInstructions for the students:1) Tell students to go to the following website using their mobile device: m. socrative.com2) They will need to know your room number, which is found by you logging into your classpage ( It is found at towards the top of the page, this number is unique to you
  10. 10. and your class.3) Once your students enter your room number, they will get a screen that says: Please wait forteacher to start next activity...4) From your teacher web-page ( start the activity.5) Students are requested to fill in their last name, and first name.6) Students then complete the activity, when they are done they will see the following screen:WiffitiInstructions for the teacher:1) Go to www.wiffiti.com2) Click on Sign up in the upper right hand corner.3) Once you are logged in, click on Make a Screen at the top of the page.4) When you are making a screen, you will see 4 steps on the left hand side of the column. Leavestep 1 blank. In step 2, I always uncheck “add twitter messages”. In step 3, you can choose toonly have G rated messages appear on your screen, in step 4, if you want, you can add abackground picture however it’s not necessary.5) In the title area, type in your question. This is what will appear on your published screen.Then click, “Publish Screen”.6) On the next page, answer “no” to the question, “Is this screen installed in a location?” andthen click Publish Screen.7) Now your students are ready to text their answer to wiffiti.
  11. 11. 8) To make the screen larger, hover your mouse over the bottom left hand corner of the screenand then click on the box that appears.Instructions for the students:1) Tell students to read the question and then text their response to the indicated number.2) In the body of the message, first type the code starting with the @ sign, then a space, and thentheir response.
  12. 12. ¡Búsqueda de tesoro!Nombres:________________________________________________________Instrucciones: Escuchar el mensaje del código QR. Ir al lugar que indica el mensaje. Buscar aotras personas que están haciendo las acciones o que hicieron las acciones en cada lugar. Escribirla acción en la pizarra y sacar una foto con la pizarra y la persona que estáhaciendo la acción.Busca a alguien que….Lugar: __________________________________ (1pt) ______está tomando café (1pt) ______ está comprando un postre (2pts) ______ bebió café ayer (3pts) ______ le compra un café a un amigo (4pts)Lugar:____________________________________ (1pt) ______ está leyendo un libro (1pt) ______ está haciendo investigaciones (research) (2pts) ______ está estudiando con un amigo (3pts) ______ estuvo aquí ayer (4pts)Lugar:___________________________________ (1pt) ______ está comiendo desayuno (1pt) ______ le está mandando un mensaje de text a un amigo (2pts) ______ le está contando un cuento a un amigo (3pts) ______ comió un bagel de Einstein’s ayer (4)Lugar:____________________________________ (1pt) ______está haciendo la tarea (1pt) ______está hablando por teléfono (2pts) ______está yendo a clase (3pts) ______está comprando algo de la máquina expendedora (vending machine) (4pts)Lugar:____________________________________ (1pt) ______ está estudiando la química (1pt) ______ está poniendo leche en el café (2pts) ______ está escribiendo un reporte de ciencias (3pts) ______ está comiendo un bagel (4pts)*Once youhavebeentoallfivelocations and havetakenpictures, report back totheclassroom.Youmust be back bythe time classends, orelseyouwill be disqualified.Theteamwiththemostpointsearns a specialprize!Total:____________