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International trade "silk road"
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International trade "silk road"

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  • 1. International Trade Silk RoadPresentation by Petras Zibolis VVEK TAK-10
  • 2. Content What is Silk Road  Renewing the trade Cultural exchange  Present day Nature of the route  Restoration and Development of the tourism route Best years Mongols Decline of the route
  • 3. Silk Road It is a network of interlinking trade routes across the Afro-Eurasia Extending 6,500 km Silk Road gets its name from the lucrative Chinese silk trade
  • 4. Cultural exchange Silk Road spread and intermixed ideas religions and cultures
  • 5. Nature of the route There was no single route All routes started from capital in Changan Many other commodities were also traded
  • 6. Development of the route Policing the route was troublesome Built defensive forts and walls This way spread Christianity
  • 7. Best Silk Roads years Changan developed into biggest and most cosmopolitan city of that time Many foreigners lived in the city
  • 8. Mongols More symphatetic to religion Continued trading along the Silk Road Marco Polo travels
  • 9. Decline of the Route Mongol empire fragmented Black death affected the routes and trades Mercantilism spread from the west
  • 10. Renewing the trade After Mongols Silk Road dissapears Portugese look for a way to renew trade routes This resulted in first maritime trade post Europe China
  • 11. Present day Silk Road is becoming important again due to railways between Euroasia
  • 12. Restoration and tourism Interest in this ancient trade route grows People are inspired by Marco Polo Archaeological excavations have been started