Starting A Web Startup - Informatika Mengajar


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My presentation for public lecture Informatika Mengajar at Informatics Enginering Institut Teknologi Bandung

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Starting A Web Startup - Informatika Mengajar

  1. 1. Starting A WebStarting A WebStartupStartupPetra Novandi BarusChief Technology OfficerUrbanIndo.comKuliah Umum Informatika ITBKuliah Umum Informatika ITB
  2. 2. Who Am IWho Am I● 2005 Graduated from SMAN 8● 2009 Graduated from Informatics Eng. ITB– Activities: OS and Internet programming lecture assistant,table tennis unit, etc.● 2011 Graduated from Master Informatics Eng. ITB● 2011 Recruited as CTO for UrbanIndo.comContact Me:- mail: twitter: @petrabarus
  3. 3. UrbanIndoUrbanIndo● A real-estate marketplace for Indonesia: house, land,apartment, commercial, room.● Board members consist of professionals from SiliconValley: Apple, Google, Yahoo.● Launched November 2011● Got investment from East Ventures 4 months later● Currently listing– 16 thousand registered users– 7 thousand agents– 100 thousand properties● We grow really fast!
  4. 4. UrbanIndo FeaturesUrbanIndo Features● We are not just displaying data.– We help people making decisionabout their dream properties!
  5. 5. Complete property dataComplete property data
  6. 6. SimilarSimilarpropertiesproperties
  7. 7. Price DistributionPrice Distribution
  8. 8. Places NearbyPlaces Nearby
  9. 9. Search Property By Map BrowsingSearch Property By Map Browsing
  10. 10. More cool features fromMore cool features fromUrbanIndoUrbanIndoforforAgents to find the right buyersAgents to find the right buyersandandBuyers to find their dream propertiesBuyers to find their dream properties
  11. 11. How did I joinHow did I joinUrbanIndo?UrbanIndo?(Some story behind)
  12. 12. Why did I JoinWhy did I JoinA StartupA Startup(UrbanIndo)?(UrbanIndo)?
  14. 14. ● I like to learn various of new things!● I can learn about problems peoplehave been facing● I can build my ideas and validatethem fast● I can learn about people● I can meet new people and great people● I can set my limit and see how far I can go
  15. 15. Fun Fact:Informatics 2005 is the major with mostentrepreneurs among class of 2005 ITB
  16. 16. ““Why should I join or startWhy should I join or starta web/tech-startup?”a web/tech-startup?”
  17. 17. Its the right timeIts the right timefor you!for you!
  18. 18. ● The increasing of technology adoption byIndonesian More Market→● The increasing of foreign funds coming toIndonesian industry More Capital→● We need more ideas, more solutions, moreproducts!● Join the hype while it still lasts
  19. 19. ““How do I start my ownHow do I start my ownweb startup?”web startup?”
  20. 20. Have a Cool IdeaHave a Cool IdeaandandSolve Real ProblemSolve Real Problem
  21. 21. How do I find a house?How do I find a housearound a location?Whats good to eat nearthis house I just found?Is there a movie theaternearby the house?How do I found a housearound my budget?How to sell my house?How do I found people who wantto buy my house?How is the pricing trend for this area?Is there another housesimilar to this?Can you notify meIf there is a new houseLike this?Is this area good formy children to spendtheir childhood?Is there a cheaper housethan this?And many more!
  22. 22. Traveling EntertainmentEducation TransportationMusicReal-Estate E-CommerceE-Government Green-TechFashion Social Network
  23. 23. Find A Business PersonFind A Business Person(co-founder)(co-founder)oror…..…..Learn It By YourselfLearn It By YourselfSo Im just assuming you area bunch of technical people( )
  24. 24. Let me share about my friendLet me share about my friend● A story about CEO of Agate Studio– Arief Widhiyasa IF 2005Read more of his story here:
  25. 25. Find A MentorFind A Mentor
  26. 26. ● Find a mentor who had created a startupbefore● What will you get from a mentor?1.Experience2.NetworkDo you know IA-IF ITB hasDo you know IA-IF ITB hasa mentorship program?a mentorship program?
  27. 27. Be LeanBe LeanandandBe AgileBe Agile
  28. 28. Lean And AgileLean And Agile● Large competitors tend to walk slower● You dont have the money to do marketingresearch● Launch fast, iterate quickly, validate ideaoften● Keep asking feedback from your consumer– Positive: optimize and expand– Negative: drop and move on● And expect surprises from your consumer
  29. 29. Build Small Team WithBuild Small Team WithHigh Quality People!High Quality People!Small team moves fastAnd more controllable
  30. 30. Failure Is Okay*Failure Is Okay**As long as you learned something*As long as you learned something
  31. 31. ““How do I start my ownHow do I start my ownweb startupweb startup(technically)?”(technically)?”(Prepare for some technical jargons)
  32. 32. Use The Technology You AreUse The Technology You AreMore Familiar With!More Familiar With!(But now you still have time to learn more!)
  33. 33. Most popular technology usedMost popular technology usedfor newly Web Startupfor newly Web Startup
  34. 34. There are some services that offers freeThere are some services that offers freetrial product hosting for new startupstrial product hosting for new startups● And they are easy to use● You can focus on developing your prototypebefore raising fund.
  35. 35. StackOverflow.comBest place to ask verytechnical/applied questionQuora.comBest place to find technical& conceptual inspirationSmashingMagazine.comBest place to beautiful techfor web developmentHackerNewsBest place to know newcutting edge techDZone.comBest place to learn aboutmore practical stuffs
  36. 36. Have a great idea that solvesHave a great idea that solvespeoples problem?peoples problem?Build your own product!
  37. 37. .. or maybe join existing?We have a lot ofopportunities- Web engineer- Front-end engineer- Mobile app engineer- Data scientist- Summer InternshipSend your resume to