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Efektywna Witualizacja Citrix na macierzach dyskowych NetApp






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  • Forward: This presentation is intended for use by NetApp Direct Sales and Channel Partners, to provide an overview of NetApp’s compelling capabilities in a virtualized server environment. This presentation is intended for delivery to an IT Director-level individual, and is most appropriate for a first meeting on the topic. Note that VMware is the market leader in this area and is referenced in several examples, but this pitch is intended to be applicable for customers who are using/considering either VMware or other virtualization solutions (e.g. Microsoft, Xen, etc.) Speaker notes for this slide : Server virtualization is being widely adopted throughout the industry. Server virtualization places new demands on the storage infrastructure that should be considered early in the design process. NetApp provides storage and data management solutions that uniquely enable effective server virtualization environments, and which further extend the benefits of server virtualization. In this presentation, we’ll review why NetApp is the best storage solution for virtualized server environments.
  • Goal of this slide: Introduce the most efficient chapter. Points:
  • Goal of this slide: Back to the storage pool, what does it look like? Points: Data ONTAP is the foundation of all the virtualization functions and integration, and runs on all the FAS products as well as extending to legacy arrays through the V-Series platform. All of the FAS family leverage the same architecture and can run the same software and management tools, with by far the broadest range of products that can make this claim, again a true differentiator that is very powerful in the virtualized environment. The storage pool can accommodate mission-critical applications along with infrastructure applications, a secondary tier, and also include archiving, all in the same collective pool. Nobody else has such an architecture or can make such a claim.
  • Co-developed with Citrix, the XenServer integrated adaptor enables server administrators to manage NetApp storage directly from the XenCenter console. Our integrated storage adaptor for Citrix XenServer enables your customer’s server administrators to increase productivity by managing common storage functions within the XenCenter console With our solutions, storage is provisioned the instant customers create a new VM. Accelerate Test & Dev or Production from weeks to minutes with instant storage provisioning and cloning of XenServer VMs Protect the XenServer Virtual Infrastructure with automated data protection and recovery of Virtual Machines without impacting application servers
  • Goal of this slide: More detail on the middle layer of the previous slide for the new product SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure. Points: The storage admin sets the policies for others, and is now freed from having to perform many of the functions usually requested by the server/virtual server admin organization. Better yet, the virtual server admins can now perform their own backups, recovery, replication, and DR at will, as long as it is within the context of the set policy.
  • Citrix sees a lot of value in our partnership and has included this winning solution in three other key Citrix product bundles:  Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix Deliver Center and Citrix Cloud Center.    In turn Netapp has created two new NetApp Virtualization Solutions that leverage this special integration: NetApp Storage for Citrix XenServer and NetApp Storage for Citrix XenDesktop.    For a 5 minute overview of this Citrix Ready Solution of the Year please take a look at this XenServer on NetApp Flash Demo.  For more specifics on our Citrix Solutions, please click here.
  • Key Point: PAM enables performance benefits for VDI The Performance Acceleration Module provides a new way to optimize the performance of a storage system and for your VDI. There are demonstrated benefits for workloads that are random read intensive. With this product you can help customers grow cost-effectively without straining their infrastructure.
  • Goal of this slide: Solve the backup and recovery problem identified in the storage challenges. Points: The problem was identified before, where consolidation with virtualization compounds the backup problem so that all the data volumes to be backed up are now resident on a single server (for whatever ratio is implemented, such as 10:1). The server utilization is being unnecessarily taxed to run backups, and may or may not be able to complete within the backup window (most likely not). This also leaves less CPU for the applications, which is really one of the main points for virtualization. So getting background tasks off servers provides more resources for more consolidation focused on application efficiency. Tape is a tedious manual process, where the associated tapes are continually growing (adding to cost and complexity). Recovery is error prone and extremely slow. Tape-based DR is even more complex. Enter NetApp Snapshot with SnapRestore. NetApp has unique value in this area, with industry-leading capabilities that fit exactly in the VMware environment. The backups are run on NetApp storage, and many copies can be made at any time increment in a matter of seconds. These copies are not full copies of data, they are only tracking changes and are very efficient in terms of overall storage capacity. Restores can be done instantaneously from any of the copies. Furthermore, the backups are application aware in that they have been coordinated with the application in a known state and cover the application binaries, the logs, and the application data, which in turn enable the restores to be that much faster as well as return to a known state.
  • Goal of this slide: Show how SnapMirror can be used easily and affordably for all applications, as shown in the storage opportunities. Points: SnapMirror leverages Snapshot and SnapRestore, discussed on the previous slide, and replicates data between sites. Unlike other solutions, SnapMirror is flexible enough and simple enough to use in various ways across all applications in the environment, as opposed to deploying only on the most critical applications. Additionally, the notion of application consistency is afforded through the use of the application-aware Snapshot copies, discussed on the previous slide. In the VMware environment, SnapMirror is integrated with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), which manages the VMs and ESX servers across the sites. Note that VMware does not provide the capability to directly copy virtual servers to a remote location, so VMware recommends using storage-based replication for both virtual servers and data. The NetApp replication solution (SnapMirror) is uniquely simple to deploy and administer. Notes: Neither servers nor storage systems have to be identical. ReplicatorX can extend DR capabilities to non-NetApp storage. Regarding customer quote: Pennsylvania Attorney General used VMware to consolidate 120 servers; used FAS3000 for storage. Case study with details is available on netapp.com at http://www.netapp.com/library/cs/penn-office-attorney.pdf?xCountry=US&xLanguage=EN
  • Goal of this slide: Show how NetApp Dedupe can vastly reduce virtualization storage requirements VM’s store redundant data such as the Operations System, Patches, and software applications common to every virtual server. Build NetApp is able to reduce this down to a single instance with NetApp dedupe. This can provide space savings as much as 90% significantly reducing storage costs. This capability is unique to NetApp and a strong selling point against the competition. Only NetApp can deduplicate primary data. Savings across all tiers Primary, backup, and archival data 50% space savings, or more 95% or greater for backup
  • The Citrix+NetApp integration is the foundation to all new Citrix solutions including their Cloud Center solution which is sold on a pay as you grow basis. Citrix Essentials applies to both XenServer and Hyper-V.

Efektywna Witualizacja Citrix na macierzach dyskowych NetApp Efektywna Witualizacja Citrix na macierzach dyskowych NetApp Presentation Transcript

  • The Best Storage for Virtual Server and Desktop Environments Krzysztof Celmer NetApp
  • NetApp Storage in Virtualized Environments The Most Efficient Storage
    • Primary storage deduplication
    • Manage more for less
    • Better overall TCO
    • Use 50% less storage. Guaranteed*. .
    • “… we could connect to the NetApp system at our Atlanta site, break all the mirrors, make that system our primary drive, turn on the server there with a few XenServer VMs, load the critical databases, and be up and running within the same hour.”
      • - Noah C. Barger Network Engineer, Guy M. Turner, Inc.
  • Reduce Storage Costs
    • Deduplicate redundant data
      • Virtual machines, user data, protection copies
    • Double storage utilization levels
      • Avoid over-provisioning capacity
    • Zero capacity VM clones
      • Create virtual machines using no additional storage
    • RAID10 protection at ½ the cost
    Use at least 50% less storage. Guaranteed
  • NetApp and Citrix
    • Strategic partnership of Citrix and NetApp delivers a unique integration of Desktop, Server, Application and Storage Virtualization
    • The First “One Click” Storage Integration for Citrix XenServer
      • Co-developed XenServer integrated adaptor
    • Proven storage and virtualization solutions provide
      • Immediate payback
      • Lower TCO
      • Reduced IT management
  • The Broadest Range of Unified Storage
    • Fabric-Attached Storage Family
    • Unified storage – NAS, SAN, FCoE and iSCSI
    • One system: primary, backup, DR and archival/compliance
    • Common software, interface, and management tools
    • Support for heterogeneous storage with V-Series
    Data ONTAP®: Foundation of the Storage Pool HP EMC HDS FAS2000s FAS3000s FAS6000s V-Series
  • Citrix Essentials for XenServer Virtual Server Admin Storage Admin Storage Pool The data management capabilities of NetApp ® Data ONTAP ® are directly integrated in XenServer. VM1 VM2 VM3 VM4 VM5 VM6 VM7 VM8 APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS
  • NetApp Integration with Citrix Essentials NetApp Storage Pool
    • Manage server and storage together
      • Single pane-of-glass management
      • XenServer or Hyper-V
    • Empower server admins to:
      • Provision storage
      • Perform backups
      • Recovery data
      • Deduplicate data
      • Clone virtual machines
    Citrix Essentials Automated Storage Management
  • Citrix Storage Delivery Services for NetApp Data ONTAP, 2008
    • NetApp Adapter for short
    • Enables the Citrix XenServer Administrator to take full advantage of all the functionality we offer with Data ONTAP directly from the XenServer management console. 
    • Citrix includes this winning solution in three other key Citrix product bundles:  Citrix XenDesktop ,  Citrix Deliver Center and Citrix Cloud Center .   
    • Netapp has created two new Virtualization Solutions that leverage this special integration: NetApp Storage for Citrix XenServer and NetApp Storage for Citrix XenDesktop .   
  • Cost Effective Storage for VDI
    • One storage device
      • For file shares and desktops
    • Deduplication is very effective
      • Virtual desktops up to 95%
      • End-user data by 20%-40%
    • Complementary to partners:
    Enterprise class virtual desktop storage for under $20 per seat Virtual Desktops VDI Data Components Pooled desktops Dedicated desktops End-user files Single InstanceStorage  VMware  Citrix  NetApp  NetApp
  • Better Performance for Desktops Virtual Desktops
    • Simultaneous:
    • Boot
    • Logon
    • Antivirus Scan
    Intelligent cache !
    • PAM: Read optimized cache
    • Addresses virtual desktop workloads
    • Works even faster with dedupe
    • Benefits
    • Decrease boot time by 47%
      • Boot 1000 desktops in 10 minutes
    • Reduce storage workload by 50%
      • Deploy more virtual desktops per system
    • Increase performance by 71%
      • Get equivalent performance of a higher-end system
    • Create instant virtual machine copies
    • Provision storage instantly as data is written
    • Automated and integrated with server virtualization management
    Increase Agility with Fast Provisioning storage storage storage storage storage Create virtual machines hours 0 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Traditional Provision storage and server together NetApp Provision storage 1000’s of VMs in minutes Storage constrained provisioning Quickly deploy servers and provision desktops by the thousands Minimal capacity Full capacity
  • Business Continuance for Desktops
    • 99.999% system availability
    • Transparent recovery from component failure
    • Automatic failover for system and site failure
    • Recover in minutes from larger regional disasters
    Building 1 Building 2 DR Site Get storage for HA and DR for less than the cost of a single traditional storage system
  • Instantaneous, Storage Efficient Backup
    • The Problem
    • Slow - No CPU’s left for backup
    • Tape is complex and unreliable
    • Recoveries are painful
    • Recovery points are limited
    • NetApp Snapshot ™ Solution
    • Backups built-in to the storage
    • Instantaneous backup and recovery
    • Low storage overhead
    • Frequent, application consistent
    Traditional Backup Is NOT Practical Fast, Affordable, and Simple Backup and Restores Storage Pool CPU Utilization
  • Cost-Effective DR Primary Site DR Site
    • Any-to-any replication
      • High-end ↔ entry level
      • FC ↔ Ethernet
      • Many ↔ 1
      • Real-time or point-in-time
      • 3rd party storage ↔ NetApp
    • Bandwidth efficient
      • Replicate changed data only
    • Storage efficient for DR
      • Replicate and store less data
    Practical DR for ALL apps APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS
  • Protection of Virtual Desktop Data 100’s of local or vaulted Snapshots user data Full point-in-time copy
    • Built-in desktop backup and disaster recovery
    • Cost-effectively retain daily history of end-users for months or years
    • Secure data from unauthorized access with real-time encryption
    Ensure protection and security compliance of end-user data
  • Deduplication: Essential for Virtualization
    • Many virtual machine images are 100% identical
    Traditional Enterprise RAID Arrays
    • Savings extend to all copies of the data
      • including backup, DR, test clones and archival copies
    NetApp FAS System Duplicate Data Is Eliminated
  • NetApp Storage for Virtual Environments
    • Reduce Expenses
    • Protect Intellectual Property
    Lower Costs Increase Service Levels
    • Improve performance & availability
    • Increase infrastructure agility
    IT Objectives
    • Use 50% less storage. Guaranteed
    • Storage as flexible as virtual servers
    • Cost-effectively protect all data
    • Provide near-continuous availability
  • Cloud Partnership “ Citrix Cloud Center (C3) integrated with NetApp storage systems provides cloud providers with a robust platform for delivering infrastructure as a service,” “As the foundation for Citrix C3, XenServer and Citrix Essentials for XenServer and Hyper-V, enable cloud service providers to seamlessly leverage the advanced NetApp storage capabilities across their cloud platform, reducing the time and cost to deploy highly scalable and elastic services.” Frank Artale Vice President of Business Development Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • Best Storage for Virtual Infrastructures NetApp Internal Use Only