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Watch this slideshow and answer the following questions:

Watch this slideshow and answer the following questions:



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    Hate Hate Presentation Transcript

    • What Hate Can Do
      The Holocaust
      C. A. Lawrence, 2001
    • Two Phases of Hatred
      Phase 1 1933-1939
      A Common Enemy : Re-Education
      Citizenship Rights?
      Violence Escalates
    • A Common Enemy
      Hitler blames Jews for problems of Germany
      Loss of WWI
      German Economic Depression
      Jews identified as a “race” –not a religion
      A New Education Begins
      Save Germany from impurities
      Aryan Virtues
    • Purify German Culture By Burning Books
    • Synagogues were used as storage warehouses. Jews were no longer allowed to go to church
    • Violence Escalates With
      Systematic Invasions
    • The Night of Broken Glass
      The first organized night of Nazi violence
      Thousands arrested, including college professors, writers, doctors, etc.
      Why would they arrest these people first?
    • How Would You Feel?
      Synagogues burned all through Germany, Poland and other German Occupied countries
    • Thousands Arrested…
    • While Others Are Rounded Up…
    • And Some Are Left To Mourn.
    • Two Phases of Hatred
      Phase 2 (1939-1945)
      World War II Declared (England and France)
      Ghettos and Forced Labor Camps
      Gas Chamber Use Begins
      The Final Solution
    • Jews Are Gathered
      Into Ghettos
    • Ghettos Are Used to Segregate Jews Into Parts of the City
    • All Jews would live here, sometimes with three or four families in one apartment
      Food was scarce as well
      as medicine and clothing.
    • Jews were used in forced labor factories to produce for the Nazis.
    • Once ghettos would get too full, Jews would be “deported” to other work camps.
    • Deportation to Various Concentration Camps
    • Most camps are run in the same order…
      Prisoners arrive by
      Cattle Car
    • Once they arrived, they would be separate men from the women and children
    • Or, they would be separated because they couldn’t work.
    • Prisoners were forced to undress and hand over personal belongings.
    • Unfortunately, even those who were killed were robbed of their belongings. Even wedding rings.
    • These belongings were stored for the Nazis to use.
    • Prisoners were then shaved (all camps) and tattooed (in most).
    • Prisoners were then led to shower rooms, which were either really showers or gas chambers made to look like showers.
    • Work Shall Make You Free
    • Resistance Movement
    • Resistance Didn’t Have to be Dramatic…
      Resistance didn’t only include hiding Jews or smuggling them to Sweden (like Denmark)
      Many snuck food into the ghettos
      Many mailed letters thrown from trains
      Blew up railroad tracks
      Underground newspapers and organizations
    • Liberation
    • 6 Million Jews Were Murdered…But 3 Million Jews Survived.
    • For The Living And The Dead,
      We Must Bear Witness