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Linked In 101


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Published in: Career, Education, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • 101
      Bill Harris August 2009
    • 2. Agenda Introductions Assumptions What is Social Networking? Creating your LinkedIn account Putting yourself out there: creating a profile Link Join Create a presence
    • 3. Introduction Bill Harris Media Technology & Workflow Consulting
    • 4. Assumptions Computer Internet connection Web browser Email account Time
    • 5. What is Social Networking?
      • As old as the first human community
        • Today: the use of digital telecommunications systems (wireless, cellular, internet) to connect people with common interests and bring them together virtual communities
        • Every conceivable common thread
          • Industries, professions, trade associations, ethnic or religious affiliation, hobbies…
        • Earliest communities were academic and research groups sharing research and intellectual property
    • 6. Social Networks
      • Friendster, Spoke, Twitter, Tribe, Facebook, MySpace, Plaxo, LinkedIn…
        • First well known “social” community is probably AOL
      • “ As social networking sites explode in popularity, they have become the prime avenue for many job hunters”
      • August 18, 2009
    • 7. How does fit in?
      • A general social network with a business focus
      • A “professional network of trusted contacts”
        • Find and be found
        • Share data, files
        • Connect with others you can help and who can help you
      A social network with minimal “socializing”
    • 8. About
      • May 5, 2003 5 partners  350 friends  4,500 links in a month  81,000 by the end of the year
      • LinkedIn has over 45 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world as of June 17, 2009
      • A new member each second, about half outside the U.S.
      • Execs from all Fortune 500 companies
      • 170 industries
    • 9. Getting started with
    • 10. Getting started with
      • Create an account
        • Confirm email address, login
      • Use an email address that is professional, recognizable, reliable - not [email_address] , use your name [email_address]
      • Use a web-based email account so you can get to it from any computer and you won’t lose information if your computer crashes*
      *Tip: Create a separate email account for your job search, use it only for your job search and it will be easier to keep track of your correspondence.
    • 11. Create a profile
      • Create your professional profile by adding:
        • Summary
        • Experience: current, past*
        • Education
        • Websites: personal, professional organization
        • Personal information: phone, address, IM, etc.
        • Contact settings: MAKE IT PUBLIC , YOU WANT TO BE SEEN
        • Add a photo: professional appearance no baggies/wife beater/sunglasses!
      *Tip: You can upload your resume to LinkedIn and let it parse the data. Use Word, PDF, text, or HTML files up to 200KB. NOTE BENE: Make sure sure the data goes where it is supposed to go!!!
    • 12. Get connected
      • Searching for connections
        • Use the “simple” Search tool on the top right to find people by name
        • Use the advanced search tools to find classmates, co-workers at current or previous jobs, clients, your barber
        • If you have a business email address book you can import it into LinkedIn and it will search for those people within LinkedIn
    • 13. Get connected
      • Invite your connections to join your network
      • With the free account you can make five invitations at a time
      • Fee-based accounts get more…but there are ways to make additional invitations
      *Tip: You are allowed five concurrent, reusable invitations. As soon as you get a response you get to issue another. If a contact you want in your network is in a Group with you, you don’t have to use one of the five to link to them, do it through the group listing.
    • 14.
      • Recommend
        • Recommendations are online references that can be seen by anyone viewing your public profile
        • Only request a recommendation from someone who knows your work
        • Only write a recommendation for someone who’s work you know, you have worked with or for, or is a client
        • You control which recommendations appear on your profile
        • Be honest, don’t embellish
      • Quid pro quo - return the favor
      Get connected
    • 15. Get connected
      • Join Groups
        • A way of creating a connection with people who have common interests or experience
          • Companies (current or previous employers)
          • Schools (best to keep it to college and grad school)
          • Professional associations
          • Hobbies
      • You can create your own group as well and invite people to join
      *Tip: If a contact you want in your network is in a Group with you, you don’t have to use one of the five to link to them, do it through the group membership listing.
    • 16. Get noticed
      • Update your status often
      • Participate in discussions
      • Contribute by posting ideas, links to articles, beginning discussions
    • 17.
      • Think of it as an online workplace and use it to your advantage
        • Want to learn about a company? Use LinkedIn.
        • Want to find someone you know who worked at a company you’re interested in? Use LinkedIn.
        • Want to get introduced to the internal recruiter at a company you’ve applied to? Use LinkedIn.
        • Want to meet the hiring manager? Use LinkedIn.
      Work it, baby!
    • 18. Search and build your network Use your Contacts’ Contact List to find people you know or want to know USE LINKEDIN TO BE FOUND!
    • 19. Questions
    • 20. Thank you for joining us today. Additional questions can be forwarded to: Pete Tzavalas [email_address] or Bill Harris [email_address]