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Welcome to Training


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Define “best in class”Support Center to have own mission, vision and value – reason for existence and what our goals are
  • To continue with our group descriptions and introduce you all to what happens at the IT Help Center’s central offices, let me introduce Denise Treacy from Desktop Services.
  • -Front line of support for basic tech and account issues Ticketsare created when clients call, come in, email or submit a question on a web form. The Service Desk works to escalate tickets appropriately, ensuring that clients are assisted in the most efficient way.
  • Clients may contact the service desk to set up accounts or to resolve an issue they are having with their accountIf you are ever asked a question, and you are unsure of the answer be sure to askIt is a collaborative team and everyone works together. It is better to take a little extra time and make sure you are giving correct information, than give the client misinformation. FT CSS assist clients with varying tickets
  • DS groups: President’s Office, BUPD, Facilities, Career Development, etc. It is always a good idea to ask a staff member if they know if a certain group is supported by Desktop. For faculty/staff members in a given school, if it is their departmental machine, their school IT should be able to assistSend external mail in SN.Personal machines can be serviced at the help center.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome toLinda Jerrett TrainingManager,IT Help CenterFocusing onClient Success
    • 2. Overview & Agenda Who Is In This Room What’s New Where Do You Fit? Introductions to IS&T, IT Help Center Group Descriptions Facts & Flows at the Help Center
    • 3. Biggest Training Ever This time is usually spent  This year, our training doing ResNet training for focus is to introduce you consultants to support the to each other and also to roughly 12,000 students the other parts of our moving into the operation. residences across a few  Strength through cross- days. training!  Training resources will be There are new online – You’ll hear a lot!! groups, each with student staff, now making up the  We will standardize many IT Help Center procedures and policies.  This will make it possible for some of you to choose We are all in a bit to work across the IT Help of a new world! Center groups down the road.
    • 4. Who is here? What groups of student staff are here?  Service Desk  Desktop Services  Classroom Technology Services (CTS)  Law Support Services  Help Desk, Labs & AV  Newly hired ResNet consultants  Including some existing CTS student staff  Newly hired CTS consultants  Newly hired Law consultants  Newly hired Desktop Support Consultants
    • 5. What does this mean? It means as you look around and you think that each other person here, besides you, knows everyone else, you’re wrong. There is not one person in this room that knows every other person in this room.  Still, together we are a new team. Over the next two days, you will see training sessions that might not directly apply to your current position. Knowing what other areas of the Help Center do and what they are responsible for will make you a better ambassadors of the group, make us a stronger team and ready us to support one another.
    • 6. Where Do I Fit? IS&T - IT Help CenterResNet Service Desktop CTS Law• Short term, Desk Services • Assists faculty • Local help desk move-in • Phone, walk-in • Advanced tech by distributing and desk-side related and e-mail support & supporting support for Law tech tickets for media faculty & staff • Field support for support entire BU equipment in • Lab support admin clients community classrooms. • A/V classroom support
    • 7. When did all this happen? In November 2011, Law In January 2012, Classroom Support Services was Technology Services was renamed transitioned to the IT Help & transitioned to the IT Help Center. Why? Center. Why?  Decision made by Dean and  Classroom support is incredibly our VP to use a new model. important to our VP and she wants this group’s placement  Law Support offers similar and name to reflect its service client facing services to the orientation. Law school as the Help Center provides to BU  The IT Help Center is the primary community. client facing group within IS&T.  The Law help desk and labs are part of the IT Help Center  You can’t get too much closer and we consider AV support to the clients than standing in part of the team as well, even their classroom with them! if the org chart doesn’t say so.
    • 8. Information Services &Technology (IS&T)Mission VisionIS&T provides “best-in- IS&T is a leader withinclass”* IT services to BU and among peers insupport outstanding technology serviceeducation, preeminent quality andresearch, vibrant agility, founded on bestcampus life and practices andeffective innovation.administration. *The highest current performance level in an industry,used as a standard or benchmark to be equaled or exceeded.
    • 9. IS&T Values Community  Commitment  Respect  To efficiency  Collaboration  To timeliness  Teamwork  To transparency  Openness  To security Competence  To service  Expertise  Reliability  Continuous improvement  Accountability
    • 10. IT Help Center Created in the summer of 2009 as a client- facing entity to function as the face of IS&T There are many ways for a client to ask us for help:  Phone: 617-353-HELP (4357).  E-mail:  Web forms: IS&T’s website is  In Person: Two Service Desk locations (Kenmore Sq. & Mugar Library)  Directly through our field groups like Classroom Technology Services, staff in Law Client Support & CFA Client Support.
    • 11. IT Help Center Leadership The IT Help Center has exploded in the last few yearscreating a strong, diverse, client-focused team and now you’re on it! IT Help Center Stacy Gianoulis, Director Accts & StudentService Desk Desktop Services CTS Law Support Services Services David Cole Jill Beckman Chris Burgess Christian Calure Linda Jerrett
    • 12. Group Descriptions
    • 13. Classroom Technology Services In CTS we provide crucial in-classroom support for BU’s faculty & students in all Registrar scheduled classrooms. Our primary CTS mission is to serve the faculty and students of BU with the highest level of professional performance - keeping in mind that we are highly visible and widely dispersed on campus. We function as a team, even when one of us is out in the field on our own.
    • 14. Law Support Services Provides help desk support via phone and the RT ticketing system for Law School faculty & staff. Provides level I support for Law Students and acts as escalation point to IT Help Center. Provides support for Law Labs. Provides assistance with printing. Provides A/V support for all Law classrooms, mock trial rooms and auditorium.
    • 15. ResNet Move-in Support Expanded short-term technical support for the ~12,000 students moving into on- campus housing each fall semester. Consultants are dispatched from the 533 Comm. location to assist student clients. We have outposts set up in major residence areas to act as a local base and point of contact.
    • 16. ResNet Move-in Support We have teams patrolling the residences to improve our visibility and make it easy to find us. We take in many new cases through our patrols without the student even needing to contact us to ask for help. Most long-term positions in all of the IT Help Center locations are staffed with students who were hired to work during ResNet.
    • 17. Facts and FlowsDenise Treacy
    • 18. Service Desk Front line of support for basic tech and account issues, providing centralized technology support for the BU Community. Assist students, faculty, staff, and guest clients Located in Kenmore Square and Mugar. Additionally, we locally support the College of Fine Arts In 2011, the Service Desk answered 11,096 calls and worked over 50,000 tickets between May 1st and Dec 31st
    • 19. Service Desk Account issues Wireless setup Email setup Single application issues Wired network setup Mugar: Assist with VDI environment
    • 20. Service Desk During ResNet, the Service Desk is still handling its regular tickets supporting faculty and staff  BUworks is the university’s new administrative system for finance, payroll, procurement and HR  The Service Desk does level I support for BUworks issues and escalates level II issues to the project’s various teams. If you are at the service desk and see a BUworks issue, just ask what to do.  Student staff use BUworks to set up direct deposit and see paystubs.
    • 21. Desktop Services Supports administrative staff on the Charles River Campus with desk-side support Hardware and software repairs at Kenmore location for current students, faculty and staff  Kenmore Square location: authorized Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Sony, HP, and Toshiba repair center If you are ever unsure if we support a group, or a type of machine, JUST ASK!
    • 22. Software Support Virus/spyware removal: no charge OS troubleshooting: no charge OS reload (standard): no charge OS reload (premium): $60 Application install (single): $15 Application install (bundle): $25 Data Recovery: $95
    • 23. Data Recovery Service Flat rate service - $95 If data recovery completely fails, there is no charge Clients may receive their data either on 2 DVDs or they must provide an external hard drive/different computer If the client’s machine is in a usable state, he/she may use the self service area to backup at no charge We will store the data for 30 days after the client picks up the machine.
    • 24. Hardware Repair Services Our repair services are open only to current students, faculty and staff. The IT Help Center is an authorized repair center for Lenovo, Apple, Dell, HP, Sony and Toshiba For these machines we do in and out of warranty repairs. For machines out of warranty, there are fees (parts+labor)
    • 25. Labor Fees Non-warranty Diagnosis: $35 Memory Install: $15 Hard drive, Keyboard, Card Install: $40 LCD Display Install: $100 Motherboard Install: $125 In addition to labor fees, client must pay price of parts. During ResNet, the $35 non-warranty diagnosis fee has been waived.
    • 26. How long does a repair take? There is a 1-2 business day diagnostic period. During this time, most software repairs are completed. For hardware repairs, this is the time period where we will determine which part is needed and the cost. This does not mean that every repair will be completed within this 2 business day range. Some repairs are more complicated and require more time.
    • 27. Sales The IT Help Center is not a store  University Computers was located in the same building as our Kenmore location. Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite products are available at our Kenmore location.
    • 28. Sales - Eligibility Current students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase software through the IT Help Center. We can only sell one copy of each license per client.  If a client purchase Office 2010 last year, they are not eligible to purchase another copy until a new version of the software comes out. (This is true of any piece of software we carry) For more in depth “rules” set by Microsoft & Adobe, go to:  nal/sales/
    • 29. Sales Thereare going to be many questions to which you do not the answer.  ASK SOMEONE FOR HELP! Jerry Dreiss – Licensing and Vendor Relations Specialist Bill Wells – Desktop Services Specialist II Denise Treacy – Desktop Services Specialist I
    • 30. Workflows & Escalations During ResNet the regular work of the IT Help Center goes on Some cases are handled by other groups in the IT Help Center or IS&T It is up to us to always get the ticket to the appropriate group. As always, if you see a ticket that you are unsure of, ask a staff member for assistance.
    • 31. Faculty & Staff DesktopServices provides primary support to many administrative offices  Also STH, Mugar, CAS Math Mostschools have their own in-house support group that can handle cases quickly.
    • 32. Students For most student tickets, we try to dispatch someone to their dorm. When you are dispatched to a room, you will receive a folder with paper and a pen, Ethernet cables to sell, known good network, a radio For some student cases, it will be necessary for the client to come into one of our locations.
    • 33. Field Cases If you are out in a residence hall on a case, remember you can always recommend that the client bring their laptop to 533.  To be checked in for hardware service or viruses  To have access to additional tools you don’t have in the field  To obtain help from additional staff on a difficult case  Foreign language OS issues You still own the case! This is not an option to be used if you get stuck or bored.
    • 34. Mini Quiz Where are the two locations of the IT Help Center’s Service Desk? What is the cost of virus removal? True or False: Depending on how much data we retrieve, the cost of data recovery varies. How long is the diagnosis period for hardware repairs? Who is eligible to purchase software through the IT Help Center? If a client asks you a question and you are unsure of the answer, what should you do? If you get dispatched to a room and you are unsure of how to solve the problem, what should you do? True or False: During ResNet, we do not help any faculty or staff members.