27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business

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Discover the little known 27 ways to add extra $100 per month to your business, and make more profit like others who have discovered this secret before you.

Discover the little known 27 ways to add extra $100 per month to your business, and make more profit like others who have discovered this secret before you.

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  • 1. Exclusive Guide 100% FREE27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business Brought to you by http://www.QuickCashSniper.com/
  • 2. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business NOTICE: You Do NOT Have the Right to Reprint or Resell this Guide! You Also MAY NOT Give Away, Sell or Share the Content HereinIf you obtained this report from anywhere other thanhttp://www.QuickCashSniper.com , you have a pirated copy.Please help stop Internet crime by reporting this to:mailto:info@QuickCashSniper.com© 2012 CopyrightLegal DisclaimerThis report has been researched and compiled with the intent to provideinformation for persons wishing to learn about making a profit using variousonline resources.Throughout the making of this consumer report, every effort has been made toensure the highest amount of accuracy and effectiveness for the techniquessuggested by the author.The report may contain contextual as well as typographical mistakes. None ofthe information provided in this report constitutes a warranty of any kind norshall readers of this report rely solely on any such information or advice. Allcontent, products, and services are not to be considered as legal, financial, orprofessional advice and are to be used for personal use and informationpurposes only.This report makes no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, as to theresults provided by the strategies, techniques, and advice presented in thisreport. The publishers of this report expressly disclaim any liability arising fromany strategies, techniques, and advice presented in this report.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 2
  • 3. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessThe purpose of this report is to educate and guide. Neither the publisher nor theauthor warrant that the information contained within this report is free ofomissions or errors and is fully complete. Furthermore, neither the publisher northe author shall have responsibility or liability to any entity or person as a resultof any loss or damage alleged to be caused or caused indirectly or directly bythis report.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 3
  • 4. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessTable of ContentsIntroduction ....................................................................................................... 51. Create an Order Form Upsell or Cross Sell ......................................................... 52. Present a One-Time Offer During the Sales Process ............................................ 63. Sell Backend Offers on the Thank You Page ....................................................... 84. Create a Down Sell Exit Offer ........................................................................... 95. Embed Offers in Your Digital Products ............................................................... 96. Start a Customer Mailing List ..........................................................................117. Send Postcards to Your Customers ..................................................................128. Create a Customer Loyalty Program .................................................................139. Start a Customer Referral Program ..................................................................1410. Lower Your Prices to Spur Entry-Level Sales ...................................................1511. Raise Your Prices to Boost Perceived Value .....................................................1512. Boost Your Sales Letter Conversion Rate ........................................................1613. Test and Track Your Ads ...............................................................................1814. Send Flyers Along With Your Shipments .........................................................1915. Get Joint Venture Partners to Send Flyers with Their Shipments ........................2016. Build a Prospect Mailing List ..........................................................................2217. Co-promote With JV Partners ........................................................................2318. Monetize Your Blog.......................................................................................2419. Start an Affiliate Program .............................................................................2620. Get on Facebook ..........................................................................................2621. Distribute Press Releases ..............................................................................2722. Submit Videos to YouTube.com .....................................................................2923. Post a Link Bait Article on Your Blog ...............................................................3024. Run a Contest to Generate Fresh Leads ..........................................................3025. Offer a Free Live Event .................................................................................3126. Sell Affiliate Products and Services.................................................................3227. Outsource Part or All of Your Business ............................................................33Conclusion ......................................................................................................34© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 4
  • 5. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessIntroductionWelcome to 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business report!Sure, you’ve dreamed about hitting the big home run in your business. But you’re alsorealistic. You know that – The key to growing your business is to focus on smaller, yet steady steps towards success.And that’s what this report is about.Just as the title suggests, you’re about to discover 27 ways to add an extra $100 permonth to your business. And you’ll soon find that these methods cover a variety ofstrategies, in a variety of areas, including:  Upsells  Traffic generation  Productivity  ConversionsAnd more.Some of these methods are extremely quick and easy to implement, meaning youcould have them in place by the end of today. Others take a bit more time, but they’rewell worth the extra revenue that they’ll pull in month after month.But ALL of them are solid, proven and ready to put more money in your pocket.Let’s begin…1. Create an Order Form Upsell or Cross SellThe prospect is about to become a buyer. They’ve already clicked on the “buy now”button or added an item to their shopping cart. They’ve got their credit card out andthey’re ready to complete the order form. A prospect simply doesn’t get any “hotter”than this. And that’s why it’s a great time for you to suggest they increase their orderby buying something else.There are two ways to do it – either by offering an upsell or a cross sell.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 5
  • 6. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessLet me explain…An upsell is when you offer your buyer a “premium” version of the product they’reabout to purchase. A real-life example is when the McDonald’s clerk asks you if youwant to “super size” your order.And here are two other examples:  Your main product is a dog training manual. You offer the “premium” version, which includes videos depicting what’s taught in the manual.  You’re selling seats to a seminar. You offer buyers the opportunity to purchase the seminar recordings for just $50 more.A cross sell is when you suggest that your buyer purchase a related product, perhapsone that will even enhance their enjoyment of their original purchase. The real-lifeexample is when you order a hamburger and the McDonald’s clerk asks if you’d like toadd fries to your order.Here are two other examples:  You’re selling a book about dog housetraining. You suggest that your buyers would also enjoy a manual about dog obedience training.  You’re selling seats to a social media marketing seminar. You cross sell a manual that teaches Facebook marketing.2. Present a One-Time Offer During theSales ProcessThis is called a one-time offer (OTO) because your customers will only see this offerONCE – and that’s at the time that they’re completing their purchase.In some cases, you may offer a service, product or a package of products at a deeplydiscounted price. In this case, the customer can certainly buy the items at a laterdate, but he’ll never be able to buy them at such a good price. Example:© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 6
  • 7. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business Warning: This is a One Time Offer! You’ve made a great decision to change your body and change your life by purchasing the Get Fit Fast package. But if you need to see really fast results or dramatic results, then you’ll want to get your hands on the Get Fit Fast training videos. [Here you’d talk about the benefits of the product.] These amazing videos regularly sell for $99, but if you order right now you can get them for just $50. It’s a great deal – but if you leave this page you’ll never see this offer again, so click here to order right now!In other cases, you may offer a service, product or package that’s ONLY available ifthe customer orders right now (during the sales process). That means that if hedecides tomorrow that he wants the offer, it’s too late. He can’t get his hands on it forany price. Example: Warning: This is a One Time Offer for Special Customers… Congratulations on joining the Traffic-Fuel.com membership site! What you’re about to discover will surely grow your business faster and easier than you ever thought possible. But let me ask you something: How much money would you make if I personally and tirelessly coached you for the next month? Now you can find out – and all at a surprisingly affordable rate -- but only if you act right now! That’s right, you can get personal access to me for a full month for just $497. And since my rates are $500 an hour, you can see this is a great deal. But here’s the thing – except for this offer, I never make myself available for coaching any more. So if you decide tomorrow that you want me to coach you, it’ll be too late. I’ll have to turn you down…© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 7
  • 8. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business So click here to order now, and let’s start working together to build your business!See how that works?No matter what type of offer you’re making, it’s powerful because it creates a sense ofurgency and a fear of loss. Tip: If you do create a one-time offer, just make sure that you truly offer it only one time to your prospects and customers. If your customers later see you making the same offer elsewhere, they’ll lose their trust in you. And when you break trust, your sales plummet.3. Sell Backend Offers on the Thank You PageYour customer just finished ordering. He’s now being redirected to the thank you page(AKA payment confirmation page). This page thanks the customer for his order andgives him a confirmation number. It also either includes the links to download a digitalproduct, or it shares information about when the prospect can expect delivery of ashipment.But that’s not all that you should include on this page. This is also a fine time for youto put another offer in front of the customer. And that’s because your new customer ismost definitely in the buying mood, so it doesn’t take much for you to persuade himto buy something else.Naturally, the key is to make sure that this backend offer is tightly related to theproduct your customer just finished purchasing. Examples:  You just sold the customer a dieting manual. You can now offer your customer a low-calorie recipe book.  Your customer just purchased a golfing manual. You can sell golf training videos on the backend.  Your customer just purchased your ghostwriting services to create an ebook. You can offer to create additional content, such as a lead-generating report.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 8
  • 9. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business4. Create a Down Sell Exit OfferNo matter what you’re selling, the majority of your visitors will click off your salespage without buying anything. Some of the visitors just aren’t interested in your offer.But there is a segment of this population that’s very interested in your offer, eventhough they didn’t buy.Now, assuming that your sales letter does a good job of handling your prospects’objections, then there is one possible objection that stands in the way of another sale.Namely, some of your prospects may be unable to afford the product. This isparticularly true if you’re selling a high-ticket offer.The solution?Give these folks a down sell offer when they try to leave the sales page.By that I mean you offer a less-expensive version of your main offer; a “lite” version ifyou will. And you can have this down sell offer show up in an exit pop up window, soit’s only accessible to those who’re leaving your sales page without ordering.Here are a few examples of down sell offers:  Your main offer is a piece of software which you sell for $197. You offer a lite version of this software for $97, which means the software has limited functionality.  You’ve created a home study course that includes a main manual, various supporting mini-manuals, training videos and several bonuses, all for $297. You offer the main manual only for $97.5. Embed Offers in Your Digital ProductsYet another place to promote your backend offers to existing customers is within theactual products themselves. That means you can embed links and calls to actionwithin your ebooks, audios and videos.However, this doesn’t mean you need to “hard sell” your customers from within theseproducts. Instead, you can weave product and service recommendations directly intothe content.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 9
  • 10. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business Example: “Your next step is to buy a domain name. I suggest you use [name of domain registrar], which you can find here [insert your affiliate link]. I use this registrar because they’re a reliable company that’s been in business for 10 years. Plus, they won’t lock down your domain when you get a false spam complaint. Your business is safe with them, so click here to get your domain now…Naturally, you can embed affiliate links, links to your own products, links to servicesor anything else that’s relevant. And while you can certainly use the more subtlepromotion as in the example above, don’t be afraid to put a more direct promotioninto your products (especially at the end). Example: You just discovered five solid ways to get traffic. And while these strategies will get you plenty of traffic, they’re really just the tip of the traffic generation iceberg. If you want to boost both your traffic AND your revenue, then you need to go here: www.traffic-fuel.com. And do it now, because it will make all the difference between having a successful business and enjoying a WILDLY successful business!One word about this backend strategy, however: Do NOT overdo it.You see, if you stuff your product with links, two things happen: 1. You cheapen the perceived value of your product. Your customer purchased a product from you to learn something. If your customer feels like he needs to buy a bunch of other products in order to support this product he just purchased, he’ll feel a little cheated. And if your product reads like a big advertisement, your customer will feel disappointed (to say the least). 2. The customer doesn’t click on any of the links. If you give your readers too many options (in the form of too many product recommendations), they’ll feel overwhelmed. They’ll feel like there are too many choices. And so they won’t click on any of them.Point is, keep your recommendations to a minimum.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 10
  • 11. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessYou can promote something at the beginning, at the end and in the middle of yourproduct. Whether you promote just one product in the middle or more really dependson the topic and how long the product is.If it’s a short product, just promote one. If it’s a longer product (e.g., 50, 100 pagesor more), then you can get away with making a couple recommendations in themiddle of the product.6. Start a Customer Mailing ListStill another way to promote backend offers to your existing customers is by startinga customer email list.Indeed, this is one of the easier ways to promote your backend offers, simply becauseyou can use an autoresponder to do all the work for you.Simply load your autoresponder with a series of emails that seek to further build yourrelationship with your customers while also promoting additional related products andservices.Let me give you an example: Email 1, sent immediately after the sale. This email:  Thanks the customer for their purchase.  Reiterates some of the main benefits of the product. (To stave off buyer’s remorse.)  Reminds the customer about where to find the download link, or tells them information about when to expect delivery of their shipment.  Suggests that they take action immediately. This is particularly important if it’s a digital product, meaning it’s already in their possession (or will be within moments). In that case, you can even give a specific hint, such as, “Just wait until you see the tip on page 5 – be sure to use it ASAP and let me know your results!”© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 11
  • 12. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business  Recommends a related offer. This isn’t a hard sell. Indeed, you can even put it in your postscript (P.S.), which makes it look like a bit of an afterthought. Example: “Be sure to also check out Volume 2, which is now available on video. Most folks say it’s even better than Volume 1 – so click here to take a look…” Email 2, sent about two days later. If you’re sending a physical product, then this is the email where you send the tracking numbers. If you sold a digital product, then this is the email where you again remind people to take action. You can also ask them to let you know if they have any questions. You can then soft sell another related product or service. Email 3, sent five days later. Here you can start sending content to your customer, such as additional tips, advanced tricks, etc. As usual, you can promote related products and services. Email 4, sent seven days later (and continue every seven days after). From here on out you do the same as Email 3, meaning you send a mix of content and related promotions. Your goal is to both build a relationship (by providing useful content) while promoting other useful products.Another thing you may want to do is to send out staggered bonuses. Example: You can send out a valuable bonus product every month or every six weeks.The point of doing this is to keep your customers satisfied. Plus, if you let the string ofbonuses last beyond the refund period, it further reduces refunds.7. Send Postcards to Your CustomersWhether you’re selling digital products or physical products, you should be collectingyour customers’ postal mailing addresses.That’s because you can send backend offers via the mail. And while you can sendanything from a direct sales letter to a catalog, one of the easiest pieces to send –and the most cost-effective – is a simple postcard.The thing about a postcard is that you don’t have too much room on the card to makeyour offer. That’s why you’ll want to use an offer that creates a sense of urgency.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 12
  • 13. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessTo that end, your offer may include these two components: 1. A very good discount on a popular product. You want your customers to see immediately that you’re offering a great deal. Indeed, you may turn this into a one-time offer. 2. An expiration date on this discount. You can offer a coupon code or even just a link to a web page that will expire in a week or less after the customer receives the postcard.Here’s an example: ------------------------------ Here’s your 50%-off coupon! How many times have you thought about taking the plunge and buying the Dog Training Made Easy Master Pack? But something’s been holding you back. It’s not the quality of the course, because you know it’s second to none. You’ve heard people buzzing. You’ve read the testimonials. You’ve even see the dozens of videos of ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things. So what’s holding you back? Why haven’t you joined other savvy dog trainers and purchased this course? It’s the price, isn’t it? Well I have good news for you – just go to [link] and enter coupon code GOOD DOG, and you’ll get a whopping 50% discount. This makes the course virtually affordable to everyone! But there’s a catch: This offer ends [date], so order now so that you don’t miss out! ------------------------------8. Create a Customer Loyalty ProgramHave you ever seen those “punch cards” that places like coffee shops hand out? Forevery 10 coffees a customer buys, they get some kind of freebie (like a free coffeedrink of their choice).© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 13
  • 14. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessThat’s just one example of a customer loyalty program. Look around and you’ll seemany companies have their own programs installed. Example: Most major hotels reward you with “points” for every night you spend in their hotel. You can later exchange these points for free hotel stays as well as other goodies such as restaurant gift certificates and even airline miles.You can see why these programs work. Once someone starts accumulating points,they stay loyal to the company in order to get enough points to cash out.You can use this same revenue-boosting strategy in your business too. Simply assigna point value to a dollar amount. Example: For every dollar someone spends with you, they get a point. Then later your customers can redeem these points for free products, discounts on products or even gift certificates. It’s a neat little way to both reward loyalty as well as boost your bottom line!9. Start a Customer Referral ProgramYour satisfied, loyal customers are sometimes your best sources of new leads. Andthat’s because they’re happy to tell other people about their experiences with you.Indeed, I’m sure you’ve seen a happy customer recommend your products or serviceson forums, social media sites and blogs.So here’s an idea: Reward your customers for their referrals.One way to do this is to simply tell your customers about your affiliate program(which you’ll learn about in #19). This way your customers get cash when theirfriends buy your products.Another way to reward your customers is to start a referral program. In this case, youcan give your customers points for every referral they send your way. And just as withthe customer loyalty program, your customers can then exchange these points forfree products.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 14
  • 15. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business10. Lower Your Prices to Spur Entry-Level SalesFor this strategy you don’t want to lower your prices across the board. Rather, youcan select one product (or maybe two) that are already on the low-end of your pricingand lower the price even further.Indeed, if you lower it to a “no brainer” price, you may actually boost your conversionrate. This is particularly true if people already know how valuable the product is. Example: Let’s say you’re selling a product for $50. You can drop the product to something like $15, being sure to really market this price drop. If this is a quality product, then the rather drastic price drop should create a buzz in the niche. Tip: You may want to pull the product off the market temporarily before the price drop. That way, you won’t have any customers who’re upset because they purchased the product just a few days or weeks before the price cut.Of course you can create even lower-priced entry points, such as by offering a $5 or$7 product, which spurs sales and helps you build your customer mailing list.However, just be careful how you approach this. That’s because sometimes peopleassociate the quality of the product with the price.So if you’re offering a product for $5, your customers might assume that it’s junk…and your strategy can backfire by actually lowering your conversion rate.Which brings us to our next point…11. Raise Your Prices to Boost Perceived ValueAs just mentioned in the previous strategy, people sometimes judge the quality of aproduct by its price.This is true in just about any niche. If you see a hotel with rooms for $50 a night andanother hotel is advertising rooms for $100 a night, which hotel would you assume isa better-quality hotel? You wouldn’t be alone if you automatically assumed the $100 anight hotel is a better hotel.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 15
  • 16. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessSame goes for things like wine. People who don’t know much about wine often shoparound based solely on price. If they want a good wine, they pay more. And yet thedifference in price between wines doesn’t necessarily reflect a difference in taste orquality.You can use this simple psychology to your advantage by raising your prices. If you’reselling a service, then be sure to raise your prices across all your services. If you’reselling a product, then you don’t have to necessarily increase your prices across theboard. Instead, you can choose to raise prices on just a few select products.If you raise prices on just a few products, then test this pricing strategy on yourhigher-priced products. Example: If you have a product that’s currently priced at $200, raise it to $500 and see what happens. If it boosts the perceived value of the product, then you should also enjoy a boost in your conversion rate.Obviously, before you implement this strategy you need to make sure that yourproduct is worth what you’re charging. Or better yet, your product should be worthMORE than you charge for it. That way your high-ticket customers feel like they’regetting a great deal.In other words, don’t just raise your prices willy-nilly, otherwise you’ll be slammedwith refund requests. Makes sure your products or services can indeed support yournew prices.12. Boost Your Sales Letter Conversion RateYou already have a great product. Perhaps you’re sending quite a bit of targetedtraffic to your sales page. And maybe you’re happy with how much money you’remaking from this traffic.But here’s the thing…Even though you may be happy with your sales letter conversion rate, it could bebetter. This is especially true if you’ve never actually tried to improve your conversionrate.Now let me show you why this is so important…© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 16
  • 17. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business Example: Let’s say you’re selling a $100 product that converts at 1%. That means that for every 100 people visiting your site, one person buys and you make $100. So far, so good. But what if you could double your conversion rate to 2%? Then you’d make $200 for every 100 visitors. Or triple your rate to 3%... and you’d be pocketing $300 for every 100 visitors!So here’s how you do it…First off, you need to choose just ONE element of your sales letter to test at a time.That way, if there is a noticeable change in the conversion rate, then you know – forsure – what caused this change.Here then are the parts of your letter that will have the most impact on yourconversion rate:  Headline  Sales letter opener  P.S. (postscript)  Call to action  Guarantee  Price  Bullet points  Sub-headlinesLet’s say you’re going to test your headline. In this case, you’d make two versions ofyour sales letter that are almost exactly identical, with the only difference being thatthe headlines are different. Then you’d hold all other variables constant, including thetraffic sources.Now on to testing.You’ll need either a split-test (A/B) script or you can use a tool like Google Analytics(http://www.google.com/analytics/). Either way, set up the script or tool according tothe instructions. Then send traffic to your website. The split-test script will randomlysend your traffic to the two versions of your sales letter.After you’ve had about 50 actions (sales), then look at the data.Did one of your headlines pull in a significantly higher conversion rate than the otherheadline? If so, the sales letter with the winning headline is now considered your© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 17
  • 18. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Businesscontrol letter. You now test this higher-converting headline against yet anotherheadline.Rinse and repeat until you believe you have the best headline on your sales letter.Then you can start testing the other factors on the list above, such as the price or thepostscript.But you shouldn’t limit your testing to just your sales letter…13. Test and Track Your AdsYour sales letter is a good place to start your testing, but it is by no means the onlyway for you to boost your conversion rate and thus boost your profits. You can alsotest and track your ads as well as your advertising venues.Examples include:  Pay per click ads.  Pay per click keywords.  Classified ads.  Banner ads.  Text ads.  Email ads, including solo ads.  The places you advertise: Forums, blogs, other websites, certain newspapers, radio ads, etc. You can even track which days produce the best ad responses (e.g., Friday classifieds versus Sunday classifieds).If you’re tracking your ads online, then you can use a tracking tool like GoogleAnalytics (mentioned in the previous section). If, however, you are tracking your adsoffline – like in a newspaper – then you need to find some way of “keying” your ads.This refers to marking your ads in some way so that if an order comes in, you knowexactly what ad produced that order.Examples include:  Sending prospects to different websites (or different pages on a website). Just be sure that the web page links are as similar as possible, so that the name of the website or page doesn’t influence the prospect.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 18
  • 19. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business Example: AwesomeRecipes.com and GoodRecipes.com are NOT good “keys,” because the first name is clearly more appealing (and thus it will affect the conversion rate). Here’s what would be better: AwesomeRecipes.com/45 and AwesomeRecipes.com/55 (basically, meaningless numbers on the end).  Setting up different extension numbers if you’re asking prospects to phone in their orders.  Having prospects enter a coupon code. Here the coupon code itself is what tracks where the traffic came from.Otherwise, everything else mentioned in the last section applies here.Specifically, just test one thing at time so that you know what caused the change inconversion rate, if any.14. Send Flyers Along With Your ShipmentsDo you sell physical products, meaning you need to ship packages? If so, then youcan start selling backend offers within these shipments.One way to do it is to simply send a flyer in the shipment that promotes a specificoffer. However, you’ll likely enjoy a better conversion rate on this offer if you create asense of urgency. You can do this by creating a limited-time offer. Example: If you like Low Cal Recipes, Volume 1 then you’ll LOVE Low Cal Recipes, Volume 2. And now you can get buy Volume 2 at a 50% discount by going to [link] and entering coupon code [insert coupon code]. Order now and within a few days you’ll be enjoying:  Creamy, heart soups like pumpkin soup.  Delicious, even decadent desserts like Chocolate Heaven cake.  Salads and sandwiches to make lunch enjoyable again.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 19
  • 20. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business  Appetizers and spreads that are sure to be a hit at your next party.  Main courses so good that you won’t believe they’re low in calories! And more – you get 150 recipes in all! But hurry, this offer ends [date], so act now to avoid disappointment!One note…If you sell a variety of physical products, then you should create a variety of flyerswith different offers. That way, you can send a flyer that’s as highly related aspossible to whatever it is that the customer just ordered. Examples:  Customers order a copywriting book, you send them an offer for copywriting software and templates.  Customer orders a social media manual, you send them an offer for a Facebook marketing manual.  Customer orders a book about search engine optimization (SEO), you send them an offer for a keyword tool to help make their SEO tasks easier.15. Get Joint Venture Partners to SendFlyers with Their ShipmentsIf you implement the idea above, then you have a chance to make backend salesevery time you send out a shipment. Now imagine this: What if you had a chance tomake an extra sale every time someone else in your niche sent out a shipment? Howmuch money would you make?This is the power of joint ventures (JVs).It works like this: You agree to send one of your partner’s offers in your shipments,and he agrees to do the same for you every time he sends out a shipment.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 20
  • 21. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessYou can see a real-life example of this when you order from Amazon.com. Often theshipment comes to you with a handful of flyers, coupons or other marketing materialsfrom Amazon’s partners, such as Omaha Steaks.You can do the same in your niche. Simply find other marketers who sell physicalproducts to the same general market, and propose to do a flyer swap.Here’s an example of what you might email to your prospective partners… ------------------------------ Subject line: Would you like to include a flyer in my [niche] shipments, [first name]? Dear [name], My name is [your name] from [your link]. Like you, I sell and ship products to [description of niche market]. So here’s an idea: You can include a coupon or flyer in all my shipments. Since I send out an average of [number] shipments per month, you can see how this proposal would really be profitable for you. To make this a mutually beneficial arrangement, you can send my flyers out in your shipments. I’ll supply the flyers. All you have to do is put them in the box. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call me at [number]. Otherwise, just send me your flyer design so we can get started ASAP. Sincerely, [Your name] P.S. I’ll even pay for the printing costs for your flyer, so this is truly free advertising for you! ------------------------------Now let me give you two examples of the type of joint venture partners you mighthook up with for this swap:  You sell dog training manuals. You find a JV partner who sells dog training supplies, like kennels, collars and leashes.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 21
  • 22. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business  You sell bodybuilding exercise equipment like lifting hooks and workout machines. You find a JV partner who sells bodybuilding supplements like whey protein.16. Build a Prospect Mailing ListEarlier you learned about building a customer mailing list so that you can makemoney by promoting additional products and services to your existing customers. Butyou need to also start a prospect mailing list.Think about this for a moment…If your sales letter is pulling down a 4% conversion rate, then a whopping 96% ofyour prospects are leaving the page without buying anything.A majority of these prospects will never come back. Sure, they may tell themselvesthey’ll come back. They may even bookmark your website. But life will get in the way.They’ll forget to ever go back… and you’ll lose a sale.And yes, some of these prospects will come back – but they still won’t buy anythingfrom you. You know why? Because they don’t know you. And that means they don’tyet trust you.So here’s a solution to all of these problems: Start building a prospect mailing listusing a reliable service like Aweber.com or iContact.com. That way you can remindyour prospects to come back to your site. And you can follow up repeatedly with themso that you can start building trust (which leads to more sales).Now, you can’t just put a subscription form on a website and expect people to dropwhat they’re doing to join your list. Instead, you need to give them a good reason tojoin your list. And usually this means giving them an enticing freebie, such as:  A free report or ebook.  Free software.  Free access to a membership site.  Free video.  Free audios.  Free access to a live event (like a teleseminar or webinar).  Free multi-part ecourse.  Or other free tools and resources.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 22
  • 23. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business Examples:  You sell blog themes. You can give a small package of themes away to everyone who joins your list.  You sell homeschooling information. You can give away a package of lesson plans.  You sell marketing information. You can give away a multi-part ecourse that outlines the top five traffic sources.One final note…Any of these freebies will work. However, a multi-part ecourse is particularly beneficialbecause it trains your subscribers to read your emails.That means it’s easier for you to start building a relationship with them by givingthem the solutions they’re seeking. But it also gives you a chance to close the sale bypromoting something in every email you send.17. Co-promote With JV PartnersEarlier you learned about swapping shipping flyers with other marketers in your niche.That’s just one way of doing a joint venture. But there are plenty of others, including:  Promoting each other’s products in your respective newsletters. You can even join each other’s affiliate programs first.  Promoting each other on your blogs.  Swapping blog articles.  Swapping links.  Exchanging banner ads.  Making a product together, such as an ebook or an audio interview.Really, the possibilities are endless.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 23
  • 24. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessNow, you already have an email template that you can swipe and tweak in order toland these joint ventures. But let me give you two extra tips…  Build relationships first. Sure, you can approach your prospective partners “cold” and just drop a joint venture request on them. But you’ll get a much better response rate if you build relationships first. That means chatting with these folks on Facebook, talking to them at conferences, discussing issues with them on forums and blogs, making money for them as an affiliate… and any other ways you can think of to open a dialogue and start befriending these folks first. Simply put, people like to do business with friends and acquaintances rather than strangers.  Give your JV partners the better deal. You’re setting up a mutually beneficial deal. However, you’ll get more “yes” responses if you make it EASY for your partner to say yes. That means you should set up the venture so that your partner gets maximum benefit for minimum effort. Why? For starters, this partner is doing you a favor. And secondly, a JV isn’t a one- shot deal. That means you’re going to want to do more joint ventures in the future. If your partners have a good first-time experience with you, then they’ll be more inclined to agree to future joint ventures. Thus make this first one easy, and you’re virtually guaranteed to get a “yes” the next time you propose a joint venture.18. Monetize Your BlogDo you have a blog yet? If not, you download the WordPress platform and installationinstructions for free at WordPress.org.And if you do have a blog, then let me ask you something:Is it fully monetized? That is, are you making good use of this valuable real estate?© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 24
  • 25. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessYou see, there are plenty of ways you can monetize your blog, both directly andindirectly.Just posting good content helps you build a good relationship with your prospects andcustomers, which indirectly leads to more sales. However, you can also directlymonetize your blog using one or more of the following tips:  Embed promotional links in your content. This is where you write a regular blog post (article), and slip promotional links directly into the content. Example: If you’re describing how to wax a classic car, then you can include an affiliate link for your recommended brand of car wax.  Use promotional messages from time to time. Not every message you post on your blog needs to be 100% useful content. Sometimes you can do a hard sell, meaning you make a post that’s 100% promotional. Just be sure you’re promoting something that’s useful and relevant to your readers.  Display ads in your sidebar. These could be text ads, graphical ads or both. Be sure to rotate these offers so that you can determine which offers put the most money in your pocket.  Encourage readers to join your mailing list. You can include a standard call to action at the end of each of your posts which encourages your prospects to join your list. Bonus Tip: WordPress allows you to password-protect your posts. You can use this feature to get even more people on your mailing list, simply by giving the passwords only to those who join your list.  Create weekly features. Example: Maybe you create a “Friday Feature” where you review a new product or list the top five niche-relevant news stories. Either way, the point is to make a regular feature that keeps your readers coming back again and again.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 25
  • 26. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business19. Start an Affiliate ProgramDo you have your own products? Then you’ll want to consider starting an affiliateprogram. Here’s why:  An affiliate program costs you no money upfront. You only pay a commission when your affiliate refers a paying customer to you, so you never have to take the risk of paying money upfront (as you do for most forms of advertising).  The traffic tends to be extremely responsive. Think about it. Many of your affiliates have blogs, lists and other platforms that they’ve been nurturing for years. They’ve built good relationships with their prospects and customer. So when these marketers personally recommend your products, these responsive prospects will give you a relatively high conversion rate.If you have a physical product, then you can try using a major affiliate network suchas ShareASale.com. The benefit of using a big network is the trust factor. While youcan install an affiliate script and use PayPal to run your affiliate program, youraffiliates will feel more comfortable going through a big network, especially if theydon’t know you.If you have a digital product, then one of the easiest ways to set up your affiliateprogram is through Clickbank.com. While their fees tend to be higher than some otherthird-party payment processors, you’re paying for their handling of your affiliateprogram. They take care of affiliate tracking and management, including cutting thechecks to your affiliates. You just need to focus on recruiting affiliates and motivatingthem. Tip: Some affiliates will find you inside the Clickbank marketplace. However, you’ll probably need to approach and recruit the big “super affiliates” in your niche. It helps if you offer them an extra special deal, such as a special commission rate. For example, if your standard commission rate is 50%, then give your super affiliates a 75% rate.20. Get on FacebookAre you marketing your business on Facebook yet? If not, you should be. And that’sbecause your market is already there. All you have to do is join Facebook in order toplant yourself squarely in front of them.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 26
  • 27. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessThere are actually a few different ways you can use Facebook to market yourbusiness. Don’t stick with just one method – try them all. Here are three methods:  Starting a Facebook Fan Page. This is a great way to represent your business on Facebook.com. Plus, it also makes for a good, viral platform on which you can run contests. Simply log into your Facebook account (register first if you need to), scroll to the bottom right side of the page, and click on Create a Page. Then follow the prompts to create your own Fan Page.  Using Facebook’s pay per click marketing service. This is very similar to Google AdWords, except that these ads only appear on the Facebook.com site. You’ll primarily see these ads running on the right-hand side of the regular content. Just be sure to choose keywords that are tightly focused so that you attract the attention of only the most qualified prospects. Tip: Log into Facebook.com, scroll down, and click on “Advertising” to get started.  Joining niche-relevant groups. When you’re logged into Facebook.com, you’ll see a search box at the top of every page (left side). You can enter your broad niche keywords (like “gardening”) into this box, hit enter and then filter your results by Fan Pages, Groups and various other items. Your goal is to find relevant Groups or Pages, join them and start posting thoughtful and useful comments. When relevant, you can drop a link to your website or, better yet, to your Facebook Fan Page. Just don’t do this before you’ve established a good reputation and don’t do it too often, otherwise you’ll get accused of spamming.21. Distribute Press ReleasesIs there something newsworthy about your business? If not, invent something… andthen distribute press releases about it. Examples:  You just started a business. Local media in particular tends to feature this sort of business news. And if you’ve moved away from a smaller city, sometimes the media will do a “Local Guy/Gal Makes Good” type story.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 27
  • 28. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business  You hired a new employee. Or you promoted one. Again, this is more for local media. Check your local papers to see if they cover these types of events.  You sponsored a charitable event. Here you can get multiple exposure opportunities, from the press releases before the event right through to the press release summarizing the event.  You’re running a contest. Again, here’s the opportunity for multiple press releases, since you can send an announcement of the event as well as write a release about the results and winners.  You have valuable newsworthy tips to share. Let’s say you have a business in a dieting niche. You might share a news article such as, “10 Tips for Staying Lean This Holiday Season.”Please note: A press release is NOT a promotional piece. Rather, it’s a news article.The part where you get publicity is relatively subtle, such as a mention of yourbusiness at the end. Sometimes you might get your business mentioned in themiddle, such as when you’re quoting yourself. Example: “Thanksgiving through New Years is a tough time for most people to stick with a diet,” says fitness trainer John Doe from SomeDietingDomainName.com.Now, in order to learn how to structure your own press releases so that they look likenews articles and not promotions, the best thing to do is to read newspapers in whichyou’d like your release to appear.Most newspapers likely have their back issues online. If not, you can probably findthem at your local library. But either way, the key is to use these successful releasesas a model for the way you write your release.Once you’ve created a release in a similar style, then you can distribute it to localmedia. Be sure to send it to the correct editor (check online or call the office) and besure to send the release using the editor’s preferred method (fax, email or postalmail).Finally, you can also distribute your release using an online distribution service. Oneof the more well-known services is PrWeb.com.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 28
  • 29. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business22. Submit Videos to YouTube.comYou can tap into the power of YouTube by submitting a variety of videos, such as:  A viral video. Do you have something extremely humorous, controversial, useful, entertaining or otherwise engaging to share? Then create a short video (five minutes) and upload is to YouTube.com. Note: Be sure to include a call to action at the end where you tell people to visit your website.  An article-style instructional video. Example: Let’s say you sell to the gardening market. You can show people the proper way to start a hydroponic garden.  A demonstration video. This is where you demonstrate a product as a way of spurring sales. Example: See BlendTec.com for a real-life example of how one company does this in an engaging way (which created a viral effect for them).  A sales video. This is where you share a promotional message by video rather than via a regular text sales page. Tip: Be sure to focus on the “what in it for me?” factor, meaning you focus on the benefits your target market will receive when they use your product.  A multi-part video series. The idea behind creating a multi-part series is to get people coming back again and again to see what new videos you’ve posted. Example: You might create a five-part series called “Five Ways to Lose 10 Pounds.”Of course don’t rely solely on YouTube.com for getting targeted traffic in front of yourvideos. Once you’ve launched a new video, then tell your newsletter list about it, blogabout it, tell your social media contacts, ask your joint venture partners to post yourvideo on their blogs, etc.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 29
  • 30. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business23. Post a Link Bait Article on Your Blog“Link bait” refers to content that’s so interesting, unique, useful, controversial, funnyand/or otherwise entertaining that your readers feel virtually compelled to tell othersabout it.So they’ll go to forums, post your blog link and ask others, “Did you see this?” They’llpost your link on their own blogs. They’ll share it with their friends on Facebook.Point is, when you post a viral blog post, other people will share your link (hence thename link bait), which gets you plenty of backlinks and traffic.Let me give you a couple examples. Let’s suppose you’re website is aimed at dieters.Consider these possible link bait articles:  Controversial: “Low Carb Diets Are Dead”  Funny: “Why I’d Rather Cover Myself in Honey and Lie Down on a Fire Ant Hill Than Start Another Diet”  Useful: “10 Fast Fat-Loss Secrets You Never Knew”24. Run a Contest to Generate Fresh LeadsA contest not only brings in fresh leads to your business, you can also use it togenerate free publicity (via press releases).Sometimes, however, a contest just generates freebie seekers who want nothing to dowith your business once the contest is over. While there will always be a few entrantswho feel that way, you can use the following tips to make sure that your contestgenerates viable leads (e.g., real prospects):  Offer niche-relevant prizes. If you offer cash, then you’ll get plenty of untargeted prospects. Instead, offer your products and services as prizes.  Create a viral effect. One of the best ways to do this is by holding your contest on Facebook and requiring entrants to “like” various content and perhaps comment on it themselves. Every time someone does this, it shows up in their friends’ news feeds, which promotes the viral effect.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 30
  • 31. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business  Get people to “sell” themselves on your product. For example, have people create a two minute video detailing their top three reasons why you have the best products and services. This also works as a powerful form of social proof, as other prospects will see so many people praising your products.  Give discounts to everyone. After you award the prizes to the winners, then send out an email or other announcement to all entrants, offering them a discount on select products for a limited time (e.g., a 50% discount if they purchase within 72 hours).Now let me give you a couple examples of different types of contests:  You sell digital photography manuals and supplies. You hold a Facebook photo contest, where the photo which gets the most “likes” wins.  You sell organic gardening supplies. You ask your entrants to share their best pest-control tip.  You sell dieting supplies. You hold a weight loss contest based on verifiable before and after photos. The key here is that you give a diet plan to your entrants to follow for the duration of the contest (thus creating proof that your diet or supplements work).25. Offer a Free Live EventYou’ve been learning about different ways to use free content to generate fresh leads.Now here’s another idea: Offer a free teleseminar or webinar. Tip: If you offer a webinar, you can host it using the popular GoToWebinar.com platform. If you host a teleseminar, you can get a bridge line through a service like e-teleconferencing.com.There are two main ways to present these events: 1. You offer an instructional event. Let’s say you’re a copywriter. You might create an event called, “Top 10 Profit-Boosting Conversion Tricks.” Alternatively, you might hold a webinar where you do a live critique of© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 31
  • 32. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business various sales letters. Either way, you promote your products or services at the end of the event. 2. You interview an expert (or have someone interview you). This format works great if you’re an affiliate, because you can interview the product vendor (and use your affiliate link whenever you mention the product). If you’re promoting a digital product, be sure to offer useful but incomplete information, which means your prospects need to buy the product in order to get the full instructions.Speaking of affiliate products…26. Sell Affiliate Products and ServicesEven if you sell your own products, an easy way to boost your revenue is bypromoting affiliate products and services to your prospects and customers from timeto time. You can do this in a variety of ways such as:  Sending a solo promotional email to your customer and/or prospect mailing lists. Example: “Top Five Reasons Why Every Marketer Ought to Join Traffic-Fuel.com…”  Posting an article on your blog that includes an embedded affiliate link. Example: You create an article called “How to Housetrain a Puppy” which includes an affiliate link to a kennel and/or a housetraining manual.  You post a product review on your blog or send it to your newsletter list. Example: “Don’t Join ListVend.com Until You Read This…”If you sell digital products, you can find plenty of ebooks and other resources to sellby going to Clickbank.com. There you can browse the marketplace by category, oryou can run a broad search (e.g., “bodybuilding” or “homeschooling”) to uncoversuitable products to promote.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 32
  • 33. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your BusinessIf you’d like to sell physical products, then one of the best affiliate programs so join isthe Amazon.com program. That’s because Amazon.com is a trusted brand, so it’s nottoo hard to persuade a “hot” prospect to buy a product through Amazon.Either way, you can boost your affiliate revenue by adding value to the offers. Thismeans that you offer a little extra bonus to anyone who purchases through youraffiliate link. For example, if someone purchases a dog kennel through your affiliatelink, then you can offer a free copy of a dog training report.27. Outsource Part or All of Your BusinessImagine how much money you’d make if you could clone yourself. Imagine how manynew products you’d create and how quickly you’d get them on the market. Imaginehow much free time you’d make for yourself by having your clones do all the work.Listen, you can’t clone yourself. But you can do the next best thing. And by that I’mtalking about hiring freelancers to build your business.So what can you outsource?Just about anything. But here are some of the more popular tasks:  Product creation. This includes ebooks as well as videos and audios.  Content creation. This includes reports, blog posts, articles, and similar content.  Copywriting. This includes a variety of sales letters, ads, autoresponder messages and even press releases.  Graphics and design. This includes web design, blog design, logos and other graphics.  Programming. You can hire someone to do everything from help you install and customize scripts to program custom scripts, software and apps for you.  Customer service. This includes handling both pre-sale and post-sale inquiries.© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 33
  • 34. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business  Marketing. This includes a wide variety of tasks such as search engine optimization, content distribution, pay per click management, affiliate management and much more.There are a variety of ways to find freelancers, including searching Google (e.g.,“ghostwriter”), posting a project on a freelancing site like elance.com or odesk.com,and even posting and browsing ads on CraigsList.org.In all cases, just be sure to do your due diligence so that you’re assured of hiring acompetent, reliable freelancer.That means you should check the freelancer’s feedback ratings on freelancing sites(where applicable), check portfolio samples, contact references and search thefreelancer’s name in Google to verify that he has a good reputation.ConclusionYou just discovered 27 proven ways to add an extra $100 a month to your business.You learned things like:  Creating order form upsells.  Slipping flyers with backend offers into your shipments.  Boosting your sales letter conversion rate.  Recruiting JV partners to help you advertise.  Raise or lower your prices strategically to boost sales.And much more.Truth is, many of these methods will drop more than $100 into your pocket everymonth. But the other truth is that if you don’t implement these methods, you won’tmake a penny.In other words, knowledge alone doesn’t create profits – you need to takeaction. So take your first step towards more income by implementing one strategyTODAY!© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 34
  • 35. 27 Ways to Add an Extra $100 Per Month to Your Business What If I Show You The Secret of Making Your First $1000 Online in Just 14 Days? You Can Download This $37 Guide 100% FREE For A Limited Time!! Visit http://www.QuickCashSniper.com/© 2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved. http://www.QuickCashSniper.com Page 35