Consultancy Techniques Overview


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An overview of Consultancy Techniques core capabilities

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Consultancy Techniques Overview

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title style• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level Creating Greater Profitability • Third level and –Sustainability through: Fourth level » Fifth level People Processes Systems All Rights Reserved © 2011
  2. 2. Consultancy Techniquesstyle Click to edit Master title Our Story….. • Commenced in mid 2004• Click to edit Master text styles • Created as a boutique management consultancy – Second to be different • Dare level • Accountable for results • •Third our client as our partner See level • – Fourth level partnerships Seek long term • Create sustainable value …always » Fifth level • Work with people to succeed • Trust, credibility & respect are our values ……we build our brand through our values All Rights Reserved © 2011
  3. 3. Click to Our Master title edit Services style Service streams…..• Click to edit Master text & Change • Organisational Development styles • Business Improvement – Second levelMentoring • Coaching & • Indigenous Employment Programs • •Third level Safety Consulting • – Fourth level Knowledge Management • Training & level » Fifth Development • Business Health Check ……customisation is our strength All Rights Reserved © 2011
  4. 4. Typical drivers for ourtitle style Click to edit Master services When your are concerned about…..• Click tosales performance text styles • Poor edit Master • Income reduction and increasing costs – • A lack of level team and management goals Second aligned • A lack of general accountability and responsibility •• Increasing incidents and safety issues Third level • Lack Fourth level indigenous employment – of effective • The micro managing or coercive management » Fifth level culture • Increasing staff turn-over & absenteeism • A lack of coordination between the organisational structure and the current business strategy ……there is a case to speak to us All Rights Reserved © 2011
  5. 5. It takes edit Master title help Click to courage to ask for style How to get us involved …..• Click to editare a 24/7 help service you  1. Call us…we Master text styles 2. Set up an initial meeting…it’s all about – 3. Togetherlevel Second we identify the issue(s) 4. Together we identify the issue driver(s) 5.• Together we create the strategy to solve the it Third level 6. Together we create the detailed plan to succeed – Fourth level 7. TogetherFifthdevelop the road map from here » we level (now) to there (what you want it to look like) 8. Together we develop KPIs 9. Together we develop outcomes 10.Together we develop ROI ……our success is about you All Rights Reserved © 2011
  6. 6. The first steps to help you Click to edit Master title style When you call us we will….. • Ask you a few questions• • Help frame the issue(s) Click to edit Master text styles • Arrange an initial meeting – Second level • Ask more questions • Give you a copy of the meeting notes to confirm •our understanding of the issue(s) Third level • Then Fourth a few more meetings to qualify both – set up level the issuesFifth level » and possible solutions • Once this has been completed we can either: – Develop a project to solve the issue(s) or – Conduct a 2 week business review to ID drivers • There is no cost to you to speak to us during the initial meeting phase ……it is always about you All Rights Reserved © 2011
  7. 7. The first steps to help you Click to edit Master title style• Click to edit Master text styles To Clearly Identify issue drivers Desired & Define – Second level Issue(s) agreed result • Third level – Fourth level » Fifth level Define actions to solve issue All Rights Reserved © 2011
  8. 8. Business Review Overview Click to edit Master title style A business review typically includes….. • Interviews with management & supervisors• Click employee focusopportunities styles • Key to edit Master text issues, problems & groups to identify major •– Second level Conduct Supervisory/Management studies on leadership /goal effectiveness • Third level • Conduct Ratio Delay Study to identify employee work– Fourth level when not supervised effectiveness • Process map each key process driver to identify » Fifth level redundant/parallel processes • Develop a master activity database to identify volume resource driver requirements • Develop solution(s) based on opportunity studies ……it’s a “health check” for your business All Rights Reserved © 2011
  9. 9. Our Clients Click to edit Master title style Our business partners…..• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level • Third level – Fourth level » Fifth level All Rights Reserved © 2011
  10. 10. We are here for you Click to edit Master title style Our contact details…..• Click toEmail: edit Master text styles Telephone: +61 (0) 400 003 029 – Second level Skype: Peter.Synnott • Third level Consultancy Techniques Pty Ltd – Fourth level ABN: 33 096 226 747 » Fifth level “Creating Greater Profitability through people, processes and systems” All Rights Reserved © 2011