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power point presentation task 2

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Peter Jones.Pptassess2

  1. 1.  Peter Jones • Task Two CAE  E Learning tools
  2. 2. Power point presentations and slide share  Sensing and intuitive learners  Visual verbal learners  Global and sequential learners
  3. 3. Face Book, Wiki, Web communities  Active reflective learners  Sensitive and intuitive learners  Visual learners  Global learners
  4. 4. Collaboration  It is relevant to both power point (discussion, questioning)  Face Book (chance to add material and comment, share)  For the theory of acting there are many web sites. No need for long lectures.  We have time TO DO.
  5. 5. There are many kinds of drama students. Most are active learners (Kinesthetic).  Very active
  6. 6. There is still plenty of theory. A power point display NAME OF INSTINCT ACCOMPANYING FEELINGS  Escape: self preservation, avoidance danger. Fear: Terror, fright, alarm, trepidation. COMBAT: Aggression, fighting. Anger: Rage, fury, annoyance, with discussion Repulsion: Repugnance. Parental: Protective. Appeal irritation, displeasure. Disgust: Nausea, loathing, repugnance. Face Book , web Pairing: Mating, sexual, Tender Feelings: Love, tenderness.  reproduction. Curiosity: Inquiry, discovery, Distress: Feeling of helplessness. Lust: Sexual feeling of excitement. guests, email investigation. Curiosity: Feeling of mystery, Submission: Self abasement. strangeness, unknown, Assertion: Self display. wonder. Social or Gregarious. Subjection: Inferiority, devotion, Food seeking: Hunting. humility, attachment, Acquisition. Hoarding. submission, negative. Construction. Elation: Feeling of superiority, Laughter. masterfulness, pride, domination, positive self feeling. Loneliness: Isolation, nostalgia. Appetite or craving in narrower sense. Ownership: Possessiveness, protective feeling. Creativeness: Making of, productivity. Amusement: Jollity, carelessness, relaxation.
  7. 7. You need theory before you get to this.
  8. 8. Learning the emotions table  Its “DRY” to teach  More chance to discuss rather than lecture.  By sending through email, facebook etc no need for copious notes  Quicker reference
  9. 9. Its even more comfortable!
  10. 10. Trainer’s role  Assist with basic e learning skills  Guide and discuss  Engage  Define how they learn  Motivate  Lecture, Question, Discuss.
  11. 11. Assess  Sharing ideas, viewing examples of performance, questioning. Keep assessment ATIVE AND ALIVE. These are after all ACTORS!
  12. 12. The Web Monster  I need to stop being scared of the technology  Practice, extend my range and skills  Consider the potential
  13. 13. What are the elements of acting? Voice Movement Internal resources
  14. 14. The structure of acting. Simple visual advantages when using web tools. Students can comment. Text Voice Physical
  15. 15. A final word on face book and others  Students who are not confident in technology use face book  Creates a community  Can add videos  Once more confident move onto other areas eg delicious etc  Currently used by actors for audition net working.
  16. 16. Thanks for watching!  Take a bow!!