24 Advertising Agency Positions For New Business Development


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This presentation delivers 24 thought-provoking advertising, digital and design agency brand positions to help position agencies for growth.

It's a simple proposition. Advertising, digital and design agencies must create brand differentiation by owning a distinctive brand positioning in order to win at new business.

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24 Advertising Agency Positions For New Business Development

  1. 1. 24 Advertising Agency Brand Positionings That Will Win You New Business
  2. 2. These 24 Agency Positionings Are Part Of The Three Part Blog Series… “How To Position An Advertising Agency.” Check Out The Full Series At: PeterLevitan.com
  3. 3. What Do I Know About Positioning & New Business? I spent 16 years at Saatchi & Saatchi New York and London running business development and managing Fortune 500 accounts. I was CEO of Citrus, a full-service advertising agency in Portland. Our clients included: Nike, Dr. Martens, Harrah’s, Legalzoom, Montana Lottery and the U.N. I was founder and CEO of two successful Internet startups. (Microsoft bought one.) I run an international advertising agency new business consulting practice that helps agencies position and market themselves for growth.
  4. 4. It Is Time For Your Agency To Have A Brand Position That Stands Out. Prospective Clients need To Know How You Are Different From The Other 4,000 Agencies. The Good News Is That Your Competition Isn’t Very Distinctive.
  5. 5. Here Is How 20 Agencies Say They Are Different From You. (I didn’t make this up.) 1. We’re all about being good. We do good work. We’re good to work with. We have a bunch of good people and we bring good ideas to our good clients. 1. We approach integration differently than others. 2. More strategic than other agencies in our niche. 3. Nimble. 4. Nimble and consultative. 5. We sell ourselves as more nimble than the rest. 6. While it sounds simple, what sets us apart is our commitment to client service – no matter who the client or whatever the task. 7. Big city creative, small town prices. 8. We’ve become more marketing agnostic. We move fast. We take risks. We focus on getting it right, not being right. 9. Our experience and skill set is unique.
  6. 6. And, “We are…” 11. Smart people. 12. Smarter. Nicer. Cheaper. 13. Our agency has been around over 60 years…experience is our main selling point. 14. Superior service, resulting from senior-staff involvement, face time with clients and status reporting. 15. Our thinking and work are more effective. 16. Our culture is not the traditional silo approach to the way our company operates. We are not that traditional old school agency. 11. We are not a traditional agency–we are a hybrid. 11. Different infrastructure. 11. Smart strategy, distinctive design. 12. Strategy focus. Source: Fuel Lines “243 Ad Agencies State How They Are Different From The Rest For New Business “
  7. 7. The 24 Agency Positionings There Are More Iterations. But 24 Is A Nice Round Number.
  8. 8. Let’s Start With The Most Used (Over-Used*) Agency Positioning…“We Are Creative” 1. We are storytellers. 1. We design and grow brands. 2. Our work breaks through clutter. 3. We really are creative – we mean it! Ask to see our Clios, Lions, D&AD’s, ADDY’s and Webby’s… *I realize that some agencies can really own “Creative.” But, since since most agencies say they are creative, it’s sure tough to own.
  9. 9. “We Are Strategic” 5. We are a marketing R&D lab. 6. We deliver and manage customer relationships. 5. Our media research drives effective and efficient buys.
  10. 10. “We’ve Got Attitude” 8. We disrupt. 9. We are way cool. 10. We are ambitious. 11. We are client collaborators
  11. 11. “We Are Experts” 12. We take challenger brands to #1. 13. We’ve decoded mobile advertising. 14. We concentrate on B-to-B advertising. 15. We get visual marketing (i.e. Vine, Instagram and Pinterest.) 16. We are retail / shopper-marketing experts. 17. We are demographic group experts (i.e. The Affluent, Gen Y, Moms, Hispanic.) 18. We know your industry (i.e. destination marketing, healthcare, luxury, outdoors.)
  12. 12. “We Deliver Results” 19. We crunch Big Data for breakfast. 20. We are all about conversion optimization and ROI.
  13. 13. “We Deliver Reassurance” 21. Our founder wrote, “Whassup?” 22. Our CEO was a Marketing Director at Apple.
  14. 14. “We Get Around” 23. We think global. 24. We know your town, state or region.
  15. 15. If You Want To See Even More Competitive Agency Positions, Visit My Pinterest Agency Directory.
  16. 16. It Is Imperative That Your Agency Establishes A Competitive And Distinctive Agency Positioning. And, Then An Effective Business Development Plan To Deliver It. I Can Help. Let’s Talk. Take Me Up On My15 Minute Corleone Offer.
  17. 17. www.peterlevitan.com Peter@peterlevitan.com 1.541.419.2309