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  • Portfolio, keynote

    1. 1. H. Peter Seidel, aia Selected Projects
    2. 2. Notable among his projects is Pedestrianspace - the Midtown Pedestrian Study, for the NYC Department ofCity Planning, advocating a differentiated grid for the most densely trafficked streets, to act as a strategicframework for specific improvements such as Broadway Plazas, presently coming to fruition:
    3. 3. The 58-block Upper East Side Historic District was a collaboration of the Department of City Planning andLandmarks Commission, facilitated by Seidel’s complementary zoning revisions. Since, these have enablednumerous new buildings within the District, particularly along the commercial Madison Avenue:
    4. 4. As consultant to the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA-LA) in the courseof planning for the city’s first four stations of its new Metrorail system, Seidel helped shape the DowntownDevelopment Framework and specific Station Area Masterplans:
    5. 5. Promoting pedestrian connectivity in downtown Johannesburg, the 7-block, 200,000 m² BankCity Developmentby First National Bank of South Africa has adopted Seidel’s design principles of urban integration,overcoming the bank’s initial security concerns:
    6. 6. Commissioned by Olympia & York, the Canadian developers of Battery Park City, New York, Seidel assistedwith the developer competition for the pivotal Sony am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin:
    7. 7. As head of Arup Städtebau, Berlin, Seidel won the invited urban design competition for regeneration of Erfurt-Brühl, a 27-hectare site of walled-off, polluted and obsolete industrial structures among historic remnants,situated within the medieval city center:
    8. 8. Collaborating with SPUR - the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, Seidel chaired theAIA/SPUR Civic Center Task Force, to determine a better use and design of the desolate and crime-riddenCivic Center Plaza:
    9. 9. Again with SPUR - the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, Seidel produced the report“Mid-Market Visions”, stimulating improvements along San Francisco’s Market Street corridor:
    10. 10. In projects such as the Berlin Regionales Strukturkonzept for the Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Brandenburgand Hanoi New Town, with Bechtel Corporation of San Francisco, anticipating a population of 700,000, Seidelinitiated generic notions of sustainable urban design, with landscape ecology as primary focus, befitting concerns ofmega-city expansion:
    11. 11. Prestigious private residential commissions on Long Island, New York, have allowed Seidel to serve clients’aspirations, pursuing notions of contextual design, sustainability, and getting things built:
    12. 12. Seidel’s passion and feel for design encompasses landscape, interior design and furnishings, with successfullycompleted projects for private clients in the United States, Europe and Asia: