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Final presentation

  1. 1. By: Brittany Peters
  2. 2. "Failure is just a temporary change in direction to set you straight on the path to success" -Anonymous When I stumbled upon this quote it really resonatedinside my soul and dropped anchor. I have always been myown worst enemy by struggling with the idea of perfection.Ever since a little kid every project had to be perfect, every Ahad to be an A+. This is not a light burden to put on myself.My intrinsic strive for perfection was the forbidden fruit, andI Eve. True to the story, this forbidden fruit lead to mydemise. I reached a point where I was defeated, but thisquote epitomizes the attitude that turned everything around.While I believe that this will be a struggle for me for mywhole life I have faith that keeping this statement in my mindwill empower me. I’ve learned know that life is aboutliving, loving, and experiencing everything you possibly canwithout looking back; life is take all failures as onlytemporary changes in direction.
  3. 3. My plan is to become a Neurosurgeon with amajor in Neurobiology.
  4. 4. $900,000$800,000$700,000$600,000$500,000 Overall$400,000 Single Specialty Multipspecialty$300,000$200,000$100,000 $0 West East South Midwest
  5. 5. Number of openings1816141210 8 6 Number of openings 4 2 0
  6. 6.  In the medical field there are general areas of study i.e. General Surgery that cover a broad spectrum of ailments. When a doctor specialize they choose a subdivision of an area Surgery Neurosurgery Then within that specialty there are fellowships. Fellowships are super-specialtiesNeurosurgery Spinal Neurosurgical care
  7. 7.  Graduate High School with a 3.7 GPA Turn 18 !! (: Receive my acceptance letter to UW Choose the college that I am going to attend (PLU, Whitworth,or UW) Complete the Majors Biology series with a cumulative GPA of 3.9
  8. 8.  Stay in the dorms at college for 2 years Find a new job in the area of the college and work for the last 2 years of my undergraduate major Apply and get accepted to medical schools Take 6 months to focus solely on the MCATs Take the MCATs, do well!
  9. 9.  Graduate medical schools Travel the world with the organization Doctors Without Boarders Get married and have at least 4 kids, raise kids in Maui, Hawaii Make breakthroughs in research to help those with chemical dependency problems
  10. 10.  Good listener Problem solver Good communicator Environmentalist Researcher Scientific Inventive Great people skills Creative Self disciplined
  11. 11. Attend the University of Washington to finish myundergraduate degree in Neurobiology and thenapply to medical schools, this would take twomore years. Then I will attend medical school forfour years and then graduate with an MD inNeurobiology. Following graduation I will enter aresidency which last 3-9 years depending onspecialty. Finally I could join a fellowship which issuper specializing in a specific area of the Neurofield. Also it is important to note that doctors arenever done with their education. It is theresponsibility of a great doctor to stay alwaysinformed of new medications, treatments, andsurgeries. The rapid pace of the medical fielddemands no less than continuing education.
  12. 12. Credits: 90 needed 89 appliedBasic Communication 10 needed 10 appliedBasic Quantitative 15 needed 10 appliedSkillsHumanities and 15 needed 10 appliedSocial SciencesPrimary Required 34 needed 32.5 appliedSciencesAdditional Sciences 10 needed 1.5 appliedand MathematicsRemaining Credits 0 needed 20 appliedRestricted Electives 0 needed 5 applied
  13. 13. Pros ConsSister is there Doesn’t have my desired majorGreat Science departments Not in the best location68% Medical School Acceptancerate (double national average)Close to homeMom is an alumGreat financial aid packageJ term
  14. 14. Pros ConsBeautiful campus Farther awayBest Friend will be there Didn’t get the best financial aid from themJ term Doesn’t have my desired majorFamily close byIn a good location (downtownSpokane)
  15. 15. Pros ConsMajor that I really wantSmaller overall costs ofattendanceIn the citySister goes hereI LOVE the campusAll three of the schools that I am interested in offer different strengths andweaknesses. At this moment in time I am set on attending UW but there isalways the off chance of not being accepted. If this were to occur I knowthat I have two other great private schools that have accepted me. Thesetwo universities show great promise for my path into the medical field eventhough I would have to make some compromises i.e. my desired major
  16. 16. Olympic College University of WashingtonENGL& 101 ENGL 131 (C)MATH& 141 MATH 120 (NW)PEFSP 132 E 1XX (Limited Credit)PYSC& 100 PYSCH 101 (I&S)ENGL& 102 ENGL 182 (C)HIST& 136 HISTAA 101 (I&S)MATH& 142 MATH 120 (NW)CHEM& 139 No CreditHIST& 137 HISTAA 101 (I&S)MATH& 151 MATH 124 (NW)BIOL 201 BIOL 180 (NW)CHEM& 141 CHEM 142 (NW)
  17. 17. Olympic College University of WashingtonCHEM& 151 MATH 125 (NW)MATH& 152 MATH 125 (NW)PE-ED 105 KINPE 1XX Limited CreditBIOL 202 BIOL 200 (NW)CHEM& 142 CHEM 152 (NW)CHEM& 152 CHEM 152 (NW)GEN-S 130 No CreditGEN-S 140 No CreditBIOL 203 BIOL 220 (NW)CHEM& 143 CHEM 153 (NW)CHEM& 143 CHEM 153 (NW)
  18. 18. Key:Red= CompleteBlack= Not CompleteMajor Requirements CoursesChemistry (15 credits minimum):Chem 142,152 or 144,154 and Chem 223,224Physics (8 credits minimum):Phys 114,115Mathematics (10 credits minimum): Math 124,125Biology (15 credits minimum): Biology 180, 200, 220Introduction to Neurobiology (10 credits): Nbio 301, 302Advanced courses in Neurobiology (12 credits): Nbio 401, 402, 403, 404Advanced Electives (16 credits): Any approved 300/400 level natural science course. Associated lab courses may be taken and count toward the 16 credit total. Students may apply up to 7 credits of Undergraduate Research toward the 16 elective credits.
  19. 19.  Considering a two year degree is 90 credits and I have completed 40 of the required credits for my major, I believe that I am on track to finish the major requirements in four quarters and then the other two quarters will offer room for any GURs(general undergraduate requirements) that I might not have fulfilled in Running Start
  20. 20.  I plan to pay for college in four ways: Saved Money, Grants, Loans, and Work study. I have been saving money for the past year by working three jobs, two babysitting and a sales associate, to give myself a head start on my first payment to the college of my choice Grants: are amounts of money that are given to a student and are NOT required to be paid back Loans: amounts of money that are give to students that must be paid back  Payments start approximately 6 – 12 months after graduation Work Study: is a program that is offered to some students which allows them to work on campus and earn part of the money to keep and the other part goes to pay back the federal government
  21. 21. Total Per Year (Undergrad) : $24,009 Total Per Year (Medical) : $29,62518,00016,00014,00012,000 Tuition and Fees10,000 Books 8,000 Personal Expenses 6,000 Transportation 4,000 Room and Board 2,000 0 First 2 Med years School
  22. 22. 70,000 Grand Total: $166,51860,00050,00040,000 Tuition and Fees Books30,000 Personal Expenses20,000 Transportation10,000 Room and Board 0 After 6 years of Disclaimer: All money statistics are based off of current costs, therefore , as they always do, prices will go up resulting in a college larger total
  23. 23. “In life it’s not about what we can make ourselves become but rather groomingourselves to be the best version of who we already are; that is the true challenge” -Brittany Peters Thank You!
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