Strategic Account Management


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Strategic Account Management THE most challenging saes job.

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Strategic Account Management

  2. 2. The Building Blocks of Strategic Account ManagementCRM Program & Change Management Account-Level Performance Measurement Increased Enhanced Increased Net Customer Relationship Future Cash Value Satisfaction Flow Customr-Centric Culture Change Innovative Achievable Selecting SAMs Account-Level Account with REAL Value Creation Strategies Talent Account Account Management Account Team Manager Process Re- & Executive Development engineering Development CRM Internal External Strategic Capability Account Account Evaluation Research Selection Account Based Information Management Right People Right Accounts Alignment
  3. 3. The StrategicAccount Executive Role Buyer SAM SellerThe Skills The IssuesBoundary-spanner Turf Wars(Who owns the customer?)Relationship manager Systems and ProcessesTeam builder Management SupportArbiter Communication/Internal AlignmentCoordinator CultureProblem solver Short-termism/unwillingness to investDeliver & Communicate Value Provided Overcoming customer suspicionInnovator Turning away unprofitable business
  4. 4. The Profile of a Strategic Account Executive“We want our account executives to be talent magnets able to attract the best individuals around them. We want them to be hugely influential with the customer, with ourselves and with our strategic partners. We want people who can zoom in and out at any level of discussion and who can act credibly across all geographies and disciplines. We want those individuals who can thrive on technology, who can move fast, who have a passion for success and who have the determination to deliver superior service excellence.”- Strategic Account Director, International Telecoms group
  5. 5. The Super Strategic Account ExecutiveCareer to date: ten years as Sales Manager and Account Manager three years general management experience at German subsidiary eighteen months as special envoy to the UN …. learned to walk on water during a brief sojourn in India
  6. 6. The Requirements of a SAM Required Skills• Communication skills 1• Team leadership and management skills 2• Business and financial acumen 3• Relationship and management skills 4• Strategic vision and planning capabilities 5• Problem solving capabilities 1• Cultural empathy 2• Selling skills 3• Industry and market knowledge 4• Customer knowledge 5
  7. 7. The Customer Added-Value of an SAMSocial VisitorSomeone who takes me out to lunchonly to agree next year’s quotaProblem FixerSomeone we can rely upon to sort outproblems with the relationshipKnowledge CentreSomeone who has significantknowledge of customers’ products &services
  8. 8. The Customer Added-Value of an SAMDelivery ChampionSomeone who can help DeliverConsistent High Quality ServicesTrusted AdvisorSomeone With a Deep Understandingof My BusinessRelationship BuilderSomeone Able to Develop BroadBusiness Relationships
  9. 9. The Supplier Added-Value of a SAMSales AchieverSomeone who can be relied upon to hittheir numbers over the yearEnterprise Capability SellerSomeone who can cross-sell differentproducts across differentdepartments/divisions/subsidiariesConsultant SellerSomeone we can sell solutions andcreate new offers for the business
  10. 10. The Supplier Added-Value of an Outstanding SAMExcellent LeaderStrong communicators who can leadand manage diverse teamsFinancially AdeptSomeone who can translate softrelationship issues into hard profitRelationship BuilderSomeone Able to Develop BroadBusiness Relationships
  11. 11. CRM Evaluation Framework Components Purpose & Strategy Attributes Score Structure & Management Attributes Score Account Selection Attributes ScoreCRM Account Planning Attributes Score HR Policies Attributes Score Products & Services Attributes Score Information Systems Attributes Score
  12. 12. Purpose & Strategy - AttributesStrategy development processQuality of CRM strategyRelationship to corporate strategyCommunication of strategyCRM goalsResources committed to CRMLeadership
  13. 13. Structure & Management - AttributesPositioning of CRM within the organisationCRM internal structureAppropriateness of customer contact modelCRM alignment with other business unitsCRM performance evaluation
  14. 14. Account Selection - AttributesAppropriateness of account selection criteriaDisciplined use of account selection criteriaAssigning accounts to AE’s and support personnel
  15. 15. Account Planning - AttributesAccount profilesAccount planning processWho develops account plan?Account plan contentAccount plan review & approval processAccount plan implementation and monitoringJoint customer planningLinking account management to opportunitymanagement
  16. 16. HR Policies - AttributesAppropriateness of AE selection process and criteriaDisciplined use of AE selection criteria and diagnostic toolsAdequacy of AE personnel resourcesAE training, coaching and developmentPersonnel performance measurementCompensationPerformance recognition
  17. 17. Products & Services - AttributesProduct & service development processBringing new products to marketUse of customer researchProduct & service performance measurementCustomer satisfaction measurement
  18. 18. Information Systems - AttributesQuality of CRM information systemAccess to CRM information systemIntegration of sales process with CRM systemUtilisation of CRM information systemTechnical supportCRM information system training
  19. 19. Analyse the Gaps Size of gap Importance of component Importance of attribute
  20. 20. CRM Improvement PlanSet methods & goals for attribute score (quantification)Prioritise attributesConsider impacts of interrelated attributesDetermine … . What to do Who will own it When they’ll complete it