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Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers.

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  1. 1. Online Advertising Overview
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction  Types of Digital Media  Digital Advertising  Advantages of online advertising  Basic terminologies  Types of Ads
  3. 3. Introduction  Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers.  Egypt is one of the fastest growing online advertising market in the region.  16% of the population (12million) are an internet users by the end of 2008  59.65% of businesses in Egypt use the Internet  18% have websites (or web presence/domain for corporate email)  We can conclude that the difference of 41.35% use free email
  4. 4. Introduction  Sources:  Internet profiling proposal presentation NIELSEN
  5. 5. Types of Digital Media 3.Online Partnerships • Search Marketing 2. Online PR •Affiliate marketing • Search Engine •Portal representation •Sponsorship Optimization •Social media: blogs •Co- branding • Paid search: Pay and feeds & communities •Linking building per click •Widget marketing Offline communication Offline communication •Advertising •Direct mails •Personal selling Web Sits •Exhibitions •Sales promotion & •Merchandising •PR Partner Microsite •Packaging •Sponsorship •Word of Mouth 6. Viral Marketing 4.Interactive ads •Videos 5. Opt in email •Pictures •Online display ads •in-house e-mail list •Games •Banners •Renting opt-in e-mail lists •Jokes •Rich media ads •information
  6. 6. Types of Digital Media Search Marketing • Search Engine Optimization • Paid search: Pay per click
  7. 7. Types of Digital Media 2. Online PR • Portal representation • Social media: blogs and feeds & communities
  8. 8. Types of Digital Media 3.Online Partnerships • Affiliate marketing • Sponsorship • Co- branding • Linking building • Widget marketing
  9. 9. Types of Digital Media 4.Interactive ads • Online display ads • Banners • Rich media ads
  10. 10. Types of Digital Media 5. Opt in email in-house e-mail list Renting opt-in e-mail lists
  11. 11. Types of Digital Media 6. Viral Marketing • Videos • Pictures • Games • Jokes • information
  12. 12. Digital Advertising Digital Solution Digital Signage Corporate Multimedia Presentations Indoors multi Media Outdoor Web development Glass Go Online Advertising Eye walk Mobile advertising Holo sign 3D Animation Plasma LCD 2D Animation Games
  13. 13. Advantage of online advertising  Targeting:  Geographical (using IPs)  Contextual (using the website/channel context)  Country, Age, and Gender (some websites only)  Interactivity:  All banners are clickable  Possibility of user initiated banners (rich media banners).  Tracking and Reporting:  Monitoring the campaign continuously and real time (using Ad-Management system – Accipiter)  Providing exact figures for the progress of the campaign  Comparing planned versus actual progress  Cost Effectiveness:  Guarantee: exact delivery of agreed on figures (impressions) on agreed upon time.
  14. 14. Basic Terminologies  Impression: In Web advertising, the term impression is sometimes used as a synonym for view, as in ad view. Online publishers offer and their customers buy advertising measured in terms of ad views or impressions  CPM (cost per impression): is where advertisers pay for exposure of their message to a specific audience. CPM costs are priced per thousand impressions, or loads of an advertisement. However, some impressions may not be counted, such as a reload or internal user action.  Cost per Click: you pay a set amount per click-through. Sites like Overture also run bids for certain keywords - the more you bid, the higher your site appears on the first page of the search results. Properly run, these campaigns can bring a lot of extra traffic to your website  Spots : One spot means that the total inventory of appearance on the banner during one month will be distributed among maximum of six advertisers.
  15. 15. Types of ads  Banner Adverts: Usually horizontal bars across the top of a web page, they offer color, graphics and often animation, together with the ability to click through to the advertiser's own website.  Expanding ad: An ad which changes size and which may alter the contents of the webpage
  16. 16. Types of ads  Video ad: similar to a banner ad, except that instead of a static or animated image, actual moving video clips are displayed  Show Case:
  17. 17. Types of ads  Associated banners: is a super and a showcase banner showing the same campaigns with animated material moving seamlessly between the two banners  Floating ads: These ads appear when you first go to a webpage, and they "float" over the page for five to 30 seconds. While they are on the screen, they obscure your view of the page you are trying to read, and they often block mouse input as well. These ads appear each time that page is refreshed.
  18. 18. Types of ads  Sky-scraper Adverts: Similar to banner ads, these advert spaces run vertically down the left or right hand side of the page, allowing the advert to stay in view as the user scrolls down the page. They can also be animated and employ click-through to move users to the advertiser's site.  Pop-ups and Pop-downs: These are the small windows that appear when you first get onto a website. Pop-ups appear on your screen in full, pop-downs appear on the bar at the bottom of your screen and you have to open them to get rid of them. Surveys have found that most internet users find pop-up adverts intrusive and annoying.
  19. 19. Thank You