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Newsletter for July and August 2011

Newsletter for July and August 2011



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Update NFL dist. june july august newsletter Update NFL dist. june july august newsletter Document Transcript

  • NorthFloridaUpdateNorth Florida DistrictChurch of the Nazarene6817 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 1301Jacksonville, FL 32216Phone 904-281-8148FAX 904-281-8149E-mail: officenfd@bellsouth.netWeb: www.nflnaz.comOrville Jenkins, Jr., District SuperintendentVolume 38 Number 3June/July 2011FROM THE DISTRICT SUPT.Pastoral TransitionsWe welcome the following new pastors to our district:Rev. and Mrs. Scott Roberts at Panama City (coming fromSC)Rev. and Mrs. David Kelly at Blountstown (coming from MS)Rev. and Mrs. Greg Brown at Leesburg (coming from GA)Rev. and Mrs. Homer Edmonds, Jr. at Interlachen (comingfrom South AL)And changes within our district include the following:Rev. and Mrs. Allen Shortridge going from Interlachen to New Smyrna Beach.Rev. and Mrs. Merle Goodrich going to High Springs Grace from Trenton Community.Rev. Jay Ahlemann has had to resign at Eustis LakeBridge due to health reasons.Other churches in pastoral transition include the following:CrestviewEustis LakeBridgeGainesville FirstJacksonville New DimensionsJacksonville Oak HillOcala WestStarkeTrenton CommunityQuick Notes:Wonderful spiritual victories during our GREAT AWAKENING TOUR II with lay evangelistDan Bohi. • Very positive reports from all three district camps: Senior Hi, Mid-Hi, and Childrens • Dedication of newly purchased building for Deltona Iglesia Hispano Nazareno on July 30, 2011 • Tallhassee First celebrates its 65th Anniversary on July 31, 2011 • Ministry Team Retreat, October 3-6, Edgewater Beach, Panama City Beach
  • Thanks Pastor Jake and Jennie. Thanks Pastor Jay. We’ll never be the same. NYC ‘11Rev. Tim Hildreth, President1590 N. Jefferson St., Monticello, FL 32344monticellonaz@gmail.com850.997.3906 It happened again. Forty-nine peopledescended upon the Laguna Beach Christian RetreatCenter for the NFL District Sr. High Camp. Not byaccident the Holy Spirit showed up as well! PastorCraig Henderson directed a great camp thatchallenged the socks off of a number of students! TNU’s own Refuge led in beautifulworship. Our own Youth Pastor from Port Orange,Pastor Jake Edwards, brought the Word of God to Over 6,100 participants!LIFE! The Word was authentic . . . real . . . Over 220 Ministry With Others projects!tangible! It reached deep inside and drew us toward Over $120,000 raised for MWO supplies!our creative God. New commitments to Christ Six Semi-trailer’s full of baby supplies!made. Minds and hearts working together Nearly 1,450 children sponsored globally!becoming Jesus-followers in every way. That is $30,000 raised in one offering for an intensivetruly fresh and exciting! mission project: “12:7 Serve” Thanks Pastor Craig. Thanks Pastor Jake. 20 Students from NFL who spiritually grew byWe’ll never be the same. leaps and bounds. 6 Adults from NFL who are now convinced The Church is alive and well for the future. One quote: “The Gospel that God has called us to does not Pastor Jake and Jennie Edwards just manage brokenness . . . it ‘unbreaks’ it!” -orchestrated an exceptional camping experience for Chris Folmsbee, July 6seventy-seven Middle Higher’s and staff this year. One Thought going forward:Worship was led by TNU’s Refuge (again) and the NYC ’15 is coming and will be well worthWord was brought to us by Rev. Jay MacPherson. investing your resources and energy into sendingA number of new commitments were made to your students. Make it a part of your vision forChrist. A number of students sought after God’s the future!work to change their hearts and minds (Romans Upcoming . . .12.2). More. Something very special happened at AugustMid-High camp this year. An emphasis . . . a focus 27 NFL NYI Quiz Kickoff at Orange Park @ 10 am Septemberto take the students from the spiritual high of camp 24 NFL NYI Quiz – place to be determinedback home with an exercise for spiritual health. October 16 Lay Sunday – How will you involve your NYI?Creating a spiritual rhythm of devotion, prayer and 22 NFL NYI Quiz – place to be determinedquietness. Every morning we began with a time of Novemberquiet worship. A sensitive time. A deeply spiritual 11-13 NFL District NYI “Extreme Days” @ Jacksonville Oak Hill Churchtime. A means of grace to be replicated over and 19 NFL NYI Quiz – place to be determinedover again. It was very special. December
  • 9-10 NFL District NYI 30 Hour Famine? (in the works) 30-31 NFL NYI Quiz Invitational TournamentSusan Day, President7039 Oakwood Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32211sday18@bellsouth.net904.724.2520 NMI July Emphasis: International Schools & SeminariesDid you know that we have 53 Nazarene colleges, universities, and seminaries? Since the beginning ofour denomination, it has been felt that education must be a priority. In the current economical crisis,many of our schools are facing hard decisions. In the world political climate, there may be times whenmissionaries will not be allowed into countries. We must educate our indigenous Nazarenes tocontinue to evangelize in their own nations and to their own people. If you would like to see wherethey are and so know how better to pray for them, here is the link:http://www.nazarene.org/education/iboe/weblinks/display.aspxAugust Emphasis: Loving Interested Nazarenes Knowing and Sharing (LINKS)Please remember our LINKS missionaries this month: Howie & Bev Shute, Allen & Elizabeth Wilson,Dave & Rhoda Restrick and Carolyn Myatt. Please remember our Mozambique seminary (pictureabove!)September Emphasis: ALABASTERDid you know that since its inception in 1949, we have raised over $97 million for Alabaster? Did youknow that we have done 8,862 projects since we started? Did you know that the Alabaster Offeringprovides funds for property and buildings around the world. It gives a sense of permanence, theattitude that the Church of the Nazarene intends to "put down roots." Eighty percent of the money isused in world mission areas, and twenty percent goes to multicultural congregations in the UnitedStates and Canada. Alabaster funds help provide land for most Work & Witness projects. Did youknow that the entire offering goes toward the construction of churches, schools, medical facilities, andhomes for missionaries and national workers? View slide
  • Now You Know! Ministering through Missions.................SusanDonna Nichols, President3822 Leane Dr.Tallahassee, FL 32309850-879-2342donnanic@embarqmail.comWhen pastor Jake gave me an invitation to go to camp this year, (first time) I said I would love to but deep downinside I was telling myself there is no way I can do this. Then the Lord said, “Guess what you can do this andyou are going to do this.” So, to make a long story short I would like to say thank you to every one who madecamp possible. I am very blessed to have been a part of it. Pastor Ben, had very "powerful" services every night.It was awesome to see the children come forward to accept Jesus (WOW!!) my daughter was one of the manythat came forward and that just touched me in a mighty way. In closing, I would just like to say that this year’scamp has made a huge impact on my life. I just hope that I was able to make an impact on some of the childrenslives. GOD IS GOOD! I can’t wait till next year.I felt the Lord calling me to go to camp this year which was always something I considered a "stretch" for meand something not at all in my comfort zone! (I dont have children and 24/7 was intimidating to me!) ....but Iobeyed the call. God gave me the strength and endurance and I had an amazing time! To see so many childrendealing with problems they should not even be exposed to was heartbreaking...and the opportunity to share loveand life experiences with these kids was priceless. I know it was no accident that I was assigned to a cabin withseveral girls who recently lost a parent....I lost my dad to cancer when I was 8, so I felt like I could relate to theirissue on a very personal level. Im so blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of camp. I will be prayingfor "our girls" daily.My first time at camp was truly inspiring. The spirit moved through chapel services every night. The gameswere a blast and I thank all who organized an awesome event. But for me, the proof is in the fact I woke uppraying for the needs of some of the kids I got to know and that I am looking forward to next year. The seedsthat are planted and the prayers that are said are needed in these kid’s lives. Its a blessing to be a part of thework of the Spirit, but emotional to hear things in the lives of these kids that they shouldnt have to deal with.Im inspired to do better for the Kingdom!This was my first year at camp and it brought back so many memories. I loved camp as a child and teenager. Ialways came home with such a blessing and I could see that in our children. They could not stop singing thesongs on the way home. Thank you to everyone involved for planning such an amazing week. God truly showedup in a mighty way!Can anyone say AWESOME? That is OUR GOD! He is BIG, and STRONG, and LOUD, and what fun we hadpraising Him at NFL District Kidz Camp this week!!! God gave me a "new assignment" of prayer and nurturefor one special child. God placed a love within me for this child on Monday. The children and staff received ananointing from God. Thanks, Donna, Missi, and Ben, for your leadership. A special thanks to all the staff andcampers. What a joy to work with each of you this week. "Im going to take it in and Im going to give it out. . . !How about you? View slide
  • This was my first year of camp and yes I will go back. It was busy and tiring but it was a great time.What an awesome week at camp we had. Thank you Pastor Ben for the wonderful messages every night thatspoke to All our hearts. Thank you, Donna, Missy, Melody and all the wonderful people who made camp weekpossible. We appreciate all your hard work. It was such a blessing to see how the spirit touches so many hearts. Icant stop singing all the great songs. May we continue to build our lives on what really counts.I would like to say that I have never been so blessed and so sad at that the same time. Blessed, because of theHoly Spirit moving and touching kids (and me!), sad to know that these kids live in a life unimaginable. Thiscamp compelled me to "clean" out some things and to be Christs light for kids in my community. I will begoing next year and I will be bringing kids and adults. Great job, Pastor Ben, Missi and Donna and all the staffyou are wonderful!My second experience with camp and I am ready for next year. A total of 18 hours of sleep in 6 days is worthpraying for and leading children to Jesus. Some children who never get held and hugged by their earthly parentsneeded to hear that their Heavenly Father loves them unconditionally and that they need to keep praying becauseGod will always be there even when bad things happen. Pastor Ben, your heart for children and ministry shinedthrough this week. Mrs. Melody, you rock! Mrs. April and your kitchen volunteers and staff, you are awesomeand so appreciated and all the wonderful counselors that sacrificed the comfort of beds and sleep to love ourkids to Jesus---THANK-YOU! Mrs. Missi and Mrs. Donna, I say well done because you took the initiative toorganize and run camp not for yourselves but for Jesus. You managed all the bumps with flexibility and made adifference in a lot of peoples lives. Thank you!OUR THEME: Take it in and live it out, now come on and shout it out. Its all about living our lives selflessly,and living life for You not for me!!Talk it up! The greatest kids, youth & adults live on the North Florida District!You will want to be part of next year’s camp! MARK YOUR CALENDAR: SDMI / NYI CONVENTIONS January 27-28, 2012 Guest Speaker Dr. James H. Diehl