Acrolab - Research & Development - Company Overview
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Acrolab - Research & Development - Company Overview



Advanced Thermal Energy Research & Development ...

Advanced Thermal Energy Research & Development
Thermal Engineering Design Integration & Manufacturing
Thermal Electric Products
Operating since 1945, Acrolab’s head office is located in Windsor, ON with branches in Montreal PQ, Calgary AB and Detroit; MI. Acrolab has a strong global presence with agents worldwide. With its own Advanced Research and Development Lab, Acrolab offers engineered heat transfer and cooling systems, sensors and RTDs (industrial & plastics) and assemblies; process controls; a complete line of heating elements and accessories. Acrolab’s core competencies are research and development in thermal engineering, heat transfer and cooling for composite materials, clean energy research for applications in geothermal, solar, wind, biomass conversion and it offers a full line of thermal products from its manufacturing center.



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Acrolab - Research & Development - Company Overview Acrolab - Research & Development - Company Overview Presentation Transcript

  • Advanced Research & Development Energy Transfer Technology Worldwide 1 Advanced Research & Development
  • About Acrolab Ltd. Founded in 1945 Advanced Research & Development Thermal Engineering & Clean Energy Transfer Research/Engineering/Manufacturing OEM Business Verticals: Aerospace Agricultural Automotive/transportation Defense Electronics Petrochemical Medical Material Science Packaging Processing Global Headquarters & Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories Renewable energy sector 7475 Tranby Avenue Telecommunication Windsor Ontario Canada Website: 2
  • Welcome to Acrolab Worldwide Advanced Research & Development üResearch & Development üThermal Engineering üThermal Electric Products 3
  • Advanced Research & Development R & D Services 4
  • Research & Development Advanced Research & Development üEngineering Design & Support ü Testing and Evaluation ü Custom Manufacturing üField Service & Installation 5
  • Research: Clean Energy Division Advanced Research & Development Geothermal Clean Energy Biothermal Solar Wind Power 6
  • Research: BIO ENERGY Greenhouse Heat Recovery Advanced Research & Development Bioenergy 7
  • Research: Remote Power Generation Advanced Research & Development Gas Transmission Pipelines Acrolab Isobars are a key component in thermoelectric generators for DC power generation. 8
  • Research: Military Applications – Isobar® Advanced Research & Development Cooling - Military Communications Curved heat pipes Radar Aircraft Shipboard Antenna Base with heat pipes 9 and amplifier base
  • Research: Telecommunications Advanced Research & Development Thermal energy redistribution Embedded Isobar® heat pipes for heat distribution
  • Research: Power Electronics Advanced Research & Development Water Purification Cooling electronics in hermetically sealed power containers Cooling modules for Trojan Technologies with reverse working fan assemblies 11
  • Research: Medical Applications Advanced Research & Development § Cooling Diagnostic Equipment § Gas Analyzing Equipment § Fluid Analyzing Equipment § Blood Warming Finned Isobar heat pipe array for gas chromatography machine cooling 12
  • Advanced Research & Development Engineering Services 13
  • Services: Thermal Engineering Advanced Research & Development üTechnical application engineering üFluid dynamics üIndustrial and process engineering üMaterials engineering üPolymer processing 14
  • Services: Thermal Engineering Design Advanced Research & Development Areas of Application üProcess heating and cooling üProcess Thermal dynamics üPolymer processing 15
  • Services: Thermal Engineering Advanced Research & Development NASA Heat Pipe for Shuttle Columbia Electronics cooling zero gravity application AEROSPACE Rotating Heat Pipes for Aircraft Engine Nose Cone Heating De-icing application CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Chemical Analysis – Cooling Application 16
  • Services: Thermal design - Tooling Advanced Research & Development 17 Thermal Components from …
  • Services: Effective Energy Transfer Advanced Research & Development § Isobar® heat pipes § Isomandrel® § Isosprue Spreader™ § Isoplaten® 275 °F 18
  • Advanced Research & Development Acrolab Products 19
  • Products: The Isobar® Heat Pipe Advanced Research & Development Super thermal Conductors § Passive devices that require no electrical power § Available in numerous lengths and diameters § Manufactured in custom geometries 20
  • Products: Isobar® Heat Pipe Function Advanced Research & Development 21
  • Products: Acrolab Heat Transfer System Advanced Research & Development Electrical Box Shown with heater Leads and T/C Isobars shown Optic Surfaces Mold Insulated Prior to Install 22 Acrolab Ltd. – Copyright 2003 –Mold Cooling & Heating
  • Products: Isobar® and thermal management products by Acrolab Advanced Research & Development Features & Benefits § Super thermally conductive = Energy savings § Super thermally conductive = Improved productivity § Super thermally conductive = Improved thermal recovery § Isothermal performance = Improved quality § Isothermal performance = Reduced cycle time § Isothermal performance = Reduced scrap rate § Less complex systems = Reduced maintenance Process Improvement = Cost Savings 23 Isothermal = Uniform
  • Products: The Isosprue Spreader™ Advanced Research & Development Controlling the cure 24
  • Products: The Isoplaten® Advanced Research & Development Bi-level matrix of heaters and Isobars® in a steel platen Heaters Isobars® Platen Isoplaten ® 25
  • Products: Standard Platen vs. Isoplaten® Advanced Research & Development Standard Platen Isoplaten 26 Standard Platen Isoplaten
  • Products: The Isomandrel® Advanced Research & Development Thermally enhanced mandrels for filament winding applications Construction, transportation and fibre reinforced plastics … 27
  • Products – Thermal Electrics Advanced Research & Development Acrolab standard products that are coupled with thermal engineering expertise. Acrolab will recommend/advise the correct product for your application. Temperature Controllers Heaters Sensors 28
  • Quality: 5S and Kaizen Best Practices Advanced Research & Development 29
  • Quality: 5S and Kaizen Best Practices Advanced Research & Development 30
  • Quality: 5S and Kaizen Best Practices Advanced Research & Development Advanced Research & Development 31
  • Energy Transfer Technology Acrolab Research & Development Labs Advanced Research & Development Thank you 32