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Dragonbridge Corporation Your China Specialists 20100018


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Key China Business services of Dragonbridge: China specialists (not Asia generalists) in training and business facilitation. No trading for own account (no conflict of interest with client objectives).

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Dragonbridge Corporation Your China Specialists 20100018

  1. 1. D RAGONBRIDGE C ORPORATION The China Specialists China, a rising dragon with a rich culture and a long history, has increasing economic relevance to every industry and business model. Every business needs a well-considered China Strategy and the best strategy can only be developed through an understanding of China and a clear assessment of its impact on your business. Dragonbridge can bridge your business to China because we are China specialists. We help you access opportunities, manage risks and navigate the system. With a landmass twice that of the European Union, more than twice the population speaking almost three times as many languages and about the same number of administrative regions - each with its own set of regulations and social customs - it is clear that China is vast and complex. To succeed in business with China and prevent costly mistakes, you need more than an “Asia specialist” – you need the China specialists. Our specialists focus on training, consulting and business facilitation for our clients; we do not trade in products for our own account so there is never any conflict of interest. Since our first contacts in Guangzhou in 1984, we have built an extensive network on both sides of the ocean dedicated to providing the best service for our clients. Dragonbridge has fulfilled mandates in China, Canada, the US, Europe, and in Singapore. Our time-tested partners and specialists inside China and our team of North American consultants and trainers provide the resources you need to succeed in the China market. Our services include:  UNDERSTANDING CHINESE CULTURE & COMMUNICATION – Comprehensive Training Program: China Overview (Historical, Social and Political Influences, Economy; Regions of China; Resources and Industries by Region; Available and Restricted Industries; Languages; Variations in Business Culture; Developing Trends) : Understanding the Chinese Mindset (Belief Systems, Philosophy of Interpersonal and Business Relations, Determinants of Behavior), Social and Business Relations (Etiquette, Protocol, Unwritten Rules, Managing Relations and Expectations, Effective Communication; The New Generation)  SUCCEEDING IN CHINESE NEGOTIATIONS – Interactive Training and Case Study Program: Why North American Negotiators Fail (Re-examining our assumptions; The Chinese approach; “We’re not in Kansas anymore”; Behaviors you should prepare for). How North Americans Succeed (Success stories; Adaptive negotiating; Responding to Tactics; Negotiating Strategies; The Bamboo bends with the Wind; Suggested Game Plans). Legal Essentials (What is a contract in China? How do you protect your business? IP issues; How do you manage human resources in China? How do you deal with different levels of government? )  DEVELOPING YOUR CHINA BUSINESS PLAN – Analyzing your firm’s readiness and strategy (Sell or distribute in China? Buy in China? Produce in China? Invest or partner in China?), Researching the Market , Identifying opportunities, Potential threats, Business resources at home and in China, Setting up a presence in China, Logistics and communications issues.  BUSINESS MISSIONS TO CHINA – What sectors and regions of China are best for you? Where to see best practices, potential partners, markets, competitors, suppliers? Establishing contacts in China; General Business Missions, Industry or Regional Missions, Company-Specific Missions.  PARTNERING & VALIDATION – Research and analysis of partners; In-depth validation of target companies.  EXPAT PREPARATION – Learning to navigate the cultural minefield; Communicating with Chinese partners, suppliers, government regulators and employees; Relating to friends and colleagues; Spousal cultural preparation and the logistics of daily life; Support networks; Resources;  SUPPLY, MONITORING, TROUBLESHOOTING – On the Ground Support for: Buying or Producing in China; Quality Control (Monitoring components, process, testing, verification on completion and sealing); Fixing Communication Problems.  INVESTING – M&A support in China; Attracting Chinese investors to North America.  PERSONNEL – Recruiting mandarin-speaking personnel for North-American positions or personnel for operations in China; Consulting on HR issues relating to Chinese regulations and culture.Quotation from The Art of War: Written by Sun Zi around the Warring States period (443 to 221 BC)“So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will fight without danger in battles. If you only know yourself,but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.” DRAGONBRIDGE CORPORATION T. +1-514-933-8680 F. +1-514-933-9272 E. info@dragonbridgecorp.com www.dragonbridgecorp.com