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Social Media, A Business Driver
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Social Media, A Business Driver


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Presentation given by Peter Lisney of Internet marketing specialists Business Pathfinder at

Presentation given by Peter Lisney of Internet marketing specialists Business Pathfinder at

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social MediaA Business Driver?
    Peter Lisney
  • 2. House Keeping – Mobile Phones
    Please keep your phones ON!
    Tweet about this session @PeterLisney
    Send a photo to Flickr
    YouTube this session
  • 3. Years to Reach 50m Users
    added 200m users in just 1 year
  • 4. Disclaimer/Warning
    Social media is still rapidly evolving so no one person has the full answer
    However, to ignore it because you don’t understand it, leaves the way clear for competitors to get ahead
  • 5. Do I Need a Social Media?
  • 6. Social Media Myths
    Social Media is for "kids"
    It's only for B2C companies
    It's not for serious business
    It's not for my type/size of business
  • 7. Some Social Media Truths
    Social media is happening today
    Take no action and you’ll be left behind
    You no longer control what’s said about your brand
    Just like advertising you can waste time and money on social media
  • 8. What brand name comes to mind when I say ‘hamburger’?
  • 9. What brand name comes to mind when I say ‘soft drink’?
  • 10. What brand name comes to mind when people think of your product or service?
    Your Name?
    Or Your Competitor’s
  • 11. B&B in Shropshire?
  • 12. Military Museum?
  • 13. Military Museum?
  • 14. Military Museum?
  • 15. Theme Park?
  • 16. Theme Park?
  • 17. Staying Top Of Mind
    Social Media can help your brand stay ‘top of mind’ with your prospects and customers
    Monitor what people are saying about you. Ignore at your peril
  • 18. Social Media and Your Website
  • 19. WWW
  • 20. WWW
  • 21. E-Mail
  • 22. E-Mail
  • 23. WWW
  • 24. If You Build It Will They Come?
  • 25. Social Media Success Keys
    Have a strategy
    Hunt like a lioness
    - Focus where your customers and prospects go
    Learn from others
    Content, content, content
    Decide on KPI’s and Measure results
    Online Sales
    Web visits (Analytics)
  • 26. Return on Investment
  • 27. What’s Hot?
  • 28. What’s Hot?
    Using social media on the go
    Tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite
    Keep one eye on location services like
  • 29. What’s Hot?
  • 30. What’s Not Hot?
    Anywhere your customers don’t go
  • 31. 29,853,020
  • 32. 99,200
  • 33. 220
  • 34.
  • 35.
  • 36. The YouTube Opportunity
    3rd most popular website in UK (behind Google and Facebook)
    Few companies are uploading videos
    Fewer companies know how to get their video seen
    Easily integrated with your website as well as being seen on
  • 37. How YouTube is Used To Market
    Brand awareness
    Product advertising
    Retail promotion
    Direct sales
    Product support
    Internal training
    Employee Communications
  • 38. What Type of Content Will You Use?
    What type of content will you use?
    Educational, ‘how to’
  • 39. What is LinkedIn?
    100+ Million users Worldwide
    4 Million in UK
    Users build a list of ‘Connections’ of business people they know and trust
    You can be ‘introduced’ to connections of their connections (2nd and 3rd degree)
    Used to communicate, find jobs, people and business opportunities
  • 40. LinkedIn Vs Face2Face Networking
  • 41. Get on LinkedIn
    Make your profile keyword rich
    Upload a photo of YOU
    Connect with people you meet
    Get involved in ‘Groups’
    Your industry
    Where your customers hang out
  • 42.
  • 43.
  • 44. What is Twitter
    Each post no longer SMS text message
    Is being used as a search engine
    Ideal if blog seems too much like hard work
    40% of all tweets are now composed on mobile devices, up from around 20% to 25% a year ago
  • 45. Twitter
  • 46. Creating A Social Media Strategy
    What’s your objective?
    Increased awareness
    Ticket sales
    Customer service
    What is your scope?
    User Interests
  • 47. Creating A Social Media Strategy
    What types of social media to use?
    Social network e.g. Facebook
    Blog/Micro blog e.g. Wordpress and Twitter
    Video e.g. YouTube
    How will you build a following?
    Who will be responsible for content?
    How will you integrate with other marketing?
    How will you measure success?
  • 48. Integrate With Other Marketing
    Signpost people to your social media sites
    Widgets on your website
    Email footer
    Marketing collateral
  • 49. Integrate With Other Marketing
    Exclusive offers/treatment
    Time limited (hours)
    Priority queue in shop
  • 50. QR (Quick Response) Codes
  • 51. Content Is King
    • Creating content can be expensive and time consuming
    What should you write about?
    10:1 non-sales to sales message
    You can get permission to give offers
  • 52. What To Do Next
    Write SM on your business card if you’d like me to send you a copy of this presentation
    Draft your social media strategy
    Decide who is going to do it – internal or external
    Watch your competitors get left behind
  • 53. A Bit About Business Pathfinder
    Business development specialists who combine online and offline marketing to grow businesses
    Website design & Internet marketing
    Marketing planning and management
    Or call 01952 427495
  • 54. Workshops Coming Up
    Facebook for Business Wed 17th August 9 am – 12 noon
    QR Codes, Blogs and Other Marketing CommunicationsWed 17th August 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm
    See for details
  • 55. Any Questions