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Social Media Marketing UCR
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Social Media Marketing UCR


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12Social Media MarketingPhilipp Lomme 1
  • 2. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12 Blogger• Pageviews: 858• Posts: 9• Comments: 18• Most comments/views on: Wednesdays• Post, that got the most views (34): My first Vlog  Usesr are interested in „How does he look like?“  Many users prefer more watching than reading 2
  • 3. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12Vlog• Production time: 2 hours• Total views on youtube: 10• How easy was it to do? • It was weird to speak „with“ the camera • A big challenge: Speaking in English • Technical part (editing, uploading) took longer than the rest• What would I do different: • Write an easier text • Choose a more attracitve background • Try to imagine that I tell my friend the story, not the camera 3
  • 4. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12 Blogger• I will keep up a blog because: • It is a good tool to market myself • My major is journalism: The blog is a good reference for a future job application • I practice my writing skills • I practice my online skills• But I will use my blog in the future different: • I will write in German because I would like to work as a journalist in Germany (work samplings) • I will write about journalistic topics • I will not have the time to post every week  I will try to post once a month 4
  • 5. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12 Facebook• Friends: 353• Groups I follow: 24• It is very effective for spreading a message/ad• What I have learnt about it: • Facebook marketing is not free – time is money • This tool is very effective to reach a huge number of people • Facebook can be connected with Twitter • I can interact with customers • Negative comments of customers: Respond as soon as possible• In the future I will use Facebook more carefully 5
  • 6. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12Twitter• Following on Twitter: • Süddeutsche (German newspaper): helps me to build my brand as a journalist • Technikjournalismus (my major in Germany): Shows my interest in my studies • UC Riverside: Shows my study abroad University• I have learnt about Twitter: • Microblogging (max. 140 character) • Hashtags are good for finding Tweets about a special topic • You can search, what people say/tweet about you or your company • As a marketer: You have to use Twitter to „control“ your image 6
  • 7. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12Twitter Strengths Weaknesses• Connectable with • Only 140 characters Facebook are often not enough• One of the most used • Confusing Social Media networks • Usage not intuitive 7
  • 8. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12LinkedIn• I had already have an account on LinkedIn, but I didn´t use it• I belong to following groups: • Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (my home university): to stay in contact with Alumnis • LinkedIn for Journalists: For building new contacts to other journalists • Social Media Marketing: For staying up-to-date in the matter of Social Media• It is helpful for buliding my brand because: • Potentional employer are searching on LinkedIn for employees • I can connect with other people of my branch • Being member of special groups is a good reference 8
  • 9. Social Media Marketing 12/5/12 Closing thoughts• It is valueable for my future because: • Online is the future – especially for Marketing and Journalism. If I wouldn´t know how these tools work, it would be a big disadvantage3 for me compared to other Journalists/Marketers.• I utilize these tools for my buisness: • To use these tools to build my own brand as a Journalist. Some editors and employers say that to use Social Media is a must for all future Journalists. I will continue using constantly these tools.• Which tools will I use: • Although I don´t like each of these tool, I will use all of them. It is important for me because I get information on each of these tools, which might be important for me and my buisness. 9