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The "Effervescence Framework" is the pillar to develop Business Model Innovation Practice within large organizations. It offers a 360° view of what is required to grow and outperformed competition. This framework aggregates leading practices in innovation, market leadership an excellence in execution with your company internal DNA.

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Elton-Pickford - Effervescence Framework datasheet

  1. 1. EFFERVESCENCE FRAMEWORK D ATA S H E E T A 360° view to outperform competition Effervescence Framework ® : the pillar to develop Business Model Innovation PracticeThe "Effervescence Framework" is the pillar to develop Business Model Innovation Practice within largeorganizations. It offers a 360° view of what is required to grow and outperform competition. This frameworkaggregates leading practices in innovation, market leadership an excellence in execution with yourcompany internal DNA.Our Premium Consulting Services are steered inspiration agent. «You innovate, ... we assist»toward finding the right product/market fit with anefficient and structured process: Testing: When a company have identified potential candidates of business models, a full testing shall beFraming: Prior committing a team on business performed to validate Model expectedmodel generation, a company needs to clarify the performance. We provide a complete set ofmandate and purpose of the effort. It means services to incrementally learn and verify theidentifying clearly what are the key strategic likelihood of the hypothesis formulated in theobjectives that will need to be addressed (The business model itself. Our approach are based onWhy),  define clear boundaries of the opportunities Lean Startup (Eric Ries) and Customer Development(The What), and state the criteria that will be used Process (Steve Blank).to select and evaluate the opportunities. We helpdecision makers andsponsors to establish thismandate that will drive theeffort of the team involved. A common language to innovateDesigning: The strategicMandate being defined. Weoffer a standard languageto enable creative Businessinnovation (Business Model Frame Design ModelCanvas), we help theproject leadership define toassemble the right team, we YOU are unique: ouridentify and run, based on approach is customized to your ambition we assist,YOU innovatethe Company scenario, the Product/ Marketbest tools and methods Scenario Fit Context(Blue Ocean Strategy,Customer Empathy Map,Utility Matrix etc...)to ensureefficient design. We consideryou as the expert of yourbusiness and us as the YOUR success bymethodology support and The best-in-class practices of innovation Test incremental LearningEFFERVESCENCE FRAMEWORK ® 1
  2. 2. D ATA S H E E T To ensure successful execution, this process is integrated in a standard framework that  includes: Customer Scenario: Companies’ rational to innovate onThis framework aggregates : Business Model are different. You can innovate to differentiate yourself from the competition, to trigger new performance ‣ Leading practices in innovation, level, to leverage company’s assets... We have defined a ‣ Market leadership, structured classification of customer Scenario and appropriate ‣ Excellence in execution with your change management approach that enable a better company internal DNA. execution of Frame, Design and Test. Business Model: We continuously work on growing a quality Repository of Business Models (cross industry) that allow our customers to find an invaluable source of inspiration. To complement this knowledge database, we are offering a set of creative practices (lateral thinking, Scamper, etc..) that push the limit of ideation. Context: Mutation of markets, changes in regulatory environment and social/macro economic trends along with the maturity and the capability of an organization to engage such initiative, are critical determinants of the future performance and sustainability of a business model. We help companies to assess and mitigate the risk associated with these changes whilst designing a business model. KEY BENEFITS While designing a business model is a straightforward process, assessing its future performance upfront could be truly challenging, even impossible. However, with this framework, some basic evidences can be highlighted to evaluate the overall consistency of a business model: ➡ how some elements of the context can foster the performance of one business model? ➡ how the strategy and objectives of a company feed the growth engine of a business model? This one page format, make rationals easily understandable, and can be used in front of any investment board without moderation. About Elton-Pickford Learn More Elton Pickford® is a leading consulting Get more information about Elton-Pickford premium services, firm specialized in Business Model including service details and pricing options: Innovation. Email: consulting@elton-pickford.com Elton Pickford is a facilitator and helps Call: +33 (0)9 50 69 96 46 industry leaders to reinvent their business Web: www.elton-pickford.com and explore opportunities for growth and new performance.  ©2012 Elton-Pickford , the Elton-Pickford logo and Effervescence Framework name are registered trademarks, other trademarks, registered trademarks, and service marks are property of their respective owners EFFERVESCENCE FRAMEWORK ® 2