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October 2011 ASB
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October 2011 ASB



Small Business Internet Marketing by http://www.localentrepreneur.com.au

Small Business Internet Marketing by http://www.localentrepreneur.com.au



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  • Population currently $22.6 million – growing 2% pa. Growing 1.5% pa. 36 million by 2050 Migration – temporary visas education and employment
  • Key message – everything ties into these 4 mega trends
  • Stone hearth baked Wholegrains and savoury varieties
  • Key message – everything ties into these 4 mega trends

October 2011 ASB October 2011 ASB Presentation Transcript

    • Australian Society of Baking
    • 19 th October 2011
    • Shannon O’Connell, National Sales Manager
    • Kate Hurley, Category Development Manager
  • Agenda Market Trends Kate Hurley Category Development Manager International Trade Show Shannon O’ Connell National Sales Manager
    • Bakery industry influences & drivers
    • The bakery shopper
    • Bakery mega trends
    • Future growth opportunities
    • International Dairy Deli and Bakery
    • Association (IDDBA) June 2011
    • New products
  • Market Insights Kate Hurley __________________________________________________________________________________
  • Consumer/Shopper Retail Environment Grocery 46% share Specialty/Route/P&C 33% share Foodservice/Away from Home 21% share The major supermarkets will continue to dominate and grow their share of Australian’s bakery goods expenditure. Source: BIS Shrapnel, Aztec, Internal Estimates
  • The Shopper SINKS/DINKS
    • % of Pop: 48%
    • Defined: Single Income No Kids
    • (SINKS) and Double Income No Kids
    • (DINKS) are typically aged between 25-35
    • More disposable income
    • Quality, premium & gourmet
    • Willing to try new products
    • Entertain regularly
    • Single serve options
    • % of Pop: 35%
    • Defined: Younger families have kids aged
    • 5-12 years and older families have kids
    • aged 13-17 years
    • Younger Families
    • Switch between brands
    • Older Families
    • Volume and private label based
    • % of Pop: 17%
    • Defined: Empty nesters are parents
    • whose children have flown the family
    • nest. They are aged 55 years+
    • High disposable income
    • Brand loyal
    • Value for money
    • Less open to new products
    • More likely to buy mainstream
    Source: Retail World, Australian Bureau of Statistics Sinks/Dinks and Empty Nesters, currently two thirds of the market and growing, will be the key target groups with higher incomes seeking specialty products.
  • Demographic & Socio-Economic Drivers 65% of population growth is driven by migration Population Couples will outnumber families in the next 5 years Households The proportion of Australians over 65 is projected to increase from 13.9% to 22.6% in 2050 Age Average household income grew by 4% year on year Income Increased demand for more ethnic products Rising demand for smaller portion sizes Products will need to be adapted to appeal to mature customers Ongoing demand for premium products The demographic and socio-economic factors in Australia will drive the need for more ethnic products, smaller portion sizes, high quality premium offerings and products that appeal to the over 65 age group Source: ABS, Datamonitor
  • Influences When Choosing A Food Product Influence of the following factors choosing food and beverage products 81 69 55 55 42 41 39 37 37 27 22 21 20 13 Taste or flavor Price Health Habit or preferred brand Convenience Country of origin Scent or aroma Ability to share Recommendations from friends/family Production methods Ethics/Sustainability benefits Brand name or image Customization benefits Packaging design Showing ‘high’ or ‘very high’ influence Source: Datamonitor % Source: Datamonitor BFCM0401, August 2010 The fundamental importance when choosing a food or drink is sensory appeal and value for money. Over half of Australians are also highly influenced by health.
  • Bakery Mega Trends
    • Natural/clean label
    • Functional ingredients
    • Seeds, grains & oats
    • Nuts & fruits
    • Organic
    • Gluten Free
    Customised Occasion Specific Consumer Focused Ethnic Proposition Gourmet/Indulgent Exotic flavours Traditional/Authentic Experience Exclusive Portion Control Real Value for Money Address a need Bakery Innovation Drivers New product launches need to deliver against mega trends to be successful Product innovation is a key driver of growth within the Bakery market
  • Bakery Industry Influencers Private label market share is expected to double to 50% by 2025 Increased labour and rent costs are big challenges Consumer confidence is in decline Increase in imported products Growth in the demand for convenient fully finished formats 2 3 1 5 4 The baking industry will be influenced by private label growth and imported products, increased labour costs, declining consumer confidence and increased demand for convenient formats. Source: Rabobank, Datamonitor
  • Future Growth Opportunities
    • Expand tiered offering
    • Increase specialty offering
    • Smaller convenience store formats
    • Retailers and suppliers working together
    • Implementing shopper marketing strategies
    • Online retailing
    • Social media
    • ‘ Village market’ feel
    Retail Foodservice
    • Regional expansion
    • Product range expansion & improvements
    • Celebrity endorsements
    • 24 hour service
    • Moving out of shopping centers
    • Day part marketing
    • Social media
    • Experiential Merchandising
  • What does this mean? Consumers are highly influenced by taste, price and health Future product innovation and investment need to correlate with these trends IMPLICATIONS MARKET TREND Increase in migrants, smaller households, over 65 population and average income Develop ethnic, mini, premium product concepts and adapt products to mature consumers The major supermarkets will continue to dominate and grow Shift in manufacturers to entertain more private label manufacturing Retail and foodservice players are under pressure from increasing costs Decreased shop footprints and a move towards convenient formats
  • International Trade Show Shannon O’ Connell __________________________________________________________________________________
    • IDDBA Show held in June 2011 at Anehaim CA
    • A 3 day event once a year
    • Largest show in the world serving these categories
    • 1,500 booths focussed on new products
    • Broad spectrum of exhibitors from large multinational exhibitors (CSM, Richs, General Mills) to small independently owned businesses
    • Over 8,000 attendees
    • Fantastic guest speakers (Dr Condeeleza Rice, Joe Montana etc)
  • Rich’s Ancient Grain Range of all natural breads, one popular flavour being Ancient Grains supported by the Whole Grain stamp
  • Rich’s Par Bake All Natural range
  • Thin please…. sandwich buns Turning thin…… sandwich thins popular in US and UK.
  • The bagel has also turned thin.. Not just sandwich thins….introducing the `thin` Bagel
  • Various different flat breads with unique shapes Flat bread across a variety of shapes, ingredients and formats. Is this also a case of clutter claim?
  • Functional Probiotic bread with GanedenBC30 to promote digestive health
  • Calorie counting across bread, cupcakes, biscuits etc…. Calorie Counting to encourage sensible indulgence
  • Sugar Free (just add splender) Sugar alternatives with splender
  • Or is it……With Out Wheat Improvement in taste and texture performance across gluten free products as technology improves
  • Kuko Bites Wheat and dairy free. Packed with seeds, nuts, dried fruit, goji berries and cocoa nibs. Wheat free and dairy free. Packed with seeds, nuts, dried fruit, goji berries and cocoa nibs
  • Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness with a Berry 5” Cake
  • Novelty donuts drive incremental sales during key seasonal or event activities
  • Key Focus Is Artisan
  • Canadian Baker – Boulart. Unique shapes all par bake
  • Ace Bakery - Raisin and Walnut
  • Focaccia flat style also popular
  • More shapes…..
  • Chunky hand cut cookies Handcrafted chunky cookies with natural ingredients
  • Textured…filled and centred All about texture….filled, soft, crunchy, oozing
  • Filled scones
  • `Centerfuls are delectable dollops of flavour surrounded by a soft chewy cookie`
  • Layer upon layer upon layer…….
  • “ Desserts can fit into an overall healthy diet when used in small portions and balanced with healthy foods," said Melanie Douglass, a dietitian, personal trainer and author of a new weight-loss book called "Losing It! 5 Keys to Successful
  • Just for me….
  • Layer upon layer upon layer……. Bite sized treats…..another dimension to portion control
  • Bite size Brownies
  • $19.00 4” – 6” cakes $8.00 For the couple households – 5 “ cakes are exploding!
  • An American classic….. Red Velvet donuts, cookies, cupcakes, whoppies…..
  • In summary……
    • Natural clean label
    • Thin/Flat
    • Functional
    • Calorie Counting
    • No Added Sugar
    • Gluten Free
    Kids Celebration Cakes Cause-related Seasonal Events Artisan Texture Handcrafted Portion Control Exotic Flavours Real Value for Money Address a need Bakery Innovation Drivers
  • Thank you… Please feel free to approach Kate or myself if you wish to obtain our contact details.