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@peterjabraham presentation from SMART Social for business 2011 Content Creation Clinic

@peterjabraham presentation from SMART Social for business 2011 Content Creation Clinic



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  • Econsultancy = publisher best practice digital mktg, training, network 90,000
  • We’re going to go fast, lots to cover… 3 topics 10 mins each ‘ish Thought pieces more than ‘how to’ - plenty of other exmples on the web
  • Push Marketing is shouting and ignoring your audience Tech is the enabler not the solution, don’t get tech and then look at how to use it Possibility to Interact is in your hands, be creative! You have to let go, the audience will decide what to do with what you give them – content, tools, knowledge etc Some important considerations for those so not well versed in Social…
  • Image: Boston Consulting Group Mktg is getting to be like rocket science, lots of choice, not all of it measureable Some more effective at sales than others, some better at engagement – are you about brand & awareness or mktg/sales? And not everything listed here, many of the social channels expand this out further
  • Content Marketing is an essential ingredient to Social Media, it provides a platform for engagement, it balances blatant sales advertising. Down left are some ideas/solutions for Content Marketing… Images: Junta42 and Velocity
  • Image: McKinsey report It used to be just paid (bought) media, now it includes Owned Media = (your content, you market) Earned Media = through engagement (Social), Hijacked = (Joe Public takes your content and ruins it/runs it down, promotes it negatively) Sold = others Advertising on your platform(s)
  • Image: Same report but more detail right hand column
  • Image: Brian Solis – Conversation Prism, but also shows possible tools/outlets What tools would you use to ‘get your content out there?’ Strategy first though!!!
  • Image: Fred Cavazza It’s important to know how these tools work and how content/promotion can pass between them so there’s less likely-hood of ‘double exposure. Although Guy Kawasaki has a view on this with Twitter = UFM (un follow me)
  • Image: Boston Group again Online provides higher ROI for some, although attributed sales is low, but so is spend…go figure! That’s not to say Online is the Holy Grail, it’s about identifying what’s best on and offline and integrating them (harder to do than it sounds)
  • Image: Cap Gemini Sales can also jump onto Social Media, there’s not much out there currently about how. Kim Tasso and I recently produced a white paper on sales and social media following a seminar/workshop for the Professions.
  • Here’s a view of the model we produced, you can see it’s more about engaging at different stages of the ‘Trust’ cycle, not blatant sales.
  • Return on Action, Engagement etc
  • Some tips and examples from our experiences, plenty of others on the web if you need more examples
  • What are you providing? What keywords do you have that perform well
  • What are you providing What keywords do you have that perform well
  • Utilise common headlines/keywords and terms in other media Builds profile, link/Google-love etc
  • Small interactions as important as big ones, lots of little but very relevant traffic, more likely to convert!
  • Some of your audience will like, pass-on, comment, some will change it, it’s all good link fodder though! Which Google loves – rank, reputation, heritage etc
  • Examples: Victoria’s Secret c/o Cheetahmail They also provided a redemption element via Facebook
  • Econsultancy example: We’re B2B publisher in niche Digital Mktg if we can make it work you can too. What’s your traffic worth? Email data? Possible sign–up, possible sale?
  • 7,731 blog posts captured by Topsy
  • 339,000 tweets from those 7,731 posts = 48 tweets per post (but actually more like 15-20)
  • “ Look at me and my feed” strategy
  • Can you build loyalty? I prefer engagement as a means to ‘get them to do something’ Be clear about internal staff profiles… some can have their own, others may be company profiles, and some may have both, like me…
  • We’re transparent, our audience like that… Almost as many downloads for the ‘this is us’ as there is for the Email Marketing presentation – drives more traffic and interest and Google juice!
  • 42,000 uniques, high use of ‘influencers’ pushing the message through their networks and followers, high ranking…
  • Identify your ‘Influencers’ inside and outside the organisation Good for profile by association both in search engines and personal/human factors But ensure you have outlined the policy for Social Channels before letting them loose.
  • Graph: Altimeter Engagement Report More channels suggests higher engagement, but remember this takes resource and management as well as a good strategy
  • Same report Enagagement varies by Industry…and probably execution (no mention)
  • Same Report Might be worth seeing which segment you fit in…
  • Graph: Econsultancy State of Search Report… Was about bookmarking last year…Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit
  • Same report. 2010 a change to More interaction So with that…don’t forget to share… the fun…to finish
  • Expletives….
  • Final tip…Look up your company name (and your own) and search 470+ social networks to see if anyone has taken your name already…Brand Hijacking……what are they doing with it?....
  • Lots of Social Reports, info, training at Hope it was useful

Smart social for_business Smart social for_business Presentation Transcript

  • SMART Social for business Content Creation Clinic Tools & Techniques 20 Jan 2011 Peter Abraham Director Econsultancy Peter.abraham @ Linkedin Twitter peterjabraham
  • Context
        • Intro
        • 3 topics @ 10 mins each
        • thought pieces and some Econsultancy examples
  • Intro
        • Push marketing still works BUT there’s very little or no interaction.
        • Technology is an enabler of interaction not the solution.
        • You can provide the possibilities/reasons for interaction
        • Your target audience will decide what to do with it…react to it, comment on it, forward it, enhance it, crush it, act on it etc.
        • Some context before we start…
  • Marketing mix is getting broader – and this doesn’t include all those social media possibilities | Source: BCG analysis The Boston Consulting Group
  • There’s a new kid in town… Content Marketing – your content! Source: Junta42 - and Velocity and Partners - Some ideas/solutions for Content Marketing… White Paper eBook Case study Audio book eNwesletter Blog Podcast Video blog Mobile app Game Widget Facebook app Screencast Wiki Webinar /Webcast News release Customer focused community
  • Source: Taken from an article by David Edelman and Brian Salsberg Source: Marketing & Sales Practice Nov 2010
  • Source: Taken from an article by David Edelman and Brian Salsberg Source: Marketing & Sales Practice Nov 2010
  • Tools Source: Conversation Prism – Brian Solis
  • Social Media Landscape – Tools – quality vs quantity & join the dots Source: Fred
  • Online provides a relatively higher ROI | Source: BCG analysis The Boston Consulting Group
  • Sales and Marketing effort Source: Cap Gemini – not originally a Social Media overview
  • Start to consider using Sales and Marketing resource with social media Source: Social Media for Sales in the professions – white paper – download from:
  • Summary overview
        • Many Channels and Tools
        • Content you can market – engage and exchange
        • Potentially utilise Sales as well as Marketing efforts
        • Expected return/measure ROI ROA ROE? Is your goal Sales or Awareness?
    • Strategy
        • Have a clear measurable objective
        • Develop a strategy and plan first!!!!!
        • Make a commitment (content/time & resource etc)
        • But remember…
        • Let go… and get over it.
  • | 13 January 2008 | Course Title | 1. Understanding how to keep your message consistent
    • Main points to note
        • The message should align to what it is you’re providing/supporting
        • What’s your keyword strategy – look at other campaigns like email subject lines, onsite search and keyword trends, Always Be testing!
        • Keep it relevant, specific and actionable!
        • who do you want to reach - persona, what do you want them to do buy/action/promote & pass on, where are they, what's the message/call to action?,
        • what tools/channels for what messages? (demo/geo/behavioural), it’s here you have to be consistent on and offline
        • You need to be consistent with your message, but your users might change it…get over it!
    • Main points to note
        • You can test headlines quickly with digital and social media, so if they work online they’ll likely work offline too.
        • Make sure you’ve considered your onsite search too
        • How are you integrating media, message..AND response!
  • Blogs
        • We’re known for insight – headlines with 10’s and 20’s (top tips) seem to go down well, everyone loves a short-cut!...
  • Email newsletter
        • Headline used in email newsletter…
        • If headlines successful in Social channels, use in email newsletters, ads etc. Think keywords/terms
  • Content distribution
        • Digg, Friendfeed,, StumbleUpon etc
  • Users will alter your messages…
        • Headline, Language, phrase etc.
        • Even tag as #fail
        • Get over it! Traffic might convert if positive.
  • Use Multi-channel – Email, FB, Mobile Source: Cheetahmail Case study Source: Cheetahmail Case study
  • | 13 January 2008 | Course Title | 2. Creating high impact messages via twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, blogs etc
  • Creating high impact messages via Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc
    • Main points to note
        • What do we mean by high impact messages? Is this just a numbers game or is it about engagement and resulting business from that?
        • Messages that create a response! Buy, download, register, reserve, comment, share, etc. Is it about awareness or sale?
        • Think about the channel: Twitter – micro-messages (friends, associates and business) Linkedin (business) Facebook (friends and business) Youtube (entertainment and business) etc
        • Test, test, test again
  • Blogs
        • Econsultancy : A few examples of posts that have done especially well use of catchy titles, lists, use of adjectives etc. Very 'retweetable'. 
        • This was the most popular: -
        • 86,000 page views (average for a normal post would be 1-2,000), as well as 117 comments. Think about £cpm value
  • Blogs
        • Don’t forget about what’s on the landing page, options to share and contribute!
        • The user experience is important too
        • Give your users the tools to share, promote, like , etc
  • Blogs
        • Return of the 20’s (short-cut reference)
        • 41,000 page views and 154 comments.
        • Give your audience what they want/like 
  • |
        • is a great resource for insight
  • |
        • 339,000 tweets from those 7,731 posts = 48 tweets per post (but actually more like 15-20)
  • |
        • Different content sources and different countries
        • x2 UK, x1 US, x2 jobs 
  • Econsultancy on Facebook
        • The ‘look how good my feed is’ strategy
  • | 13 January 2008 | Course Title | 3. Building brand loyalty and engagement
  • Building brand loyalty and engagement
    • Main points to note
        • First question can you? I prefer engagement to loyalty…who’s really loyal to a brand anymore?
        • Company brand vs ME brand, set ground rules and utilise staff for ‘power of the crowd’ effect
        • Find your ‘Influentials’, they build traffic and word of mouth for you
        • Offer them the opportunity 'Share link' social media/link building with in-built ROI like our Red Friday ('social selling') campaign
        • Be transparent – ‘What we're about’ presentation on Slideshare etc.
        • We as Econsultancy continue to engage offline as well as online – multi-channel
  • |
        • Be transparent
        • ‘ What we’re about’ almost as many downloads as ‘Email Marketing’ insight piece!
  • Blogs |
        • 2,274 tweets, 52,791 page views, 42k were uniques
        • In the top 1,000
        • 467 tweeters were ‘Influentials’ @20%
  • |
        • 40% of the above mentions by Experts (Influencers) outside of Econsultancy team. 
  • #RedFriday Headline stats | Detail for this page only available from full version of presentation at
  • |
        • Good usage of internal staff
        • users from FB and twitter
    Detail for this page only available from full version of presentation at
  • | Detail for this page only available from full version of presentation at
  • |
        • mentions #RedFriday and econsultancy
    Detail for this page only available from full version of presentation at
  • |
        • tweets for #RedFriday. 
    Detail for this page only available from full version of presentation at
  • |
        • Blatant sales messages not good for ReTweets!
    Detail for this page only available from full version of presentation at
  • Blogs |
        • We don’t always get it right
    Detail for this page only available from full version of presentation at
  • Source: Engagementdb Report
        • More channels suggests higher engagement, but…
  • Source: Engagementdb Report
        • … engagement varies by Industry…and you have to resource channels remember
  • Source: Engagementdb Report
        • Which profile will you fall into?
  • Social sites used by companies in 2009 Source: SEMPO State of Search Engine Marketing Report 2010 A bit of context
  • Social sites used by companies in 2010 So there’s been a move from bookmarking /tagging to sharing/interaction – mass interaction Source: Econsultancy / Guava UK Search Marketing Benchmark Report
  • A bit of fun to finish Engagement – B2C | Link to:
  • Engagement - B2B & B&C | Link to:
  • Where should I be? Source:
  • Additional recommended resources Books: Social media and brand related topics   Crush It! – How to approach the use of social media through your own passion . (Gary Vaynerchuck)   Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web – will help you establish an organizational structure that will offer support to any social media initiative . (Brian Solis)   Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust – Looking at trust networks and build networks of influence through social media tools .(Chris Brogan and Julien Smith)   Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success – Build 'you' as a brand for lifetime value and career success . (Dan Schawbel)   Wild West 2.0: How to Protect and Restore Your Reputation on the Untamed Social Frontier A good starter for those wanting to know the why and how of reputation management in social . (Michael Fertik and David Thompson)   Tribes – How to build and lead your own tribes. As Godin says himself Tribes are… “a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea”. Godin is a Marketing Guru. (Seth Godin)
  • Thanks for your time
    • ...why not Email your questions to me:
    • peter.abraham @
    • For good resources - check the sources or drop me an email.
    • Econsultancy is a global independent community -based publisher, focused on best practice digital marketing and ecommerce. Our hub has 100,000+ members worldwide from clients, agencies and suppliers alike with over 90% member retention rate. We help our members build their internal capabilities via a combination of research reports and how-to guides, training and development, face-to-face conferences , forums and professional networking .
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