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Kick start-your-digital-marketing-mojo


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This deck was a collection of thoughts for the Econsultancy digital marketing and internet retailing MSc Alumni students on learning to learn and the skills of the marketer moving forward.

This deck was a collection of thoughts for the Econsultancy digital marketing and internet retailing MSc Alumni students on learning to learn and the skills of the marketer moving forward.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • A collection of thoughts for Econsultancy digital marketing and internet retailing MSc Alumni students to think about their role in marketing and businesses after completing the MSc
  • Scene setter…If you ’ ve downloaded the presentation these slides 2-8 are not important, just fun
  • Bit of fun…Collins English dictionary ref. Making sense of Mojo
  • Alumni is ultimately a network, use the network and create your own luck! You study with like-minded individuals so why not share experiences as you go.
  • Be a potter, Seth Godin described all marketers as liars, I think it ’ s more deception than lying, it ’ s about changing the rules of the game when it becomes too hard to compete. That ’ s what I mean by magic spells.
  • Here ’ s who maximised his influence first time round. Build networks now that you ’ ll benefit from long-term, groups, topic areas, shared experiences, voice opinion and get a reaction and I don ’ t mean just for clients, I mean for your own growth….learning
  • Don ’ t assume you have it nailed, there ’ ll always be something new to learn, channel or strategy. Social Mobile Local whatever.
  • I think marketers like change. I think Digital Marketers are at the forefront and create that frontier The MSc awakened my ability to think more strategically, be creative, think from a business perspective. Create change, don ’ t wait for it, experiment Harry.
  • There ’ s more choice in terms of channels, but from effective marketing comes potentially new business models for income generation
  • Get your head around touch-points and data, become more analytical of everything. The curve can only get steeper.
  • Just under 4 years for the mobile touchscreen office in your pocket to mature. It used to be lots of companies looking at one to one marketing, now they’re looking at that and for the ‘one’ to bounce on to many (referral). The funnels flipped, it’s not just about creating more traffic it’s about engaging and creating more conversations than that solitary one.
  • The opportunities can be identified in customer experiences, where there ’ s a need for information, or a service improvement there ’ s an opportunity for more interaction or potentially a new business model/revenue stream…what if you did this regularly?
  • Looking at specific customer touchpoints from a multi-channel perspective can create new actions to provide further data and insight you can feed back into the business.
  • Data is a great provider of insight both marketing and business….and both together…when people are analytical that ’ s when you ’ ll be most effective
  • integrity, honesty and courage are needed by a change consultant, be honest, it might seem difficult but they like you for it. Move beyond competency and demonstrate capability by reflection use your networks and connections to test new theories, apporaches and ideas. Feedback is essential.
  • Use tools to assist learning and keep a learning log… a digital one
  • All marketers are trouble makers, change makers, rain makers…I don ’ t think we ’ re liars but we can be effective game changers if you want to call us trouble makers.
  • Digital defines the new rules of the game. T shape people – an new way to look at your team. Understand what being agile means.
  • I think the digital elite need to have a wider understanding, be commercial, Analytical and Entrepreunerial. What if you had teams of these types of people? What might the business look like. What about the merger of sales and marketing
  • It ’ s no longer just about marketing campaigns, it ’ s a movement back to the creative marketer, the grand strategist who could think more widely than getting bogged down in technology
  • Do you look at just the campaign you ’ re deploying or do you look at the larger map and what it ’ s telling you? From effective marketing INTO potentially new business models for income generation
  • Use the network and connections you’ve built to help you do your job better…and be rewarded for it.
  • Where’s your budget being spent and why…where else might it go that you hadn’t considered?
  • Sold and Hijacked? Heard that before?
  • To finish here ’ s some tools I use regularly…
  • Connect the tools you have, automate what you can to help you, push out and see what comes back.
  • Here ’ s my ‘ living ’ learning log
  • I ’ m too busy to read everything but I can skim and highlight for later then merge those ideas together
  • I don ’ t blog much but it ’ s great to experiment
  • Mind-mapping has to be the greatest thing ever, it brings clarity.
  • One of my favourite quotes, don ’ t just look at what ’ s in front of you or you miss the bigger picture.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Kick-start your Digital Marketing Mojo! Peter Abraham, Director @peterjabraham A collection of thoughts for Econsultancy digital marketing and internet retailing MSc Alumni students
    • 2. In case you need to go to the bar…
      • Three points of view i ’ ll cover …
      • Mojo
      • Learning to learn
      • The persona of the ‘ new ’ marketer
      If you ’ ve downloaded the presentation these slides 2-8 are not important, just fun
    • 3. Mojo
    • 4.
      • Amulet
      • The art of casting magic spells
      • Uncanny personal power or influence
      Mojo Source:
    • 5.
      • Amulet brings luck.
      • … bit like an Alumni really.
      Source: Mojo Alumni is a network, use it!!! alumni
    • 6. Mojo Source:: Harry Potter, Warner Bros Magic spells aren ’ t spells, they ’ re deception! … bit like marketing really. Keep weaving your magic!
    • 7. Mojo Source: This photo released by Obama for America shows a Barack Obama teaching at the University of Chicago Law School. Personal power or Influence … through Marketing, Social Media, etc Increase your ability to influence
    • 8.
              • Alumni continued path to learning
      Mojo Source: Never stop and assume you ’ ve got it nailed.
    • 9. Learning to Learn
    • 10.
      • If you ’ re in Marketing you like change…
      • If you ’ re in Digital Marketing you ’ re at the frontier of change…
      Mojo Source: Cowboys and Aliens , Universal Pictures Create the change, don ’ t just wait for it.
    • 11.
      • It ’ s much harder now, there ’ s more choice, but with choice comes opportunity…to experiment
      Skills - innovative Required skills of marketers is changing Source:
    • 12.
      • The rate of change is going to get faster and the amount of touch-points and data will increase dramatically
      Mojo Source:
      • Insert Harry Potter pic
      Understanding the business aspects of marketing is a must
    • 13. Many to one…………………..... One to many The funnel ’ s flipped Source: Infographics: Evolution of the Cell Phone Zitron ’ s photostream
    • 14.
      • Core skills will include ‘ interpretation ’ of ‘ what ’ customers are doing and why
      Skills – understanding customer journeys Learn to spot opportunties Source:
    • 15.
      • Multi-channel takes centre stage, join the dots and map out customer touch-points and actions
      Skills – understanding touch-points and actions Source: Turn insight and interpretations to actions
    • 16.
      • Insights will come from more than just marketing in different channels, data is your best friend
      Skills – understanding insight Data Analytics If you can ’ t interpret data find someone who can Source:
    • 17. Impact of Digital on different business functions How would you describe the ongoing impact of digital on the following areas of your organisation? Source: Econsultancy / BlueLatitude Report: The Impact of Digital Beyond Sales and Marketing
    • 18.
      • If you ’ re managing a team you ’ ll need to understand how you move them from being competent to capable
      Competence, capability and maturity Source:'s_competency_matrix_2.png Feed back is essential Basic understanding Clear understanding Ability to action Reflect on practice,  develop it to new levels, bring innovative approaches
    • 19.
      • Use your network, use tools and create a log to increase your knowledge and understanding and learning development, cross fertilise insights
      Learning to learn Source: Anatomy of a PLE by Steve Wheeler What tools do you use now, what could use? More in a mo…
    • 20. Persona of the New Marketer
    • 21.
      • > Disruptive
      • > Entrepreunerial
      • > Analytical
      • Seth Godin said “ All marketers are liars ” .
      • I think now “ All effective marketers are trouble makers – e.g. game changers ” .
      Your ’ e a change agent, a rain maker,
    • 22.
      • Digital continues to define the ‘ need for change ’ .
      • It ’ s not about me it ’ s about us, it ’ s no longer linear
      Understand agile methodologies Source:
    • 23.
      • What might an internal
      • client-side marketer look like?
      • What would the component parts of their 'T' be?
      • Ultimately the perfect team (or person) is a balance of at very least
      • Commercial,
      • Analytical,
      • Entrepreneurial ?
      • Understands
      • User goals (Engagement,Sharing,),
      • Business models , etc
      Digital elite need to have a wider understanding Commercial Analytical Entrepreunerial Source:
    • 24.
      • It ’ s not just marketing, it ’ s business models, data and insight, it ’ s about joining the dots, think different!
      Source: Take a wider perspective
    • 25.
      • The Grand Strategist…innovation through multi-touch-point insight
      Are you a grand strategist? Source:
    • 26. Do you use your connections to improve business touch-points
    • 27. Source: Taken from an article by David Edelman and Brian Salsberg Source: Marketing & Sales Practice Nov 2010 I have no doubt more will develop
    • 28. Source: Taken from an article by David Edelman and Brian Salsberg Source: Marketing & Sales Practice Nov 2010 Do you consider all these ?
    • 29. Essential tools for the Master Marketing Magician
    • 30.
      • Experiment with tools, connect them for learning, test and learn…keep a learning log.
      • Insert Timeline
      Learning to learn
    • 31.
      • Capture anything (docs, images, articles, audio, video) – Browser, iPhone, iPad, Desktop
      • Compare and consider
      Evernote Better than bookmarking
    • 32.
      • Long articles – Browser, iPhone, iPad
      Instapaper Use RSS, read fast, save for later, we ’ re all busy.
    • 33.
      • Simple blogging – Browser, iPhone, iPad
      • Post and get feedback
      Posterous Have an opinion, think and post what you like
    • 34.
      • Mind mapping – Browser, iPhone, iPad
      • Plan and map-out
      mindmeister Brainstorm, mind-mapping can help provide clarity
    • 35. Mojo Source: Bruce Lee – Enter the Dragon , Warner Bros “ Like a finger pointing to the sky... ” Earn some of that heavenly glory
    • 36. Thank you
      • peter.abraham @
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