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Cross-Platform Native Mobile Development with Eclipse
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Cross-Platform Native Mobile Development with Eclipse


Published on

Developing great apps for mobile platforms like Android, iOS or mobile web is a challenging task. Not only do you have to take into consideration the limited resources your app has at it's disposal, …

Developing great apps for mobile platforms like Android, iOS or mobile web is a challenging task. Not only do you have to take into consideration the limited resources your app has at it's disposal, you also have to follow the established UI idioms - which may differ on the respective platforms.

In this session, I will demonstrate how you can build mobile apps with tools from the Eclipse ecosystem. Based on real-world examples I will present a domain-specific language we used to mobilize enterprise systems or to create the official Eclipse Summit Europe conference app ( What's more, I will show you how to overcome the tedium of having to manually port your application from one platform to other platform technologies such as Objective-C or Django/Python. Finally, I will show how to integrate Eclipse tooling with external tools such as Apple's Xcode and Google App Engine.


Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Cross-Platform, Native Mobile Development with Eclipse @peterfriese |
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  • 18. App Anatomy 101
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  • 25. DSL for mobileViewsCellsNavigationEntitiesContentProviders
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  • 31. Demo :)
  • 32. «Xpand»
  • 33. Toolsmith’s point of view «Xpand» Parser Templates Templates iPhone Android Grammar Editor describes DSL EMF MM
  • 34. Extending Applause1. Create a new generator bundle 2. Provide build strategy <extension point="org.applause.lang.ui.buildstrate gy"> <buildstrategy class="org.applause.lang.generator.wp7.builder.W P7BuildStrategy"> </buildstrategy> </extension> 3. Provide template project orm"> <extension point="org.applause.lang.ui.mobileplatf <mobileplatform name="Windows Phone 7" projectNameSuffix="WP7" templateProject="templateproject/"> </mobileplatform> </extension>
  • 35. twitter @peterfrieseblog http://peterfriese.decompany