Getting Creative with Adobe AIR


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Getting Creative with Adobe AIR

  1. 1. Getting Creative with Adobe AIR Peter Elst - The ActionScript Conference 2009
  2. 2. Who is Peter? ✤ Freelance Flash Platform Consultant ✤ Adobe Community Expert for RIA ✤ Adobe Certified Instructor ✤ Author to a number of ActionScript books including “Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0”
  3. 3. This was last year...
  4. 4. RIA meets Desktop ✤ Introduction to Adobe AIR ✤ How to build AIR applications ✤ Network, Windowing, HTML, FileSystem, SQLite, Drag ‘n Drop, Clipboard access, Update API’s,... What else could I possibly talk about?
  5. 5. Thinking outside the box
  6. 6. Creative uses of the technology
  7. 7. AIR is more than Twitter clients
  8. 8. New York TimesReader
  9. 9. TWiT Live Desktop
  10. 10. web + desktop = ?
  11. 11. a new paradigm to be explored
  12. 12. What makes Adobe AIR so special ✤ Allows you to use your existing web development skills ✤ Free tools, no costs involved to develop apps ✤ Cross platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and support for mobile and devices is on the roadmap ✤ Bridges web and desktop environments in a secure way Its fun to play around with!
  13. 13. HelloWorld in AIR
  14. 14. Detecting if AIR is installed
  15. 15. Launching apps from the browser
  16. 16. Record streaming audio
  17. 17. Screensaver
  18. 18. Screensaver (Windows only) ✤ Inspired by Keith Peters ✤ Make a full screen AIR application ✤ Export the AIR application and install ✤ Rename the .exe to .scr and distribute Note: bypassing the AIR installer is not recommended practice (but works most of the time) ;)
  19. 19. SQLite wrapper
  20. 20. SQLite wrapper (top secret) ✤ To be announced at Flash on the Beach later this month ✤ Make it (very) easy to work with local databases ✤ Features so far included setting up and querying databases ✤ New release will have support for basic online/offline synchronization
  21. 21. Conclusion ✤ Don’t let technology limit your imagination ✤ Don’t see desktop and web as separate environments ✤ Do experiment with features and hack around ✤ Do things you love and share them with the community
  22. 22. Q&A ✤ Have you played with Adobe AIR? ✤ What do you like about it? ✤ How do you see the web and desktop converging?
  23. 23. Thank you! Feel free to get in touch with questions, feedback or ideas for projects! blog: email: twitter: @peterelst