International adoption tax credit


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A foreign orphan adopted by American parents highlights the reasons to eliminate the tax credit for international adoptions.

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International adoption tax credit

  1. 1. Stop the tax credit forinternational adoptions
  2. 2. The US government provides a $12,650 tax credit to off-set expenses incurred when adopting a child.Congress is debating whether to extend this tax credit? Now is the time to end the tax credit for international adoptions
  3. 3. Should not be required:to subsidize parentswho make a choiceto adopt a foreign child
  4. 4. Children are commodities in transactions A child is first commodified and then sold Import, export, minimum pricing of adoption Cost of adoption for the US citizen -- Lilia Khabibullina, Fellow, University of Barcelona, “Minors Adoptionin Russia: International Adoption or Child Transaction?” March 25, 2011
  5. 5. Bethany Christian Services:$27.6 million from adoptioncounseling fees in 2011*Holt International Children Services$9.7 million of revenue from adoption fees in 2011***"Bethany Christian Services Annual Report - 2011,"<> (10November 2012)** Holt International Childrens Services 2011 Audited Annual Financial Statement,<>(10 November 2012)
  6. 6. Adoption agencies charged The total monthly outgoingsprospective parents up to which would allow a mother$64,357 for processing an and child to stay together as aintercountry adoption in family unit in Ethiopia:2011. $15 per month.U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs Elizabeth Willmott Harrop, “Adoption trade sets up shop in Africa,”, 12 July 2012
  7. 7. American tax payers should not subsidize an elite who can pay up to$64,357 to adopt a foreign child
  8. 8. Hundreds of thousands of American children languish in the foster care system, live in poverty, go hungry, or live on the streets. The international adoption tax credit hurts Americas foster care children available foradoption by creating a financial incentive for parents to adopt from abroad.
  9. 9. -- African Child Policy Forum “Africa: The New Frontier for Intercountry Adoption”
  10. 10. Hannah Williams an Ethiopian murdered by her American adopting parents.
  11. 11. Nina Hilt, one of 19 Russian children murdered by their American adopting parents.(source: “Russia signs tougher adoption deal with U.S.” Chicago Tribune, 30 July 2012)
  12. 12. In memory of the 20 "foreign" adoptees who lost their lives to international adoption.
  13. 13. Stop the tax credit forinternational adoptions
  14. 14. Ask the United States Congress to amend H.R. 4373S. 3616 "Making Adoption Affordable Act of 2012" eliminate the tax credit for international adoptionContact your Congressional delegation at:
  15. 15. Peter Dodds was born in Darmstadt, Germany, to aGerman mother and father. Relinquished to anorphanage, he was one of 10,000 German childrenadopted by U.S. citizens during the Cold War.He can be contacted at: