The New Retirement Story in Rome


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The New Retirement Story in Rome

  1. 1. The New Retirement Story Planning Your Life & Living Your Dreams at Any Age Your Want. Starting with Now.ROME in
  2. 2. Planning Your Life & Living Your Dreams at Any Age Your Want Starting with Now. Peter de KusterFounder of The Heroes Journey with Rachelle Wessels
  3. 3. The Retirement Story has just been Rewritten!All you need to do is look around to see that times are changing. The myth of aretirement sipping martinis and playing golf can be more of a dead end than adream. For most of us, retirement may span 30 years or longer and will not be astory of an isolated economic event but rather a part of a ongoing exciting lifestory.The new retirement story is the ability to achive the freedom to pursue your owngoals, at your own pace, on your own terms.... regardless of your age. The NewRetirement Story will help you write a detailed story of your own perfect future andshow you how to achieve it. In a journey in the Rome of Michelangelo, Fellini andBernini you will find the inspiration to find and create a life and work of which youdon’t want to retire at all. Because passion never retires. You’ll re-imagine yourself.
  4. 4. The first track in Rome: Retire the Old Retirement Myths1 The End of Retirement as We Know It2 The Great Retire Myths: • 65 year is Old • Retiring Means Not Working • A Life of Ease is the Ultimate Retirement Goal • You have to Retire first to Do What You Love • Retirement is an Exclusively Economic Event3 The End of the Work/Retirement Ultimatum
  5. 5. The Second Track in Rome: A New Story4 Work Can Always Be Part of Your Life!5 You are as Old as You Feel and Think Yourself6 You Can Start Doing What You Love Right Now. Testdrive Your Dreamjob.7 Don’t Settle for a Life of Ease8 More than an Economic Event9 Your Money and Your Life
  6. 6. The Third Track in Rome: Your Hero’s Journey 10 They Lived Happily Ever After 11 To Avoid Tragedy 12 The Science of Happiness meets Retirement 13 Raise Your Money Intelligence Jouw 14 It’s Not Only About You 15 Finding the Right Money Partner 16 Your New Retirement StoryThe New Retirement Story will help you create a detailled story about your planningyour own life and living your own dreams at any age you want. Starting Right Now.A True La Dolce Vita Peter de Kuster is founder of The Hero’s Journey For info about our Travel Guides and Travel Seminars call him at 0031 6 33 661 772 or email