Using Sprout to Get Your Nonprofit's Message Out (In Tact)

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Slides from an NTEN webinar by the same name. Includes an introduction, \"What Are Widgets and Why Do They Matter,\" a nonprofit Sprout Gallery, screenshots of the Sprout user interface, and three …

Slides from an NTEN webinar by the same name. Includes an introduction, \"What Are Widgets and Why Do They Matter,\" a nonprofit Sprout Gallery, screenshots of the Sprout user interface, and three tips on integrating Sprout in your nonprofit\'s work.

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  • sprout builder is being phased out.

    The Sprout Builder subscription service is being sunsetted as of February 15th, 2010.

    One of the toughest decisions that a start-up faces is where to focus its efforts and resources. Sprout Builder was our first product and has always been near and dear to our hearts. More importantly, we value the customers who have gotten us to where we are today. However, we have made the hard decision to shut down the Sprout Builder subscription service to focus on our enterprise product lines.

    If you are a paying customer you will receive an email from PayPal saying that your account has been canceled. This is to ensure that you will not be auto-billed. You WILL still have access to Sprout Builder until March 26th. Your published sprouts will remain live until May 14, 2010

    We know you probably have a lot of questions about the transition so please review FAQ for details.

    - The Sprout Team
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  • Peter - This is a fantastic and much-need slide show! Great job!! I also wanted to share how the ilovemountains campaign is using sprout for news and banner widgets (scroll down to the Blogger's Sandbox) -
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  • 1. webinar hosted by Presented by Peter Deitz Social Actions, founder
  • 2. What are widgets and why do About Me they matter? I am a micro- philanthropy Sprout gallery: Five nonprofit consultant widgets that use Sprout and blogger based in Montreal, Quebec. SproutBuilder 101: How to create When I’m not consulting or and promote a nonprofit widget blogging, I run a website called Social Actions. Three tips for integrating Sprout Social Actions helps people in your nonprofit’s work find, support, and start their own peer-to-peer social change campaigns.
  • 3. Widgets help your nonprofit reach people where they are.
  • 4. “Widgets Are the Bumper Stickers of the Internet” “Widgets are the keys to social networks. If you want to go where the world is, use widgets.” A widget is an online tool that permits a portion of one webpage to appear on other webpages. These appearances look exactly the same and can be updated from a single source.
  • 5. Fundraising News Weather Advertising Widgets Widgets Widgets Widgets
  • 6. They allow you to have a presence where the people are They permit individuals to demonstrate support for your organization Unlike bumper stickers, they SproutBuilder’s template are dynamic and interactive for a “Cause” widget They can pack a lot of information in a little space They are cost effective way
  • 7. Non-technical staff can create rich media widgets Once they are launched, you can update all of them from a single “This is far and away my favorite product control panel. I've seen at DEMO, not just this year but You can track ever in the three years I've attended.” where they appear and how people -Marshall Kirkpatrick, ReadWriteWeb use them.
  • 8. Five nonprofit widgets that use Sprout
  • 9. Every Human Nonprofit Technology Has Rights Conference 2008 KaTREEna Plantometer The Niapele Project $40 for 40 Years of Fair Housing
  • 10. “Page 1” “Page 2” “Page 3”
  • 11. Note: This kind of functionality probably requires support from your tech department. 1) Find the widget 2) Read the request 3) Sign the petition
  • 12. Home Agenda NTEN official blog 08NTC blog entries Twitter feed (“tweets”) Flickr photo feed DoGooderTV Nonprofit Video Award
  • 13. “We posted it on my personal blog, on our organization's blog, and the org website, and then sent out a mass email to our base to encourage them to visit these sites. “On the blogs, we wrote more detailed posts alongside the Sprout to describe this specific fundraising drive. “It took us 10 days to reach our goal.” -Penelope Chester Niapele Project
  • 14. Homepage About us Donate Support us Blog
  • 15. How to create and promote a nonprofit widget using Sprout
  • 16. Step 1: Step 2:
  • 17. Flip between “pages” of your Sprout, including master foreground and background pages Add components, such as a calendar, countdown clock, progress bar, news feed, video, images, or a third party plugins.
  • 18. Using the “properties” panel, you can change the text of a button, redirect the link, and setup click tracking. Editing text is as simple as using Microsoft Word.
  • 19. The “projects” tab contains links to all of your active sprouts After you “publish” changes, all of your active Sprouts will be updated.
  • 20. These tips will help you get your nonprofit message out (in tact).
  • 21. Tip #1 of 3 Line up partners to promote your Sprout(s) Widgets allow for seamless Other collaboration across organizations. orgs Blogs Ask bloggers to embed your widget in a post, or in their sidebar. Highly Identify several highly trafficked trafficked websites to feature your widget. sites Ask supporters to post your Social widget on their social networking Networks profiles
  • 22. Tip #2 of 3 Make one widget for your nonprofit and one per project Once you get the hang of creating Sprouts, you will want to create a widget per project. Since these widgets are easy to create, quick to update, and incredibly versatile, there’s no reason not to.
  • 23. Tip #3 of 3 Track your Sprouts and keep them updated vs. Long after you put your widgets into the world, they will need your attention. Treat your Sprout(s) as if they were the frontpage of your website, but broken into many pieces and distributed across the web.
  • 24. Peter Deitz Social Actions 514-907-8725 – Montreal 718-766-5367 – New York City